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Why hear it from us, when you can hear it from others!  Hear what other people are saying about their bidet toilet seat.  Most bidetsPLUS customers are first-time bidet seat owners - we often get calls and e-mails from them commenting on our products and service.  One of our customers was so impressed with her bidet seat, she even prepared a Video Testimonial for us.  Glad to hear you're enjoying your bidet seat Courtney, and please let us know if we can assist you with anything down the road!


     Bidet Toilet Seat Testimonial


Here are some other comments we've received:


"They're an honest authority to the market they serve. I spoke on the phone with a representative regarding varying products and came away from the call quite resolved and confident about their knowledge and assistance."

Charlotte C – June 5, 2017


"A price point close to $50 less than other sellers I looked at was a major factor in choosing bidetsPLUS. The timely delivery, two thirds of the way across the country, was excellent. Product was well packed because the outside of the carton showed some signs of distress but contents were in perfect condition. All-in-all, high marks for everything."

Mike F – May 11, 2017


"I had a couple conversations with their staff prior to ordering and I must say they were very polite and knowledgeable.  Took the time to answer all my questions and I appreciated their honesty.  I've had bad experiences buying large items in the past but these guys made me feel real comfortable after speaking with them."

Sandra F – May 10, 2017


"I had ordered two white elongated bidets.  When they arrived we realized that one toilet should have the beige one not a white one.  I called customer service and faster than flash everything was taken care of.  Incredible how easy it was to correct MY mistake and how quickly they addressed MY issue and how friendly they were.  No Problem!  I think BidetsPlus customer service protocol should be used for all companies who want to succeed.  Thank you BidetsPlus for a Very Positive Experience. Good Job!!!"

John B – April 22, 2017


"Great experience with the sales rep whom I talked to on the phone before finalizing my purchase. He was very pleasant, very knowledgeable, and he offered solutions to the likely problem I would have if I purchased this item. Thank you for hiring great employees such as him!"

Richard K – April 15, 2017


"I am back from the hospital (came home on Sunday of last week) and I wanted to thank you from the bottom my heart for your help, indeed the help of the entire staff of BidetsPLUS. Everyone in your company with whom I had contact was so helpful, reasonable, supportive and informative. I got the best customer service anybody could ever want. Everything arrived on time, the price was fair and reasonable and the several little “perks” were very much appreciated."

Merridith M – February 25, 2017


"I cannot say enough good things about the service that this company provides. I bought my first bidet from them 3 years ago. And as expected I became hooked and could no longer use just TP or even wipes. So I purchased one for the other two locations that I must go to for work. Then my mother asked for one, then my sister and so on and so on. The reason I always go back to these guys is because they give AMAZING SERVICE. I don't know if they are the owners or if they just have a passion for clean bottoms :) but they go the extra mile every time. Call them and they answer, email them and they answer every time (I felt bad they even called me back on a weekend). I honestly don't get this kind of service at Luxury Establishments anymore. If you have a question about which seat is best for you - call them! They will walk you through it. I will only take my business to bidetsPLUS because they have earned it over and over again. By the way - they ship immediately - so your bottom can be cleaner in just a couple days!"

Robert T – January 12, 2017


"What comes with the bidet is an exceptional sales & support staff. All of my inquiries were dealt with promptly and addressed to my complete satisfaction.  I highly recommend the BidetsPlus Company to anyone considering a bidet for the first time or as a replacement bidet!!"

Bob S – December 20, 2016


"Online chat with Jensen sold me.  So very helpful and because of chat I didn't look anywhere else to save money.  Commissioned sales people haven't been as close to helpful or made me not want to search.  Kudos."

Rebecca M – December 7, 2016


"I had a great chat with Jensen and thanked him for the detailed information whenever he addressed my questions. He gave me great advice and provided product comparisons which eased the selection of which bidet I needed."

Zoe K – November 25, 2016


"Several purchases from bidetsPLUS.  Products have lived up to their online descriptions. One of the purchases required "unusual delivery arrangements" requiring special assistance by their staff:  the delivery was exactly as requested.  My HIGHEST recommendation!"

Jay Y – November 4, 2016


"They were helpful and responsive to my emails.  Answered important question helping me to pick the appropriate brand/model for my needs.  Product information / review on website is complete, very useful."

Sarah T – October 26, 2016


"Amazing service - I wish other companies could deliver service like this.  Very personalized, very professional, friendly and really took time with me to make sure the bidet would work for me!  This is my 3rd purchase from bidets+ and I will not shop anywhere else."

Jim Z – September 28, 2016


"I liked the product video demonstrations and in-depth comparison charts, plus the wealth of other information available on the website and the ease of website navigation."

Ivory R – September 16, 2016


"I love my Bidet! I did not have any problem ordering, setting up or using my bidet! Everyone should have one.  I love the one that I bought because it has everything that I could ever want on a bidet! You have a wonderful site and it was easy to use - also had a great bonus with the travel bidet and the extra filter!!  I will buy from you again should I need another one and I highly recommend your site to others!!"

Elizabeth V – September 12, 2016


"Rarely have I seen such an informative website on their products.  The articles, product information, reviews, comparison charts are all very well done.  Not only was it the content of the information, but the presentation of the information that impressed me.

Lauren L – August 19, 2016


"Informative reviews without a lot of marketing hype are helpful to me as a customer. Clarity of information about products aids product selection. Pricing is fair and shipping is very reasonable. BBB A+ rating was one of several deciding factors in my decision to go with bidetsPLUS over other sellers with similar products. Return policy adds to trust in buying a a high three-figure item online unseen."

Mitch M – August 7, 2016


"I have had to contact customer service a few times during the past 2 years. BidetsPlus is one of the best companies I have ever ordered from. They are responsive and responsible. I highly recommend them."

Elena K – July 28, 2016


"I know you have heard this before but not from me. Well the bidet arrived yesterday and I went through each step of installation and today my friend Randy installed the seat and did a great job. Just in time and it's just great and worked so well I will always remember this as breakthrough day for me and I wish I had knowledge of this many years ago. Being over weight for now over 30 plus years and with progressing arthritis @ 72 years my future looks brighter. I will tell others that I know about this advancement in self health care. Best regards to a very knowable staff."

Steve D – July 27, 2016


"After having used them in Japan & Korea I went looking for my own.  I was very impressed with the Bidetplus web site, for reviews, straight talk and pricing.  Have had it installed for over 30 days and very happy with purchase.  Plus very easy to install."

David F – July 26, 2016


"Excellent website with all the information you need for an informed buying decision. Extremely happy with my choice based on the product reviews on the site. "

Kit T – July 9, 2016


"I searched for a bidet washlet intently for over a month. When I came across the comparison chart it was exactly what I needed. Of great value was bidetsPLUS's comments on the pros and cons. Being basically indecisive by nature, it still took a month to choose what I purchased but having thorough information on all offerings was hugely helpful. Thanks. Loved the coupon special and no sales tax, free shipping services."

Nickie D – June 29, 2016


"First, if your lifestyle needs such an improvement, don't wait as this product changed my life. It meets all the advertised claims for features and performance. Purchasing it from the best vendor with their exemplary customer service and product knowledge only makes this a most successful choice."

Clarence N – May 23, 2016


"I had questions prior to purchasing and the sales representative was extremely friendly and helpful with answering all my pre-purchase questions.  A few weeks later, after purchasing and installing the product I had some more questions on the product's different features.  Mark was great and patient, and I am quite glad that i purchased this product from these experts.  Although I usually like to purchase products from Amazon, in this case it was well worth buying instead from BidetsPlus, due to their excellent customer service and full knowledge of the products.  And their price was the same.

Prashant B – May 13, 2016


"After returning from a trip to Japan - where every hotel had a bidet toilet - I eagerly purchased one for myself.  Installation was very easy.  I fully enjoy the use of this product on a daily basis.  Wish I had thought of it years ago!"

Gabe R – May 11, 2016


"I got my bidet in 3 days, delivered faster than expected.  I needed some help installing it because I somehow had the hoses backwards.  It was a foolish mistake but the bidetsPlus customer service stayed on the phone with me until I was totally finished with the install!"

Anthony Y – April 19, 2016


"We had to return our first purchase.  Customer service was exceptional.  They also placed an order for us on a different item, applied the same discounts that had been offered during the sale period of the first item."

Paulette K – April 14, 2016


"The gentleman on the phone at BidetsPlus was helpful and answered all of my questions patiently.  He was very knowledgable."

Miriam W – April 13, 2016


"Well laid out online store, information is easy to find, and offers are clearly stated. Salesperson called me back after I left a message to make some inquiries about the product, and gave me fairly detailed answers to my questions. A great experience so far!"

Nira J – April 7, 2016


"These guys go several extra miles to show the products they sell. Embedded videos, their ratings, I really feel like I know what I'm getting."

Tim F – March 4, 2016


"Availability of product, knowledge regarding measurement and installation and correct choice for our existing toilet, help with shipping questions and delivery a day earlier than predicted!  Great service!  Thank you Bidetsplus!"

Lori S – December 26, 2015


"Jensen, Thanks for everything.  You guys have great customer service.  It's very hard to find nowadays.  Have a great weekend."

Ivonne S – November 20, 2015


"Thank you again for the amazing customer service.  We appreciate all that you have done for us and we will recommend you and your company to anyone that needs your services.  Thanks so much!"

Rod S – November 16, 2015


"We had questions about installation. When we called the customer help line, we were immediately helped by a very courteous individual. Our problem was solved."

Sue S – November 12, 2015


"Mark is a great customer support rep!  Based on my outstanding treatment, I have already advertised your store to my friends."

Shawn P – November 1, 2015


"First of all, BidetsPlus's customer service is simply excellent (a factor as important as the product itself)...  I had a hard time using the top-mount bolts that came in the original package as they were too thick to go inside the porcelain holes of my toilet.  In fact, one bolt went in with a lot of twisting and the other one I tried to hammer-in which ruined the threading.  So I called the customer support service of BidetsPlus and told them about happened.  The representative who was helping me offered a better solution and decided to send me better top-mount bolts.  I received the bolts in the mail in a week which were a lot easier, superior to the original ones--all without paying a dime for anything.  Needless to say, if I want an another bidet or a filtration product, they have my money."

Nolin B – October 23, 2015


"I had a few questions which were handled courteously and completely with a phone call. I have used the company's product before in a rental house and was so impressed that we decided to buy it ourselves."

James C – October 16, 2015


"Extremely comprehensive site with reviews, comparisons and pricing equal to other sites for same products."

Eric R – October 6, 2015


"First rate, corporate america should pay attention.  These folks are doing business the right way, by taking care of their customers at a reasonable price.  Thanks Bidetsplus."

Jeannie P – August 23, 2015


 "This is one of the best websites on the web.  All the information you could want for their products."

Jim W – August 8, 2015


"I purchased the bidet a couple of years ago and I have recommended BidetsPlus to two of my neighbors (who each purchased one) and most recently to my plumber."

Shelly F – July 7, 2015


"Have enjoyed the personal touch, arranging special pickup and delivery.  Very professional yet friendly and flexible.  Good luck with this excellent business."

Graham M – June 18, 2015


"I really liked the comparison chart and the videos on all the products, as well as the customer reviews.  Helped in making my decision..."

Thelma H – May 6, 2015


"I love my bidet. I was getting reoccurring kidney infections which would make me really sick. Since I've had my bidet it's so much easier to keep my personal area clean. I haven't had an infection since I got my bidet. I never want to live without a bidet ever again."

Betty E – April 14, 2015


"I really liked this website. The videos to watch were so helpful to see the benefits of the product.  Easy to order.  Excellent service. So many choices to choose from too.  Loved it!"

Ray H – March 24, 2015


"I bought one of these about 3.5 years ago and it's one of the amenities I miss most when I travel.  I have now bought my daughter and son-in-law the same unit as a housewarming present, since my daughter always used mine when visiting, and they are as pleased with it as I am with mine."

Sandra K – March 17, 2015


"I used Live Chat three times to have questions answered.  This was a very satisfying and helpful experience.  Also, the comparison charts, the reviews and other information were quite helpful in my decision making."

Maggie A – March 10, 2015


"A wide variety of products, and we loved the comparison chart!  It arrived promptly, and everything seems to be there.  We lived in Japan for 2 years and had a bidet toilet while there.  We loved it and are very excited about our purchase!"

Nick G – February 18, 2015


"This product is addictive.  Once you begin enjoying the warm seat, the slow close lid and seat, and the remote control that allows you to control more features than a person could want, you can never go back to paper.  Trust me, I have three of these units in the family."

Henry H – February 11, 2015


"I had wanted a bidet after living in Europe many years ago, but had no space in my bathroom. This fall, while visiting Paris, I learned about the bidet seat concept, which lets you have both toilet and bidet functions in a single space. When we returned I started my search.  We had a round seat toilet, so first I ordered the round version.  My husband was not comfortable with the round version--it was small for him, but Bidetsplus let us exchange the round for an elongated seat (yes, we replaced our toilet with an elongated version).  The end result: comfort for the both of us, and the cleanliness that I really love."

Jodie F – January 26, 2015


"The web site was clear and informative.  They have a wide selection of products and the prices are very competitive."

Sunny K – January 23, 2015


"Your site was the only one that had toilet fitment charts for all the various bidet seats, and although this meant that I was squarely in the Brondell category at least I didn't buy something that wouldn't fit.  Also really appreciate the feature comparison chart that went across all the manufacturers.  Your site is the only one where I found that much info collated into one place.  The next best thing to a showroom where one could test them."

Nancy P – January 21, 2015


"I made a comparative study and the final price was less at this store than anywhere else.  Shipping was free with no sales tax."

Susan M – December 30, 2014


"I called to determine some information not available in the on-line description of the product I finally purchased.  I was very pleased with knowledge displayed and the helpful hints provided that went beyond the specific information I sought.  Told your representative I was quite impressed with the overall ease of use and clarity of the website, AND that I got to speak immediately with a person and not a series of recordings."

Herman H – December 23, 2014


"Easy site to navigate and very good for someone that does not know computers well. Was a pleasure to use BidetsPlus and plan on using them again plus telling others about this site"

Matthew M – December 12, 2014


"I already bought from bidetsPLUS a Coway BA13 and a BioBidet BB 2000.  Their service is excellent.  Jensen is very helpful with advice and in solving any problems we have. Their prices are very competitive and their instructions are better than those from the manufacturer.  I strongly recommend bidetsPLUS to anybody shopping for a bidet."

Manny R – November 25, 2014


"I have used bidet in Okinawa Japan when I went there and it is fantastic. I just now have the time to buy it and Bidets Plus was the first on line shopping with the right price and free shipping. Can't beat that offer, NICE huh?"

Marissa N – November 20, 2014


"Received BioBidet BB 2000 as gift two months ago. Decided to purchase 2 more for my home. Already had electrician install wall outlets to handle 2 new bidets."

Dan W – November 14, 2014


"I like the products and the customer service.  I can always talk to a person and they're very responsive."

Renate F – November 12, 2014


"Ordering was easy. Product was in stock and shipped immediately, and received in good condition. Install was easy, and the product works great! Happy..."

Mike L – October 20, 2014


"I actually enjoyed the purchasing experience. The ability to compare the various products was extremely helpful, and when I had a question, it was promptly and completely answered. I look forward to getting my bidet and putting it to use!"

Bob D – October 11, 2014


"Personnel I dealt with online with were not only patient & helpful but very friendly. I greatly appreciate all the time Mark spent working with me."

Mina C – October 2, 2014


"Great and responsive company.  Took the time on the telephone and had many reviews and product videos."

Sandra S – September 18, 2014


"I would like to comment on the excellent online chat service provided by "Mark".  He helped me through my technical questions and was extremely helpful in narrowing down which product best suit my requirements.  Thank you Mark and the team at BidetsPLUS."

Kay J – September 11, 2014


"My husband and I are very satisfied with the first order for that I have to order another one for mine.  Later I will have to order another one for the guests' bath and once my friends see and experience the comfort using the bidet, surely they will order, too.  I hope these bidets will last a long time. Thank you."

Mila M – August 27, 2014


"Never had a bidet before but this one is excellent!!!  I love it and would recommend it to anyone.  Easy to install just have to have an electric plug installed behind the toilet."

John F – August 25, 2014


"BidetsPLUS has a very informative website. It provides a lot of information about its products. It also has a nice on-line chat feature. I got some questions answered quickly by communicating with the on-line customer rep. I have just placed an order of BB-1000. Since all the customers who have purchased BB-1000 are happy with the product, I believe I will also like it."

Mary S – August 23, 2014


"I found this website very easy to walk through and how much information it contains on the products I was looking for. We purchased the Coway BA13 after spending a little bit of time looking at several different options. I very much like the easy way to view multiple manufacturer and model numbers all at the same time then pick and choose what to compare. Comparing prices from BidetsPLUS to other websites I felt that BidetsPLUS was the same or better at the base price plus added additional benefits like an extra filter. I loved the listing of the different brands on the left side which I could scan through very easily. I'm very pleased with this website and would use it again for future purchases. I would recommend this site to everyone. "

Wade C – August 14, 2014


"This was the best site for online review of products that I found.  We have no local dealers for these in the area, and so I had to rely on the online research to match a product with our rapidly evolving needs.  This helps us a lot!"

Barbara J – August 4, 2014


"Great company with great reviews and helpful videos! Highly recommended."

Mike V – July 31, 2014


"Easy web site to navigate. Great comparison chart. Great videos."

Bert S – July 17, 2014


"Spoke with Jensen to inquire about a few options and he was very informative, courteous and helpful."

Charlie B – July 16, 2014


"Just wanted you to know my bidet arrived quickly and in excellent condition.  I am very happy with the unit.  Thanks for making the purchase effortless, the free shipping and fast processing.  I will recommend you to my friends."

Dan C – July 2, 2014


"My experience ordering from this website was awesome. Not only was my bidet delivered insanely fast, the customer service provided was really surprising. My dad had accidentally broken a small part of the bidet and my customer service representative was more than willing to go out of his way to help me resolve my issue even though it wasn't their fault. I didn't know that customer service like this still existed. Not only will I definitely order from here again, but I will continue to recommend them to others."

Jennifer L – May 26, 2014


"This is the most complete site on the internet for bidet seat items.  They have it all; information, videos, technical advice, and support. I looked at many other bidet sites and kept coming back to bidetsPLUS.  They're the best!"

Donna H – May 14, 2014


"Doing business with BidetsPlus has been a pleasure.  They have provided plain and extensive descriptions and reviews about their products.  Their website is very straightforward and organized.  They offered a discount (really), free shipping, bonus gifts which seem very practical. I haven't received my purchase yet, but I would assume that BidetsPlus have their shipping as well organized as their website."

Nancy V – April 29, 2014


"An aside, I ordered it from Bidets Plus and it came in an unopened package but all the screws (and they are special type) were not in the carton.  I called Bidets Plus and they immediately shipped out the screws with an apology even though they could not have known the parts were missing."

MacWain P – April 16, 2014


"If you've never used a bidet, you're in for a treat. Sometimes, I frown when I am using a toilet elsewhere that does not have a bidet. From start to finish, bidets offer such nice comforts like a warm seat and clean feeling afterwards. Installation is easy, and small things like soft close really make life simpler. But what makes me really happy to leave a review is the customer service i receive from Bidetsplus, from my purchase date to even a year later. A small issue came up, and I notified the company. They stand behind their products and take care of their customers. Literally, for me, from Day 1, to Day 365 (and I suspect beyond). If you are thinking about a bidet purchase, you won't go wrong here, in any respect. I like to give credit where credit is due, and these folks deserve it. I work in customer service and I've seen all sorts of levels of professionalism. I whole-heartedly recommend this company."

Ben Y – March 22, 2014


"My home is in Western Canada. While searching the internet and trying to locate a local dealer that carried a high quality product and didn’t require a second mortgage was next to impossible. Although I am skittish about ordering anything out of the country, especially electronically, I want to assure you that my experience with bidetsPLUS and their very qualified associates made this purchase flow seamlessly. After a few emails everything was explained up front and the purchase went exactly as expected. Their associate answered all my questions and provided me with everything I needed to ensure the bidet coordinated well with our bathroom arrangement. For those of you that have aged somewhat and want a new lease on life, throw off your inhibitions and treat yourself to a whole new experience. You’ll love it."

Ron B – March 3, 2014


"If you wonder about whether they stand behind their product, well, now I've had experience there too. Had a problem with the dryer motor after 8 months and contacted BidetsPlus for help on email. They replied same day, gave me additional troubleshooting help over the phone to make sure it wasn't something I was doing wrong, then they filled out a return info sheet and instructions for me to send it in for warranty repair. I shipped the seat and it was repaired and returned on schedule, just like they said. I was nervous about trying to contact the overseas manufacturer, but BidetsPlus solved all that headache for me and made the arrangements. It was "easy-peazey" and that says a lot about their customer commitment -even after the sale. Thanks to BidetsPlus, I'll buy from them again"

Bob B – February 11, 2014


"My father & my sister have owned Toto washlets for years and I loved visiting and using them. Then, most recently we stayed at the Grand Hyatt Kauai and had a Bidet seat in our room. That was what finally convinced me to buy one of my own. Not wanting to spend Toto pricing, I researched extensively before choosing the BioBidet. I chose BidetPlus because of a disabled veteran's review on another site, saying even though he bought a cheaper, closed out model elsewhere, he was given attention and support from you. He said you said it was the least you could do to thank him for his service. I like buying things from nice people. Although, you did have a comparable, low price, also. Keep doing good things, even when others aren't watching. It's a great way to live. Thank you."

Claudia S – October 26, 2013


"So often we are quick to complain, but rarely encourage. I spoke with bidetsPLUS about purchasing a bidet. The fact someone answered the phone and I wasn't sent to voice mail was a plus. If I can't get someone to answer the phone when making a purchase, what does that say about trying to resolve a problem, and he spoke english! I could fully understand him. Also, he knew the products and answered my questions. Honest answers, what a concept?"

Mike H – October 3, 2013


"I looked at many on line sites and knew I was going to order a bidet. The Bidets Plus site was soooooooo much better than the rest as far as being informative on the products. Loved the videos and information given on all items. Loved the side by side feature presentation. Will probably purchase another bidet for another bathroom.  THANK YOU!"

Debbie K – September 6, 2013


"Great product, but the service is really outstanding. After the remote started malfunctioning (after 18 months of use) I contacted customer service and got a response back in the same day. New remote shipped out NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Doesn't get better than that."

Cecilia S – August 15, 2013


"Water is the universal solvent, not toilet paper. We are just conditioned to the use toilet paper. Do we ever ask ourselves why are we cleaning dishes with water and not paper? Bidet PLUS has many videos to educate and delivered the products fast. Installation is easy. Simple to operate. Hygienic, refreshing, comfortable; it is also eco-friendly, saves toilet paper and money."

Henry T – July 19, 2013


"This product is the best. Everyone who want your life better and healthy should get one of this product. I am talking to my friend and family to have at least one in their house. It comfort, hygiene, and relax. Thank you."

Thu N – June 25, 2013


"I built my wife her own private bathroom. It has a telephone and a 14" LCD Television. But it all pales in comparison to this bidet; the crowing center piece. Once I got it installed (30 min) and made sure it did everything it advertised; the wife grabbed her iPad and closed the door. That was the last I saw of her. I miss my wife....I know she is happy though! I may have to get one for my bathroom too."

Tommy R – April 30, 2013


"The first unit we received was defective from the factory. Made a call to BidetsPlus and the customer service rep shipped us a replacement unit immediately and they paid the return freight.  The new unit works very well. This could have been a customer service nightmare but BidetsPlus rose to the occaision and made it a very positive experience.  Thank you to BidetsPlus - I would definitely recommend them and would certainly buy from them again."

Jimmy G – March 25, 2013


"Finally was able to afford this luxury(?) This should have been a priority long ago. If you care about personal hygiene, then I would urge you to purchase this bidet. Never thought that this would be something I would use or need... WRONG! It's just become part of our lives like brushing our teeth or showering. It's about cleanliness, ease and comfort. From purchase to installation to use, could not have been better. A great product and I would definitly recommend it."

Steve K – February 26, 2013


"I was looking for the perfect gift for my wife.  Her college roommate is half-Japanese and we visited them a few years ago and ever since then she's talked about how amazing the bidet experience was.  SO, I decided to surprise her and after doing research on where to buy I went with bidetsPLUS -- and wow am I glad I did!  They were hands on and very responsive from the get go.  The price was by far the best on the market and they sent me tracking info so I could make sure it arrived in time for her big day.  THANKS!!"

Anthony V – November 20, 2012


"I received my bidet seat yesterday, installed it last night, SOOOOO EASY !! even for a desk jockey like me and now I have a happy wife and you know what they say “HAPPY WIFE – HAPPY LIFE"  Mate, I can’t believe how easy everything went, I ordered it from the other side of the world and 10 days later I have it installed. Great service guys, I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends “down under”."

Michael B – October 8, 2012


"I was apprehensive at the overall cost at first but now after a month of use we would not want to live without it and feel it was one of the smartest 'home improvement projects' we invested time & money in.  My husband is more of a believer than I am, with this being his favorite birthday gift ever and one of the only he has not had buyers remorse after the fact."

Mary Anne B – August 13, 2012


"We spent several weeks researching bidets on-line, and even went to the annual national Kitchen & Bath Show in Chicago to see them in action and make our decision. Because these are still rather new in the US, the salesmen were not very knowledgeable. I contacted Bidets Plus by phone and was pleased to discover that they really know their products, and could offer honest comparisons on quality and price.  We are on a septic system, and we are now using much less TP, thereby reducing the the frequency of pumping out the septic tank. We have purchased only a few rolls of toilet paper in the last year--mostly for guests who haven't gotten used to the idea of using a bidet!"

David S – July 4, 2012


"I just wanted to thank you again for your great customer service.  You have truly exceeded expectations and have gone way beyond what would have been necessary for a satisfactory customer experience.  By the way, my wife and my two teenagers were initially skeptical regarding this purchase.  But they now admit that they absolutely love the bidet!"

Derek M – Feb 15, 2012


"When I started researching Bidets, I was overwhelmed by the various features and terminology. The discount "club" featured one, but no one could explain the various features, and how one model differed from another.  A fortunate internet search turned up BidetsPLUS which actually had videos so I could see the various models in simulated action.  If your goal is to be able to get squeaky clean in luxurious comfort I highly recommend BidetsPLUS."

David R – Oct 5, 2011


"My wife and I could not be more pleased, both with the bidet we purchased and with the outstanding customer care that bidetsPLUS provides its customers!  No business I've ever dealt with has been so efficient, thoughtful, and generous with its service.  My wife and I wanted to find a way to accommodate the bidet to fit the unusual layout of our bathroom; bidetsPLUS hit on a design solution and immediately shipped us the parts we needed (without charge).  I strongly recommend a bidet to anyone who wants to take the intelligent step out of a dark age of poor personal hygiene that has lasted too long.  For this there is simply no better source than bidetsPLUS for the highest quality bidets and really exceptional customer care."

Steve B – Sep 29, 2011


"Delivery was prompt and it was easy to install.  We had never tried a bidet before, my wife was skeptical at first, but now she loves it and would not be without one!"

Ron J – Jul 14, 2011


"My experience with customer service was excellent and personal - not a generic email response!  Now I wish I had one at my office because once you use one, you realize how unsanitary TP is.  Love my bidet and would recommend it to anyone!"

Danielle C – Mar 17, 2011


 "A bidet is not a luxury.  It is a practical way to stay clean and comfortable.  It is probably "green" even with the electricity it uses.  It's easy to install, has plenty of features to suit all needs, and makes our ugly one-piece look beautiful.  Spend the money.  You won't regret it."

 Francis H – Mar 1, 2011


 "I had an excellent experience purchasing from bidetsPLUS. The rep I spoke to was very knowledgeable about bidets and happily answered all my questions. They also had the best pricing I could find anywhere.  After ordering, they even called to make sure I didn't have any problems and was happy with the unit.  I wish all e-retailers were like them!"

Allen C – Feb 10, 2011


 "We have had our bidet seat now for a couple of months.  It has been everything that we expected.  It was very easy to install and works like a charm.  The purchase experience through bidetsPLUS was also exceptional.  Shipping was very fast and I quickly received answers to a couple of questions that I had during the process.  We have been so impressed with the product and the purchase experience that we have ordered a second unit for one of our other bathrooms."

 Warren R – Feb 2, 2011


 "Customer service is wonderful - they walked me through measuring the toilet to ensure that I got the right fit.  They also took the time to answer all my questions - and I had several!  Ordering was a snap - I ordered in the morning, that afternoon I got an email saying that my order had shipped!  Within 3 days - UPS delivered my bidets - all packaged very well without any damage.  Overall, I am very pleased and had such a great experience with bidetsplus.com's customer service.  Thanks so much!!"

Hilda B – Aug 9, 2010


 "We love our new bidet seat!  It gets you clean and the heated seat is heavenly when the house is cold in the early morning.  The features are great, and everything works exactly as you would expect, plus it looks way cool in the bathroom. The people at bidetsPLUS were very knowledgeable regarding features and installation and extremely helpful."

Joe K – May 8, 2010


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