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VOVO Smart Bidet Toilet TCB-090SA




bidetsPLUS is an authorized dealer for VOVO bidet toilet seats, and we are proud to offer the VB-6000SE bidet seat available here at bidetsPLUS!

Founded in 2001 in South Korea, VOVO is a manufacturer of eco-friendly appliances for the home, which includes their line of bidet toilet seats.  Their award-winning designs helped them grow their market internationally and into the US with seats like the VB-6000SE which was launched in 2020.

The VOVO VB-6000SE electric bidet toilet seat is operated through a user-friendly wireless remote control.  Besides the standard feminine and posterior wash options you would expect, this model also includes a turbo wash option for a stronger spray that works like an enema spray.  All the wash modes allow for adjustable water pressure, water temperature and nozzle position.  You can also activate the Rhythm feature during any wash cycle to make the nozzle move back and forth and the spray pulsate between gentler and stronger spray pressure.

Besides the wash functions, the VB-6000 also offers a nice set of auxiliary features for a budget-friendly bidet.  The UV sterilization uses an ultraviolet LED light to sanitize the toilet bowl in addition to providing a night light when the seat is not in use.  A self-rinsing stainless steel nozzle is another design element that keeps the unit clean and sanitary.  An adjustable temperature heated seat and warm air dryer add to the comfort and convenience.

Available in both elongated size (VB-6000SE) and round size (VB-6100SR) this well-appointed bidet seat from VOVO offers a lower-priced option that doesn’t skimp on the features.  You can check out the product page of the VB-6000 for more information about this model.

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