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Welcome to bidetsPLUS.  Learn about the bidet seat, which easily attaches to your existing toilet. There’s a reason why bidets are so popular all over the world. Discover what other people are learning about the bidet toilet seat.  Be sure to check our bidet reviews where you can find insightful, in-depth video reviews.  You will not find better content on the electronic bidet seat, anywhere on the web.

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  • $699 Includes Free Travel Bidet + Two Free Carbon Water Filters, a $100 value!
  • $599 Includes Free Travel Bidet + Two Free Carbon Water Filters, a $100 value!
  • $599 Includes Free Travel Bidet + Two Free Carbon Water Filters, a $100 value!

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What is a Bidet Seat?

The core idea of a bidet seat is that it uses water to clean you after you use the restroom. A bidet seat will have an attached control panel or remote control with a Wash button which you press to initiate the bidet’s water stream. The stream is sprayed through a wash nozzle that extends underneath you when the Wash button is pressed, and then the spray stops and the nozzle retracts whenever you press the Stop button. The nozzle rinses itself after each use to keep you and the bidet seat fresh and clean. The only thing that touches you is the cleansing water.

Bidet seats today are both simpler to install and much more sophisticated than their original bidet ancestors which were first used in the early 18th century. These basin-type bidets were typically found next to the toilet as they were a completely separate porcelain fixture. You can still find these older style bidets in parts of Europe and elsewhere.

The modern version of the bidet – the bidet seat – is a high-tech multi-feature toilet seat that is installed on the toilet. There is no need to hire a plumber to install a separate plumbing fixture, which is good news for North American homeowners since most bathrooms here aren’t typically designed to accommodate a separate toilet-sized fixture. Simply remove the old toilet seat and the bidet seat attaches directly on your toilet. The bidet seat, sometimes called a Japanese toilet seat or washlet, connects to the toilet’s existing water supply through a simple T-connector included with the bidet seat. You should note that bidet seats are electric, so you will need an outlet nearby in the bathroom to plug in and operate the bidet seat.

Many bidet seats have customizable features so that users can personalize it for maximum comfort. If you have multiple people in your family using a bidet seat, for example, each user can adjust the nozzle position so that the water stream will effectively wash people of different sizes, postures, and sitting positions. You can also adjust the water pressure level for a more powerful, focused water stream or a gentler wash depending on your personal preference. And most importantly during those cold winter months, you can change the water temperature settings thanks to the water heater housed within the bidet seat.

Of course there are other innovations to be found on modern bidet seats besides the various wash features. One common feature is a built-in air dryer. Just press the DRY button after you’re finished washing and the dryer will kick in with a blast of warm air similar to a hand dryer. You will need to use the warm air dryer for a couple minutes to get completely dry like a hand dryer, so some people just use a small amount of toilet paper to pat themselves dry if they’re in a hurry. Though when you throw in the heated seat feature with the warm water and warm air dryer, you may want to spend a little extra time warming up on a cold morning!

If you are new to bidets, we definitely suggest viewing some of the videos here on our website. They are a great way to see the many bidet seats we carry in action. Our goal at bidetsPLUS is to provide the best content and customer service to our visitors, which is why we have produced over a dozen original videos exclusive to bidetsPLUS. In addition to the videos you can find on the product pages of our different bidet seats, we also have a “What is a Bidet” video, a great supplement to the information in this article that highlights the primary features of our bidet seats. Click on the “What is a Bidet” section on the navigation bar at the top of our home page to check out this informative video. Thanks for visiting bidetsPLUS!

Bidet Toilet Seats vs. Toilet Paper

The fundamental advantage of a bidet toilet seat is simple: water is a far more effective cleaning agent than dry paper. It sounds obvious, but sometimes behavior doesn’t follow suit to common sense. If you were going to wash your face, it would be pretty silly for you to just grab some dry paper and rub your face. Or say you try washing your dishes with dry paper – you’ll just be smearing around leftover food waste. Kind of gross when you think about it. So why is it that so many people still use abrasive dry paper to “clean” their body’s most sensitive area?

Part of why most Americans still only use toilet paper is cultural. In several countries throughout the world, bidet toilet seats are very common, even expected in the restroom. But in the United States, most of us have grown up using paper to clean ourselves, and it has become conditioned into our behavior that toilet paper is the one and only method of cleaning up after using the bathroom. That’s just what we do. If we did this in other areas where technology has given us better options, we’d still be waiting several minutes for our computers to dial up to connect to the internet! But then again, most people here in the US don’t even know what a bidet toilet seat is, let alone have ever used one.

The toilet paper industry is happy to keep bidet toilet seats off the radar here. Toilet paper is big business in the U.S. generating $9 billion annually according to USA Today . That is an awful lot of money that we flush down the toilet – literally – each year! With a bidet toilet seat cutting back drastically on toilet paper consumption, the TP companies are in no hurry to see you upgrade your home’s restrooms with bidet toilet seats, that’s for sure.

Of course, there are many reasons why you should. A bidet seat can help you substantially cut back on your toilet paper usage, saving paper, trees and money in the long run. More immediately, the soothing spray of water from the bidet seat is far better at cleaning you than toilet paper. Most everyone has had the unpleasant experience of toilet paper feeling more abrasive than cleansing. This is such a common experience that toilet paper brands admit it through their marketing by promoting their TP as softer and less abrasive than their competitors. People with medical concerns or extra sensitivity in that area can really dread using the bathroom because of this pain. And with most toilet paper containing bleach and perfumes, those chemicals can act as an additional irritant. Maybe the best move is to upgrade your bathroom experience with a Bio Bidet BB 2000 or Coway BA 13 bidet toilet seat and be done with the abrasive paper blues!

Besides comfort, many people purchase bidet seats for their home because it is more hygienic. In addition to utilizing water to clean you, modern bidet toilet seats also include built-in air dryers, so you can essentially have a hands-free experience provided you sit through the dry cycle for a few minutes. Similar to hand dryers found in public restrooms, the bidet seat air dryers are a more hygienic alternative to toilet paper. Having a hands-free experience eliminates germs and bacteria that can be spread when insufficient hand washing occurs after using only toilet paper. And people with certain disabilities or assistance needs can often gain independence and use the restroom by themselves thanks to the hands-free experience bidet seats can offer.

As you can see, there are many reasons why bidet toilet seats are a better and smarter option compared with just using toilet paper. Reducing paper waste, the independence and improved hygiene of a hands-free experience, and overall much superior cleaning are some of the big reasons why a lot of people are making the change to the bidet toilet seat. And there are plenty of features beyond the basics that make these seats so popular, including built-in air deodorizers and heated seat with adjustable temperature settings (a must-have in the cold winter months!). You can find much more information on our site with our many articles, videos and reviews. We have all your bidet toilet seat questions covered here at bidetsPLUS!