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bidetsPLUS is an authorized dealer for USPA bidet seats.  We're proud to bring you the USPA bidet seat here at bidetsPLUS!

USPA’s latest model is the USPA 6800, available in both round and elongated sizes.  While we do have a USPA bidet review available in the Bidet Reviews section of our website, we’ll summarize some of the main features for you here.

This USPA 6800 provides a complete set of features your whole family will enjoy. Wash functions include both posterior wash and feminine wash features, with massage and water pulse functionality.  You can also adjust the position of the wash nozzle, the water pressure, and the water temperature.  One of the notable family-friendly features of the USPA 6800 is the "kids mode" which activates a low pressure wash that's just right for children.

The USPA 6800 bidet seat also has some great non-wash features too. As noted in our USPA bidet review, these USPA bidet seats come with a heated seat. These heated seats are just fantastic in the cold mornings, as you won’t have to sit on a freezing cold toilet seat anymore. A handy air dry feature will help dry off moisture left from the bidet’s wash. There’s even a built-in air deodorizer, which helps remove unwanted odor from your bathroom.

To learn more about the USPA bidet seat, click thru to our USPA 6800 product page available on our website. Be sure to check out our USPA bidet review video as well!


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