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Bio Bidet BB 1000

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Product Description

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The Bio Bidet BB 1000 comes from one of the most trusted names in the bidet industry.  Fully featured, the Bio Bidet BB 1000 comes with all the main features you would expect in a leading bidet toilet seat.

Operated with a wireless remote control, the Bio Bidet BB 1000 is powered by a patented 3-in-1 single nozzle system which provides a soothing, aerated water wash.  The position of the wash nozzle is completely adjustable so you can find the nozzle position that best suits your body.  You can also adjust water temperature and water pressure, to find the combination of wash settings that are just right for you.  Activate the “Move” feature, and the bidet will move the wash nozzle back and forth beneath you, extending the cleaning area.  The BB 1000 even comes with a “Massage” feature which pulsates the water stream.

Other features you’ll find on the Bio Bidet BB 1000 include a warm air dry which helps with residual moisture after washing.  It has a warmed toilet seat which is fantastic in the cold winter mornings (and can be turned off during the summer months).   The Bio Bidet BB-1000 also comes with a built-in air deodorizer and a state of the art, power saving feature that calculates the most frequently used hours of the day. 

Bio Bidet BB 1000 also available in 220/240V.


Bio Bidet BB-1000 Bidet Seat Features:



Editor's Note:  

A lot of people call in asking for our opinion of the Bio Bidet BB-1000.  Often times, callers say, “I’ve narrowed it down between two seats:  the Bio Bidet BB-1000 and (fill in the blank),” and I was wondering if you could help me decide between the two."  And while we’re happy to give our Bio Bidet BB-1000 review over the phone, we thought it would be helpful to document some things right here on the product page as well.

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 is a very popular seat and the reason for this is largely due to the Bio Bidet brand and their name recognition within the bidet seat industry.  Another reason for its popularity is that the Bio Bidet BB-1000 has already been out for several years now – giving consumers time to try the product, have their friends and family over to try it, and provide their own Bio Bidet BB-1000 review to others.  Word of mouth is very powerful.  And when your mom comes over and is impressed with the new Bio Bidet BB-1000 you recently purchased, that’s even better.

We have a separate bidet reviews section available on our website, with a full written Bio Bidet BB-1000 review.  However, we’ll summarize some of the highlights for you here.

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 works with a wireless remote control.  It is a user-friendly design, and very intuitive to figure out (we didn’t have to look at the user’s manual).  And yes, you can still operate the bidet without the remote control with a mini control panel which can be found on the right side of the unit.  As mentioned in our Bio Bidet BB-1000 review, three buttons are available on the mini control panel – posterior wash, frontal wash, and a stop button.

Wash features of the Bio Bidet BB-1000 are on par, or better, than any other seat we tested.  The posterior and frontal wash features work really well, and can be customized to best suit your preferences.  For example, the position of the wash nozzle, water temperature, and water pressure are all adjustable.  The Bio Bidet BB-1000 also includes a turbo (high pressure) wash feature.

As for non-wash features, the Bio Bidet BB-1000 has pretty much everything you could ask for – a temperature-controlled heated seat, warm air dry, soft-closing seat and lid, and an air deodorizer to name just a few.  Couple things stand out here – as mentioned in our Bio Bidet BB-1000 review, this seat has one of the strongest air dry features of the units we tested.  Also, the carbon air deodorizer refill (a cartridge which you insert in the side of the BB-1000) has the largest surface area of all the bidet seats, and more surface area = more effectiveness.  (To learn more about how the air deodorizer works, read our Bidet Seat Air Deodorizers article).

And lastly, the Bio Bidet BB-1000 comes with a 5 Year Warranty, compared to other seats that come with a 1 or 3 Year Warranty.  A lot of the callers we talk to like that.  That said, this is not to imply that the other seats in our store don’t have the same quality as the Bio Bidet BB-1000.  It’s just that the Bio Bidet BB-1000 has been out in the market longer, so there is more data to support the offering of a 5 Year Warranty.

If you would like to read a detailed Bio Bidet BB-1000 Review, please check out our Bio Bidet BB-1000 Review page.


Bio Bidet BB-1000 Bidet Seat - Product Specifications:







Warranty Information

Three Years Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:

* 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase
* 75% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the second year from original date of purchase
* 50% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the third year from original date of purchase

Extended Two Years bidetsPLUS Limited Warranty (5 Years Total Warranty):

* 50% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the fourth year from original date of purchase
* 50% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the fifth year from original date of purchase


Optional - Six Years Manufacturer's Unlimited Warranty (add $99):

* 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for six years from original date of purchase
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Product Reviews

  1. BIO BIDET BB1000

    Posted by Gil on 20th Nov 2014

    Best thing i ever bought. I would list the pro's & con's but really can not find any con's. had it about a year and both my wife & i love it. If you have every had surgery this is the answer. Also found bidetsplus and good outfit to deal with.

  2. Very good product

    Posted by Louise on 1st Sep 2014

    I had a traditional model which is separate from the toilet. I guarantee this is much better.

  3. Great, for the price

    Posted by Chris on 20th Aug 2014

    My previous experience with bidet seats has been on Toto washlets with an elongated seat. It would seem that the Totos are just a little more effective in the following areas: the deodorizing feature, water jet shape/accuracy, instant water heating.

    All of that being said, the BB-1000 is a wonderful unit for the money. The deodorizing feature is a god-send in the old house that I'm in (without an exhaust fan). The wash features are effective. The unit was easy to install, and the slow closing lid and seat are surprisingly welcome.

    The Vortex (previously branded as "Turbo") feature is an unexpected bonus, though I feel compelled to warn guests about it, in the event that they get curious.

    Lastly, the unit was very easy to install, and I was able to do it in about 30 minutes.

  4. Bought for handicap, Kept for love!

    Posted by Jami DeCesare, Houston TX on 30th Jun 2014

    We bought two bb1000s because my mother, who has suffered a massive stroke, was coming to live with us and this seemed like a reasonable way to help her have a little bit of independence. We all love them. The best thing that I can say is "They Work!" The Bio Bidet is simple to use, easy to clean, amazingly sanitary and comfortable. At 70 years old, my mother became used to it very quickly and is able to use it by herself. Both my husband and I greatly enjoy the cleanliness of the bidet system and it is very comfortable. We bought the handicap risers at the same time and when the boxes arrived, the longer bolts needed to install them were missing. It took one phone call and they were at our house the next day so I have nothing but praise for the customer service as well. Easy to use, easy to install...This machine gets five stars all the way!

  5. Love this bidet

    Posted by Margaret on 9th Apr 2014

    This is my first bidet, after years of longing for one. I have not been disappointed -- it works as advertised and is truly a new and refreshing experience. I have never felt so clean and am considering another for the second bath. I consider it worth every penny!

  6. Very good product

    Posted by Jim on 2nd Apr 2014

    Bio Bidet BB 1000 is very good product and we love it since the day one when we installed. We are happy to buy it.

  7. Vary easy to install and works great.

    Posted by George P on 20th Feb 2014

    The Bio Bidet BB 1000 delivers as promised. Warm toilet seat and warm water just hits the spot. My wife and I love it. Wish we had known about it earlier. It has a seat sensor to turn off the water spray and air dryer as soon as you get up.

  8. Everyone should have one!!!

    Posted by Kelli on 8th Jan 2014

    Worth every penny...quality product, easy install, features are exceptional, did alot of research and so pleased with this selection.

  9. A very Hygienic and Effective way to clean ourselves

    Posted by Henry T (Toronto) on 19th Jul 2013

    Water is the universal solvent, not toilet paper. We are just conditioned to the use toilet paper. Do we ever ask ourselves why are we cleaning dishes with water and not paper? We love our Bio Bidet BB 1000. Bidet PLUS has many videos to educate and delivered the products fast. Installation is easy. Simple to operate. Hygienic, refreshing, comfortable; it is also eco-friendly, saves toilet paper and money.

  10. Great Purchase

    Posted by Rod on 28th Jun 2013

    Bio 1000 is an excellent product. My entire family enjoys using it. It comes as advertised as everything does what it is supposed to. I've had it about a month now and I love it.

  11. Why did I wait for so long?

    Posted by Steve on 24th Jun 2013

    This is a pleasant surprise, from quality parts, easy installation and setup.
    The bidet works like it should, even my 6 year old girl now uses it regularly.
    I'm getting one for each bathroom in my house,

  12. GREAT - I agree with all other - get one for every bathroom

    Posted by New Hampshire on 21st Mar 2013

    I was very skeptical. Watched the video, read online then decided if I really didn't like it I could return it. I can honestly report this is a great machine. So great I am ordering several more for all bathrooms in our homes.

  13. Great Seat

    Posted by Christina on 13th Mar 2013

    Does everything advertised and does it well. Seems significantly cheaper than other models while still having all the features.

    Every other review tells you about how great it is, and make no mistake, it is great. I have two criticisms I'll share just to be overly critical.

    I ordered the same model in round and elongated for two different toilets in my house. The elongated model fit my elongated toilet perfectly. The round model hits the tank before it is back far enough. It is still usable, but you can see the front of the bowl, where the seat rests, while the seat is down. Not a big deal, but I think I'm going to get a new toilet to match my elongated one and then get another elongated seat.

    The other criticism applies to both seats. I think the drying function blows more from the side and across than up. I just don't think it works as well as it could and that is an area I see room for improvement.

    I still think price vs. features this is the best seat to get and I will buy another one for my new toilet and move the round one I have to the guest bathroom.

    Overall, worth every penny!!!

  14. Invest in this. It's completely worth it ;-)

    Posted by jasmine on 7th Mar 2013

    Taking hygiene to the next level

  15. Very good product; Excellent service!

    Posted by Graham Murchie on 16th Dec 2012

    We've been enjoying this bidet seat for six days now and are still discovering its delights. It does the job it promised, and is a delight to use. The remore works well and is pretty simple to master. Thanks BidetsPlus, we're planning to order another seat for our guest bathroom asap. Thanks!!

  16. Overjoyed!

    Posted by Norm from NH on 9th Nov 2012

    I bought a BB 1000 because neuropathies in my fingers make it difficult for me to use toilet paper. I've had it for 6 months now and I'm overjoyed with how well it works -- clean and dry everytime. I'm ordering another one for my winter home.

  17. Wow - I will never NOT have a bidet again!

    Posted by liberteabelle on 6th Nov 2012

    Love my Bio Bidet! It's simple and effective, and I particularly appreciate the adjustable wash nozzles so I can tailor my wash settings. The remote control is easy and convenient to use as well. I've been telling all my extended family to get one.

  18. great product even better customer service

    Posted by DJ on 14th Oct 2012

    We were wise to make an investment in a bidet and the smart investment is in the BB1000. Wonderful unit does so much more than we thought and is missed more while on the road than our bed. Bidets Plus customer service is 5 star given that they addressed an issue not even caused by the unit. We will be Bio Bidet owners for life.

  19. Extremely pleased and glad to finally own one

    Posted by Donna on 26th Jun 2012

    My Bio Bidet BB-1000 has been installed now for one week, and YES - I'm extremely pleased with it. What sold me on the BB-1000, was probably the wall mounted remote, plus I read reviews that claimed the Bio Bidet BB-1000 had one of the strongest water sprays, out of all the models they had tested. And I agree now that I've tried the BB 1000 out. Even at the lowest setting of water spray intensity, you become very pleased with your choice and picking this unit.

    Having a heated toilet seat waiting on you, has been a welcome experience, and I found the warm air dry system to be very pleasing to have also. The seat and lid cover close softly, after slowly lowering themselves. No more annoying loud slap, and I really appreciate that. Personally I think all new homes should come standard with one of these units.

    If your considering this product, with no reservations I give it two thumbs up. BidetsPlus - Thank You, I'm a happy camper.

  20. I'm so impressed, I bought two!

    Posted by Rocco on 12th Mar 2012

    I think the BB-1000 is a great unit. I was so impressed after purchasing the 1st one, I followed it up with the 2nd in just a few short weeks.

    With the best warranty in the business, I'm comforted to know I'll have years of service.

    Installation was straight forward and very easy, the only caveat was to ensure to have an electrical outlet installed nearby the toilet.

    If your searching for one of these units, I highly recommend the BB-1000

  21. Best seat in the house

    Posted by Danny C on 2nd Feb 2012

    Without hesitation, I recommend BB-1000 Supreme. It is a worthy investment with incredible gains. A sensational and practical bathroom applianceā€¦NOT JUST A TOILET SEAT. Further, if need be, the support and customer service is second to none. While it is not inexpensive, I have never regretted one cent I spent on this product and I am known as being VERY frugal.

  22. Fabulous product Bio Bidet BB 1000

    Posted by Stanley on 24th Nov 2011

    This product is the best thing I have bought. I bought it for my wife and she absolutely LOVES the product, and so do I. It was also very easy to install for me. It is also very easy to operate. I would HIGHLY recommend this bidet!

  23. Great Product! Great Customer Service

    Posted by Danielle on 17th Mar 2011

    After looking online at several sites to compare prices and features of bidets, including the brand of the one I first experienced, I settled on the Bio Bidet 1000. I purchased one for my fiance and when it came I realized I needed should have ordered a round one. Then it occurred to me that I would keep it and install it in my bathroom and order him another one. After all I could get two for the price of some of the other brands. My experience with customer service was excellent and personal - not a generic email response! Now I wish I had one at my office because once you use one, you realize how unsanitary TP is. Love my Bio Bidet 1000 and would recommend it to anyone!

  24. Wonderful Product

    Posted by WR - Ontario, Canada on 2nd Feb 2011

    We have had our BB1000 now for a couple of months. It has been everything that we expected. It was very easy to install and works like a charm. The purchase experience through BidetsPLUS was also exceptional. Shipping was very fast and I quickly received answers to a couple of questions that I had during the process. We have been so impressed with the product and the purchase experience that we have ordered a second unit for one of our other bathrooms.We have friends who have paid far more for competitors units that have fewer features and they have not been nearly as pleased with the performance.

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