Bio Bidet BB 70 Simplet

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Will a Bidet Seat Fit My Toilet?
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The Bio Bidet BB 70 Simplet is an easy to install non-electric bidet attachment.  This attachment uses cold water only and is powered by the water supply water pressure so no electrical outlet or batteries are needed.  It fits on both elongated and round size toilets and attaches under your toilet seat for a simple do-it-yourself installation.

The BB 70 Simplet comes with a T-connection and braided metal hose to simply split the water supply already connected to your toilet's water tank.  The attached control knob allows easy adjustment of the water pressure of the wash stream.  The single nozzle has a splash guard to prevent water splashing outside the bowl area, and the flow valve is made of brass rather than plastic for greater durability.

The BB 70 Simplet bidet seat attachment includes all installation hardware required and a full one year manufacturer's warranty.


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View:  Owner's Manual:  Bio Bidet BB 70 Simplet (.pdf)


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