TOTO S350e, S300e Review

Probably best known for their toilets, TOTO also offers high-end bidet seats as well. They are the most popular brand in Japan and manufacture some excellent seats. The TOTO S350e and S300e are world class bidet toilet seats, with features and upgrades that would impress even the most seasoned of bidet seat consumers.

Note: The only difference between the S350e and S300e models, is that the S350e has the auto open/close lid.

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This TOTO S350e review features an all-new design over its previous generation series. With an all-white design (also available in Sedona Beige), the seat is accented with a silver “TOTO Washlet” insignia at the rear of the unit. The edges of the lid are recessed as you look around the corners, which adds a nice design element as well.

At the rear of the unit you,ll find a few LED indicator lights – the first light is a “Power” light, the second is a “Seat” light which lights up when somebody sits on the seat, and the third is the “Energy Saver” light which indicates when the washlet goes to sleep. There is also a “Clean” light which lights up when the bidet is misting/cleaning your toilet bowl.

When facing the bidet head-on as if it was mounted on the toilet, BOTH the electric cord and water inlet are located on the left hand side. The electric cord is 46 inches long. TOTO is the only manufacturer to have the electric cord extending from the left side of the seat (other manufacturers have the electric cord extending from the right). Also on this side of the TOTO S350e, is a mini-control panel which is used to operate the bidet without the remote control. Four buttons are available – a power button, a flush button, a feminine cleansing button, and a rear cleansing button. Oddly, the flush button doesn,t do anything (it seems as though TOTO intended the S350e to flush your toilet, but abandoned the idea and kept the original mini-panel design). The last thing you,ll find on the mini control panel is a convenient night light.

On the opposite side of the unit, there really isn,t anything except for the quick release button which unlatches the seat from its mounting bracket.

The TOTO S350e and S300e have identical bodies which measure 15.0 inches wide. The elongated version is 20.7 inches long, while the round seat version measures 19.3 inches long. It is 4.0 inches in height at its tallest point in the rear, and weighs 9.4 pounds.

Wireless Remote Control

Not only does the bidet seat have an all-new design, but the remote control does too. TOTO has made a significant departure away from the old rectangular, “brick” style remote, and into a smaller, more modern remote that can be held in one hand. The remote control is double-sided, meaning – there are control buttons/indicators on the front AND the back of the remote control. There are even buttons on the left and right sides as well, so TOTO has really maximized the use of real estate on this new design.

The TOTO S350e/S300e remote control is shaped like a TV remote – taller than it is wide, measuring 7.0 inches tall by 2.6 inches wide. The remote does include a wall-mounting bracket so you can operate the bidet while leaving the remote on the wall, or take the remote out and hold it in your hand.

On the front of the remote you,ll find the most commonly used buttons such as posterior wash, feminine wash, air dry and stop buttons. There are also lighted indicators which show the position of the wash nozzle (how far forward/back) and the water pressure setting. Nozzle position and water pressure are adjusted with the buttons on the side of the remote, which are right next to their respective indicator lights making it pretty intuitive. Also on the front are two user preset buttons, which pre-programs user preferences (temperature, pressure, spray position, etc..) for up to two members of your family.

On the back of the TOTO S350e remote there is an LCD display, along with directional controls (up, down, left, right arrow) to navigate thru the menu. Here, you will be able to adjust all temperature controls (water temp, seat temp, air dry temp). You can also adjust other settings such as energy save mode (on/off), automatic nozzle cleaning (on/off), and disable the automatic opening/closing lid if you wish.

Finally, there is one more button on the top of the remote – for the automatic open/close seat and lid. While the S350e does open the lid automatically as you approach the bidet, it does not open the seat for men. So for you men out there, you can simply tap this button to raise the seat as well.

Despite the sophistication, we found the TOTO S350e remote control very easy to use. The buttons on the front are clearly labeled in bold letters, and the placement of the buttons makes sense. The LCD display on the back is easy to navigate with the directional arrows. As mentioned above, however, the most commonly used buttons are on the front. Once you set your initial settings, you will rarely have to make adjustments thru the back of the remote. It,s a very clever design; it minimizes clutter on the face of the remote by moving less commonly used buttons to the back. This makes the remote much easier to look at and figure out.

Bidet Functions

The TOTO S350e uses a single nozzle system with multiple spray outlets at the tip of the nozzle to handle posterior and feminine wash functions. Nozzle position is completely adjustable via the remote control. Water pressure can be increased/decreased over five different settings.

The TOTO S350e also has a handy “soft spray” feature for posterior wash, and “wide spray” feature for feminine wash. “Soft spray” softens the water pressure from whatever pressure setting the bidet is set at. “Wide spray” widens the spray to cover a larger surface area. You can alternate between normal spray and these special sprays easily with the remote control.

Water temperature can be adjusted in five settings, ranging from 86 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. We note in this TOTO S300e review, that the bidet uses newer tankless (instant) water heater technology which allows for continuous, never-ending warm water. The bidet also has an oscillating feature which moves the wash nozzle back and forth, extending the cleaning area. The water pulse feature pulsates the water stream. You can use these two features at the same time as well, so it,s not just one or the other.

The automatic open/close seat and lid is definitely one of the cool features of the advanced TOTO S350e. Body sensors on the seat can detect when you are approaching the toilet and will open the lid for you. After getting up from the seat, the lid will automatically close after 90 seconds. Men, who may also want to raise the seat as well, can do so by tapping the button on the top of the remote control and this will raise both the lid AND seat. Both will close 90 seconds after walking away.

About eWater: eWater, or electrolyzed water, was first used in the restaurant industry to clean knives, cutting boards, and other kitchen utensils. eWater has shown the ability to limit bacteria growth and keep surfaces clean (also used with baby bottles). The TOTO S350e/S300e use eWater two ways. First, the bidet pre-mists the toilet bowl with eWater before you use the toilet – the concept being that it,s easier to flush a misted wet surface, than a dry surface. Second, the bidet uses eWater to mist the bowl again after use (and every 8 hours if the toilet is not used). While this does not totally eliminate your need to scrub the toilet bowl as part of your normal bathroom cleaning, it does keep the bowl noticeably whiter and cleaner between scrubbings.

And finally, there is a handy night light on the TOTO S350e which automatically lights up as you approach the toilet. It pretty much turns on when the auto/close seat and lid is activated. The light turns off as you walk away.

Additional Features

Other features to mention in this TOTO S300e review include a slow closing, anti-slam seat and lid. The seat,s temperature can be heated as well which is great during the winter. There is also an air dry feature on the TOTO S350e with five adjustable settings. Air dry temperature on the TOTO S350e ranges from 95 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The bidet has a self-rinsing feature which rinses the nozzles with water before and after each use. The automatic air deodorizer circulates bathroom air thru a carbon filter located inside the washlet, helping with unwanted odor. And the programmable energy saving mode allows you to set the hours during the day when your bidet goes to sleep.

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