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bidetsPLUS is an authorized dealer for TOTO, one of the first manufacturers to mass produce bidet toilet seats.  We are proud to carry the product line of TOTO Washlets here at bidetsPLUS!

TOTO originally started in the toilet business so it was natural for them to get in the bidet seat business as well.  Their first washlet, the Washlet G Series by TOTO, was introduced over 30 years ago in 1980.  Since then, they've continued to make improvements to the original TOTO Washlet by adding features like a wireless remote control, warm air dryer, and heated toilet seat.

The TOTO S350e and TOTO S300e are the most popular TOTO washlets and we're pleased to introduce them to you.  Let's start first with the TOTO S300e.  The TOTO S300e is operated with a wireless remote control.  Wash features on this TOTO washlet are similar to most other bidet seats, but the S300e also has a water pulse feature which pulsates the water stream.  Another added feature is the adjustable wash nozzle so you can find a nozzle position setting that feels just right.  The TOTO S300e uses the newer, instant water heating system instead of the reservoir tank-type heater found in older models.  The main benefits of instant water heaters is never-ending warm water (tank-type heaters can only hold about a 45 second supply of warm water) and more energy efficiency.

Other features of the TOTO S300e include a pre-misting feature which pre-mists the toilet bowl before you use the toilet.  This helps flush your toilet more effectively compared to flushing a dry bowl.  The TOTO S300e has eWater Technology which uses electrolyzed water to mist your bowl and reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.  You'll also find a heated toilet seat, warm air dry, slow closing seat and lid, a night light, and an energy saving mode which decreases the washlet's energy consumption.

And of course, there is also the TOTO S350e.  The TOTO S350e is identical to the S300e, except the S350e has the additional feature of a lid that automatically opens and closes when you approach the toilet.

In addition to the S300e and S350e, we also carry the TOTO C200 washlet.  The C200 is a more basic washlet that doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the S300e and S350e but does offer the basic wash features you would expect at good value.  The C200 is a reservoir tank washlet as opposed to the tankless heating of the higher end models, so it is a bit bulkier than the other models.  The C200 is a great option for anyone looking for an entry-level bidet seat from TOTO.

We hope you learned about the features and functions of the TOTO washlets we have for sale at bidetsPLUS.  Click thru to the product pages to learn more!


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