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Washlet Toilet Seat Recommendations

In the photos above, are a few washlets for sale at bidetsPLUS.  If you’re doing research for a washlet toilet for your next purchase, these are some we would recommend.  These recommendations are based on our own testing and reviews, as well as feedback we’ve heard from our customers.

Our first washlet recommendation is one of our best sellers, the Bio Bidet BB 1000.  Operated with a wireless remote control, this washlet toilet is fully featured with posterior and feminine wash functions.  Both water pressure and water temperature is adjustable.  Nozzle position on this washlet can be adjusted too, so the water stream is positioned for maximum hygiene.  Non-wash features on the BB 1000 include a warm air dry, air deodorization, heated seat function, and a power saving (standby) mode.

Moving up a notch in the washlet spectrum, our next recommendation is the Coway BA13 which also works with a wireless remote control.  The BA 13 is $100 more expensive than the BB 1000, but does come with premium-class features not available in other washlets.  In addition to the features found on the BB 1000, the BA 13 washlet toilet comes with stainless steel nozzles.  There’s also a nozzle sterilization feature which is used to sanitize the wash nozzles.  Adjustable spray-width controls on BA 13 washlets allow you to choose from a narrow, concentrated spray or a wider, softer spray.  And since the BA 13 has the latest technology, this washlet has a more compact profile which provides a more modern and clean look.

Lastly, we’d also suggest you take a look at the Blooming NB-R1063.  Blooming washlets are made by NCM Blooming, the largest washlet importer in Japan.  This seat has features comparable to the Bio Bidet BB 1000, and also works with a wireless remote control.  A stand-out feature on the Blooming washlet toilet though, is the LED night light.  The night light on the NB-R1060 works very well – illuminating the entire toilet bowl with a pleasant glow, so you don’t need to blind yourself turning on the bathroom lights in the middle of the night.

You can choose confidently between any one of these washlets, and know they are some of the best washlets for sale at bidetsPLUS.  Hopefully, you were able to learn more about washlets during your visit today.  Check out some of the individual product pages for more details and to learn more!


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