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Quick Note:  The TOTO S550e and TOTO S500e are identical, except that the S550e has an automatic opening/closing lid and LED night light.  Besides that, the two models are exactly the same.

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This item is currently out of stock

From the original pioneer of the electric bidet seat, we are pleased to offer TOTO's latest model, the TOTO S500e Washlet.  In addition to the many high-end functional features included with this new model, TOTO has also created two different looks for customers to choose from with the Contemporary and Classic designs.  The two designs simply have different lid styles you can choose depending on your aesthetic preference, but both versions are equipped with all of the same great features.

This bidet uses a tankless water heating system for continuous warm water with adjustable temperature for both the posterior and feminine wash.  It also has adjustable nozzle position and water pressure as you would expect.  The oscillating feature moves the wash nozzle forward and backward during the wash cycle to cover a larger area for more effective cleaning.  There is also a pulsating massage wash that alternates the spray pressure from strong to soft for a soothing effect.  A warm air dryer and adjustable temperature heated seat add extra comfort and function for users.

The S500e is equipped with a unique toilet bowl cleaning feature that uses electrolyzed water, also known as eWater.  This eWater function adds an extra level of clean to your toilet by spraying a mist of electrolyzed water onto the surface of the bowl after every use as well as after every eight hours of non-use.  Plus the wash nozzle is also self-cleaning.  So in addition to keeping you clean, the washlet also does a fantastic job of keeping itself and the toilet clean.

Additionally, the S500e includes a built in air deodorizer, slow-closing seat and lid, two separate user presets as well as a power saving mode to minimize power consumption.  The bidet is operated with a remote control which has a slimmer and sleeker design over previous remote models.  All of these features packed into one of the slimmest body designs of any washlet make the S500e a fully-loaded bidet seat in both form and function.

toto s500e lifestyle

Available in Cotton White and Sedona Beige.  Elongated Size only.  If you need Round Size, please see TOTO S350e.

TOTO Washlet Colors


 TOTO Washlet eWater


TOTO S550e / S500e Washlet | Contemporary 360 View:

TOTO S550e / S500e Washlet | Classic 360 View:


TOTO S500e Washlet Features:

TOTO S500e Washlet Features


Editor's Note:

The following link will take you to our official write-up of this seat:  bidetsPLUS TOTO S500e Review.  But we've also prepared some more informal thoughts in our editor's note below.

TOTO has done something unique with the new S500e (as well as it's "big brother" the S550e) by offering two different design options - the Contemporary and the Classic.  There is no difference in features, only the design of the lid is different.  The Contemporary design has a clean line edge to the lid for a smooth singular look, whereas the Classic design lid has a beveled edge that adds a bit of depth to the appearance.  Having the two design options lets you more easily match the aesthetic of your toilet and bathroom.

The S500e provides rear cleansing for posterior wash as well as front cleansing for feminine wash.  The rear cleansing has a regular spray as well as a rear "soft cleansing" mode that utilizes a gentler wash spray for users who may be more sensitive to the spray stream.  Similarly, the front cleansing has a regular spray and a "wide front cleansing" for a wider spray for those who prefer a broader and gentler stream.  These functions make for a nice addition to the adjustable water temperature / water pressure / nozzle position that are fairly standard for an electric bidet seat.  The tankless water heating system lets you wash for as long as you like without running out of warm water.

A pulsating spray feature provides a strobe-like spray action as the water quickly fluctuates between low and high pressure for a massage effect.  There is also an oscillating function, a popular feature which moves the wand back and forth during the wash cycle.  The oscillating function is commonly used so that a larger area is washed and a more thorough cleaning achieved. 

All of these features are operated via the S500e remote control.  The remote is a thinner incarnation from the previous generation S300e remote control, so it is a bit easier to handle.  A wall mounting cradle holds the remote so you can operate from the cradle or hold it in your hand.  The remote is two-sided, with the most commonly used operations on the front side while the back side has a menu for less often used functions and adjustments of settings.  You will rarely need to use the back side after you have initially set up your washlet settings.

The eWater feature really differentiates the S500e from other bidets in how it helps keep the toilet itself cleaner and more sanitary.  Electrolyzed water acts as a disinfectant and is found in many restaurants for cleaning.  The eWater function works by misting your toilet bowl with a pre-mist before use to moisten the surface of the bowl which helps prevent material from adhering to the surface.  The unit then sprays a mist of the electrolyzed water on the bowl surface after each use as well as every eight hours of non-use.  This misting helps diminish how much manual cleaning you need to perform as well as the amount of cleaning chemicals you need to use on your bowl.

Other non-wash features include a built in air deodorizer which uses carbon filtration to remove particles that cause unpleasant odors from the air.  There is also a warm air dryer with adjustable air temperature to help dry off after washing.  The seat is also heated with adjustable temperature so you can have it warm in the winter and turned to lower temperatures or turned off during the summer.  The S500e has a slow closing seat and lid.  It should be noted that only the S550e has the automatic opening and closing seat and lid function; the S500e seat and lid must be raised and lowered manually.


TOTO Product Naming Conventions:

TOTO has internal product SKUs which are different from the branded product name.  For example, you might hear the TOTO S500e being called the TOTO SW3046#01.  Here is a mapping table so you can understand TOTO's naming conventions:

  Model SKU Color SKU Completed SKU
S500e Elongated Contemporary / Cotton White SW3046 #01 TOTO SW3046#01
S500e Elongated Classic / Cotton White SW3044 #01 TOTO SW3044#01
S500e Elongated Contemporary / Sedona Beige SW3046 #12 TOTO SW3046#12


Read:  bidetsPLUS' TOTO S500e Review

View:  Owners Manual:  TOTO S500e | TOTO SW3046#01 and SW3044#01 (.pdf)  large file, please be patient

See:   TOTO Product Specifications Sheet


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Warranty Information
One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty: * 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase
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Reviews (13)
  • 4
    TOTO S500e

    Posted by Charles Lundberg on 15th May 2020

    So far a great product.... wife loves it, especially the heated seat and heated water system. The remote control is not as intuitive as it could be. Suggest wording on the remote to better explain the function of each icon symbol.

  • 5

    Posted by Nathan on 5th May 2020

    Great product, works as expected. Installation was easy, only needed a philips screwdriver to remove the seat and install the washlet. Important note: if installing this on certain Toto toilets, you will need an inexpensive part: Toto 9AU321-A Washlet Adapter (about $8 to $18). If needed, you can search and order it from typical online retailers. The Toto website has a washlet fit chart that tells which of their toilets require this, but it is easy to overlook.
    Thanks to BidetsPlus for great service, product arrived as expected.

  • 5
    Toto S500e

    Posted by Brian K on 30th Apr 2020

    I found the other reviews very helpful on bidetsplus in choosing the right options. The Toto S500e fit the bill and delivers on its features and functions. I like this one the best as it has all the bells and whistles with out the auto open/close feature which has a limited application for a toilet only room. In a standard 5 x 10 bathroom this is the one you want. You really don't want the lid opening every time you enter the room or take a shower. So the Toto S500e is probably the most practical choice for a open bathroom layout. Easy on of button makes cleaning easy, there's a little more wiggle in the seat bracket but doesn't impair it in any way.

  • 5
    Toto S500e

    Posted by Dennis Smart on 23rd Apr 2020

    Great product. Works as described.

  • 5
    Change the way you poo

    Posted by Paul Calvin on 22nd Apr 2020

    Once you get one of these you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Stop being a savage and make a movement in a cleaner direction. This seat is worth every penny. Well made and very easy to install.

  • 5
    TOTO Washlet

    Posted by JH on 18th Feb 2020

    Great design and function. Has a minimalist look, but still fully loaded with features. It's amazing how they got so many features packed into this seat. Leaves me feeling fresh and clean. So much better than toilet paper. Heated seat is awesome and I like being able to choose between two different spray modes.

  • 4
    Toto Washlet S500e

    Posted by Bob & Mickey on 26th Dec 2019

    Only used a week but my biggest complaint is the remote. I would like to set global defaults and not have to switch user 1/2. I also would like to be able to one button touch the enema mode. Currently the top button defaults first to the soft mode.

  • 5
    Love this bidet!

    Posted by Tricia on 16th Jun 2019

    This is my first time ever having/using a bidet. I bought the Toto s500E. Love it! Just ordered the Brondell 1400 - it’s on sale and seems to have similar features. Hope I love it as much!

  • 4
    Love the functionality, not sure of long term reliability

    Posted by MNmom on 29th Apr 2019

    We replaced a Toto S300 washlet, which lasted 5 years. I think a computer chip malfunctioned. This one is very similar except with a different remote. However the old washlet was secured quite tightly to the toilet, while this one wiggles, despite very carefully tightening the hardware, and double checking installation. Functions great, durability - we will have to see. Hope it lasts longer than 5 years for the price.

  • 5
    New and Much Improved

    Posted by Larry Shadron on 19th Dec 2018

    This S500e was purchased to replace an old unit that after 12 years of service was starting to occasionally not work properly. The S500e with "bowl spray" & "bowl light" and a much smaller remote is a significant improvement. When I enter the toilet area and the bowl light illuminates and the bowl spray commences, I feel like my Toto is saying "hello, ready for service."

  • 5
    Don’t wait

    Posted by Dan N on 29th Aug 2018

    Great product. Excellent personal service you will wish you bought earlier.

  • 5
    Does everything I wanted

    Posted by Sue on 20th Jun 2018

    I have only had this product for about 10 days, but so far so good! I am still exploring all the options available. So far I love it and it does everything I wanted. It seems very customizable, with easy adjustments to water temperature, position of front and rear wash, and strength of the water flow. One reason I bought this particular seat is because it is pretty low profile (doesn't stick up very high off the bowl). I am happy with how it looks on my toilet in Sedona Beige.

  • 5
    Amazing product

    Posted by Rex on 7th Feb 2018

    This seat is awesome. Came across one during my travels and had to get one. I got the modern lid and it looks super clean and nice. Luxury bathroom upgrade for sure.

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