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Advantages of Using a Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable nozzle postion
  • Oscillating cleanse
  • Water pulse feature
  • Feminine bidet wash
  • Posterior (rear) bidet wash
  • Self-cleaning wash nozzles
  • Air deodorizer
  • Warm air dry
  • Warmed toilet seat
  • Slow closing toilet seat and cover
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • Power saving mode
  • Self-diagnose function
  • Built-in night light
  • Wireless remote control

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Say the word “bidet” and what comes to mind to some people is a large, old fashioned water fountain for your bottom that looks like something between a toilet bowl and a bathroom sink. Perhaps 50 years ago this image might have been accurate, but over the past few decades the notion of what a bidet is and should be has drastically changed. No longer are they separate fixtures only fit for extravagantly large bathrooms only to be found in stately European estates. Far from it: today’s electric bidet seats are sleek, efficient machines that are modernizing bathrooms and improving hygiene and health every day. And with their do-it-yourself design, most people can install them in about 30 minutes. Here are some things to know about installing your new bidet seat.

While these units are compatible with almost all toilets, you will want to first determine if you need Elongated or Round size based on your toilet. Our useful measuring guide shows you how to check your toilet bowl size as well as how to check the rear to make sure you have the appropriate space to fit the bidet. As mentioned, the vast majority of toilets easily fit, but there are some rare commodes with severely curved tanks or other irregular design dimensions that make them difficult for many bidets to fit on them. When it doubt, you can always check with an expert here at bidetsPLUS if you have any fitting questions.

After you know which size you need and you have your seat, you will first want to ready your toilet by removing the existing seat and lid. Then you can secure the mounting bracket using the hardware included. The bidet will simply slide in and lock into place on the mounting bracket once it is secured. The bracket itself can be adjusted farther forward or backward on your toilet so you can adjust it to get an optimal fit. One special note: some toilets have what’s called a “skirted” design, which means that the mounting holes cannot be accessed from below to tighten the bolts of the mounting bracket. Not to worry if you have a skirted toilet, as there are special "top-mount" bolts we can provide for this type of situation.

Next is the installation of the water connection. Included with your bidet seat is a T-connection which "splits" the existing water line that refills your toilet. Before installing the T-connection, of course, you will need to turn off the water shut off valve (also called an angle stop) and flush your toilet. Then simply unscrew the supply hose going to the toilet tank and then attach the T-connection directly to the tank. With the T-connection screwed on, you can reconnect the water supply line to the bottom of the T-connection. The bidet hose included then screws onto the T-connection’s side inlet. Once all the connections are securely tightened, open the angle stop and make sure there aren’t any leaks. Now all you need is to plug it in and your new bidet seat is ready to go!

Upgrading your bathroom can be an easy do-it-yourself project when you install one of our seats. We have several options and you can check out our comparison chart and the customer reviews on the product pages if you need help deciding on a model. You could be an easy installation away from transforming your bathroom into a modern marvel of better health and cleanliness!

If you have researched bidet toilet seats, you have probably read about the hygiene and health benefits of cleaning with water versus cleaning with dry toilet paper. It’s a simple idea that is really very intuitive when you stop and think about it: if you want to effectively wash yourself, you should use water. This simple idea of upgrading to a healthier mode of cleaning after using the bathroom is a major reason many people give for installing a bidet seat in their own home. So the decision to get one is often the easy part, but then the hard part can be deciding which model is the right choice. Here are some features and functions to keep in mind when shopping for a new electric bidet.

A big reason for the popularity of electric models is that they offer the ability to personalize the cleaning experience with their adjustability of features. Most modern units allow you to adjust three important features: the nozzle position, the water pressure, and the water temperature. Changing the nozzle position lets you move the spray nozzle farther forward or backward depending on your size, sitting position and body. Once you find the nozzle position you prefer, you can adjust the water pressure. Most people generally prefer a stronger spray, however some people may at times need a gentler spray. And of course with warm water bidets, you can adjust the temperature of the water for a more comfortable experience. Any good electric model should allow you to adjust all three of these features.

One key difference between different models is the water heating system. Some heat the water using a reservoir tank system. This type of system keeps a store of heated water in the rear of the unit ready for use whenever the bidet is activated. These typically provide 45 seconds or so of heated water, but if you deplete the warm water in the reservoir then the unit will switch to the cold water supply. It only takes a few minutes for the water reservoir to refill and be ready for warm water use again after being used. There are also newer tankless heating bidets. These do not use a reservoir but rather a heating coil that heats the water as it passes through it so that you have continuous on-demand warm water instantly. The tankless models are a nice upgrade because you don’t have to worry about running out of warm water, plus since they aren’t constantly keeping water heated in a reservoir, the tankless versions are much more limited in their energy consumption.

There are two different styles of controls for electric units: attached control panels or remote controls. Both allow you to operate the various functions of your seat by pressing the corresponding buttons, but as the names indicate, one is physically attached to the unit and the other is in the form of a wireless remote control. As you are seated on the bidet toilet seat, the attached control panel is located on your right side toward the rear or middle of the unit. Those with remote controls include a wall mounting kit so you can place the remote on the wall or nearby surface. Unless you are already accustomed to the attached panel, the great majority of people prefer the convenience of the remote control as it is easier to access than the attached panel which can sometimes be difficult to turn and see the buttons for some users.

There are several other features that most users recommend to new bidet owners. Many units include a warm air dryer to help dry off after washing or if you just want a warm up on a cool morning. Speaking of warming up, heated seats are great to have, particularly during the winter months. Several models have an “oscillating wash” function which moves the nozzle back and forth during the wash cycle and is recommended for a more thorough wash. Additional features you might find include air deodorizer, stainless steel nozzles, night light, and even an enema wash function which can be useful in helping those who may have medical issues that make going to the bathroom difficult. Besides all the features, it’s also a good idea to be aware of the warranty as different brands and models may come with different levels of coverage.

So be sure to get familiar with the features and functions of the bidet seats so you can choose the model that works best for you. And if you have trouble deciding, calling on an expert for guidance can help. We here at bidetsPLUS are always happy to answer any questions you may have before you take the plunge and make your bathroom better with a bidet!