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Welcome to bidetsPLUS.  Learn about the bidet seat, which easily attaches to your existing toilet. There’s a reason why bidets are so popular all over the world. Discover what other people are learning about the bidet toilet seat.  Be sure to check our bidet reviews where you can find insightful, in-depth video reviews.  You will not find better content on the electronic bidet seat, anywhere on the web.

Best Sellers

  • $699 Includes Free Travel Bidet + Two Free Carbon Water Filters, a $100 value!
  • $599 Includes Free Travel Bidet + Two Free Carbon Water Filters, a $100 value!
  • $599 Includes Free Travel Bidet + Two Free Carbon Water Filters, a $100 value!

Bidet Seat Spare Parts And Accessories

  • Travel

  • Water

  • Spare

  • Air Deodorizer

  • Install

Customer Benefits

What is a Bidet Seat?

In summary, bidet seats use a stream of water to wash you after using the restroom. The bidet seat is activated by pressing the WASH button on the control panel (or remote control). This will extend a wash nozzle beneath you and start the wash feature. When done washing, press the STOP button – the wash nozzle will then rinse itself off and retract back into the bidet seat. Nothing touches you except water. Read More

Bidet Toilet Seats vs. Toilet Paper

Water is more effective at cleaning you than dry paper – this is the key concept behind a bidet toilet seat. Let's say, you wanted to wash your face... would you just start rubbing your face with dry paper? Of course not, that would be totally dumb. You know that you should use water to clean yourself. So why do you use dry, abrasive paper to clean the most sensitive part of your body? Read More

Bidet Toilets Have Adjustable Wash Settings

Did you know a toilet bidet seat can be customized to best suit your wash preferences? Since everybody’s body is different, wash settings on toilet bidet seats were designed to be totally adjustable. An analogy is to compare it to driving a new car. When you get in a new car for example, you adjust the seat so you can comfortably reach the pedals. Similarly, toilet bidets have adjustability components too. Read More

A Toilet With Bidet - An Easy Upgrade for Your Toilet

Upgrading your existing toilet, to a toilet with bidet is really easy to do. Toilets bidets are designed for DIY (Do It Yourself) installation and only take about 30 minutes to install. Your toilet seat bidet will arrive with all parts necessary for installation. Keep in mind though, the installation process for toilets bidets really begins before you even place your order. There are a couple measurements you should take on your existing toilet before ordering. Read More