TOTO K300 Review

This bidetsPLUS bidet review features the TOTO K300. The pioneer of the modern bidet seat, also referred to as a washlet, TOTO is arguably the most recognized brand on the market. The K300 gives TOTO a model that has better features and a sleeker design compared to their entry level model the C200, but at a more moderate price than the popular higher end S550e and S500e. The remote control-operated K300 washlet may appeal to people who are looking for TOTO brand design and quality but at a mid-range price more in step with high-end bidet seats from other brands.


This TOTO K300 review features a washlet that is simple and modern. When looking from above, the back of the unit has a slight curve that is just a bit more pronounced compared to the S500e and S550e. On the back side that faces the toilet water tank, there is a circular black remote control receiver. Unlike the S500e/S550e design, the lid of the K300 does not cover the entire unit but is hinged on the rear housing with about 1.5 inches of the rear housing visible. On the left side of the rear housing, there are three indicator lights: a power light, a seat light for the heated seat, and an energy saver light. The TOTO Washlet logo is printed in the center of the main housing.

In line with our overall assessment of the K300, the design of this model is definitely a big step up from the TOTO C200 but not quite on par with the S550e. The lid doesn’t cover the whole unit like the S550e for a seamless appearance, but there isn’t a large gap between the lid and main housing like the C200. The K300 has a fairly narrow profile with a height at the rear of 5.2 inches, just a fraction of an inch more than the S550e and much sleeker than bulkier reservoir tank models. The lid has a flat surface and straight edges like the Contemporary lid design found on the S550e/S500e.

As with all our TOTO models, the water supply hose and power cord extend from the rear left side of the bidet as you are facing the toilet. The hose is 20 inches and the power cord is 46 inches in length. As mentioned, the height is fairly slim at 5.2 inches and a width of 14.8 inches. This elongated size model is 20.5 inches from the rear to the front edge of the unit. The K300 weighs 8.4 pounds. Overall this washlet has an attractive modern look you would expect from a higher end tankless bidet seat.

Wireless Remote Control

All of the functions of the TOTO K300 are operated through a wireless remote control. The remote has a thin white wall mounting plate that is magnetized so the remote stays in place. TOTO utilizes a two-sided design for the K300 remote, so the most commonly used operating buttons are on the front side while less commonly used features and temperature settings are on the back. The remote is white color with black icons for the various buttons.

The front of the remote control has five primary operation buttons arranged vertically. From the top, these buttons activate the Stop function, the rear cleansing, the front cleansing, the air dryer and the oscillating wash. To the right of the rear cleansing button there is an icon indicating the rear soft cleansing option which you can activate by pressing the rear wash button a second time. Below this vertical column of primary buttons, there are plus and minus buttons for adjusting the water pressure during the wash cycle as well as up and down arrow buttons for adjusting the position of the wand during washing. At the bottom of the front side there are icons for two user presets to allow two separate users to save their preferred settings for water temperature, water pressure and wand position.

The back side of the remote is where you find buttons to adjust the seat temperature, water temperature and air dryer temperature. There are also three energy saving mode buttons, a button to extend the nozzle for cleaning, a button for checking the current settings as well as a power button for turning the washlet off or on. There is also a battery indicator icon on the back side of the remote that will flash when the batteries are low and need to be changed.

The purpose of the two-sided design for the remote control is to make it more user-friendly and be less cluttered looking which generally speaking the K300 remote achieves. The remote is about the size of a TV remote, measuring 6.8 inches tall and 2.0 inches wide and a depth of just about one inch. The overall layout and design of the TOTO K300 remote is easy to use and very similar to the S550e, but one small thing to nitpick is the white plastic body of the K300 remote doesn’t have the same modern appearance of the sleeker silver color S550e/S500e remote.

Bidet Functions

Like most high tier bidets, the TOTO K300 uses a tankless water heating system that provides continuous warm water for as long as you wish to use the wash. The water temperature has three temperature settings ranging from 86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or can be turned off. The rear cleansing function offers the regular spray or a “soft” spray that uses a wider spray pattern. The wide spray option may be useful for more sensitive users who are looking for a gentler wash. The feminine cleansing function has the regular spray but doesn’t have the wide/soft feminine cleanse available on the S500e/S550e.

The nozzle can be adjusted across five different spray positions for both rear and front wash. The water pressure level also has five settings from which to choose. These settings, along with the temperature setting, can be set and saved for two separate users with the two user preset buttons (or “personal setting lock” as it is called in the instruction manual) located at the bottom front side of the remote. The user presets are a nice feature to have when the unit has two primary users, such as a couple who is adding the washlet to their master bathroom for example.

The K300 also includes the oscillating feature to have the nozzle move back and forth during the wash cycle for better coverage. This is a nice feature to have as the back and forth movement allows the spray to more fully wash a larger area, resulting in a better overall cleaning. This model does not have the pulsating wash feature that is included on the S550e/S500e models. The K300 uses a single plastic wash nozzle like other TOTO models. A fairly small critique, but an upgrade to a stainless steel nozzle would be nice to see at some point from TOTO. While the K300 doesn’t quite have all of the wash features found on the higher end TOTO seats, it does offer a nice step up from more basic models.

Additional Features

Additional features to note in this TOTO K300 review, include a heated seat and warm air dryer, each with three temperature settings. The seat and lid are slow closing to prevent slamming. The K300 also has a built in air deodorizer which works by sucking air from the bowl area like an exhaust fan, and passing through a filter which you can remove to clean. A nozzle cleaning feature extends the nozzle so you can manually clean it. The TOTO K300 also has a bowl misting feature that sprays a mist of water onto the surface of the toilet bowl to help keep it clean. The misting feature on this model uses regular water, however (not electrolyzed water, or eWater, like the S550e and S500e). Electrolyzed water has a disinfectant quality for a greater sanitizing effect. There are two different energy saving settings as well as a timed energy saving feature to keep the level of electricity consumed by the bidet very low when not in use. Overall, the K300 offers a quality TOTO seat alternative to the higher priced models and is a reasonable middle ground between the fully-loaded S550e and the bulkier and more basic cheaper models.

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