TOTO C200 Review

This bidetsPLUS bidet review features the TOTO C200 Washlet. Known for being the most popular brand of bidet seat in Japan as well as a popular manufacturer of toilets, TOTO has created the C200 as their new entry level bidet seat. The C200 comes with a wireless remote control for operation. This is a very good value for anyone interested in the TOTO brand but looking for a more basic model at a lower price point than their other washlets.


Looking at the C200 with the lid closed, it has a smooth cover sloping up toward the rear of the unit. The TOTO Washlet logo is centered on the top of the rear portion and on the right side there are four indicator lights which are lit when the corresponding feature is activated: power, seat, water and energy saver. To the right of the indicator lights is a black rectangle which is the remote control receiver

Both the water supply connection and power cord extend from the rear left-hand side of the C200 as you face the toilet. There is a recessed area where they connect so they are neatly tucked away and do not extend outward from the side at all. There is a rectangular vent on the right rear portion of the unit which is the exhaust vent for the built in air deodorizer. There are no operating buttons on the body of the unit as all the functions are operated through the wireless remote control detailed below

The TOTO C200 is approximately 7.1 inches tall where it slopes up in the back at its highest point. The width is 14.9 inches and the length from front to back is 20.9 inches for the elongated version. The round version is approximately 19.4 inches. The power cord is 48 inches long with a 20 inch water supply hose. The unit weighs approximately 11 pounds.

Wireless Remote Control

We note in this TOTO C200 Review that all of the functions are operated through the wireless remote control. The remote has a very clean look which is the result of TOTO making this a two-sided device so the controls could be spread out between the front and back. The front of the remote has the most commonly used functions, and the back side is set up with an LCD screen and menu selection where you can adjust less regularly used settings.

The front side is silver with black text and icons designating the function buttons. From the top you will find the Stop button to stop an active feature when you are done using it. Below the stop button is Rear Wash, followed by Front Wash, and below that is the Dryer button. At the bottom are two user preset buttons which allow you to store the setting preferences for two different users. Along the left side of the remote there is a button to turn the pulsating wash feature on or off and below that are up and down buttons to increase or decrease the water pressure. The right side similarly has additional operations with a button for the oscillating wash feature and below that are the up and down buttons for adjusting the nozzle position.

The back side of the remote with the LCD display allows you to make adjustments to the water temperature, seat temperature and air dryer temperature. You can also choose to activate other functions or turn them off. These functions include energy saver mode, pre-misting to help keep the bowl clean, air deodorizer, and settings lock to prevent adjustments.

The remote measures 7 inches top to bottom with a width of 2.4 inches. Included with the remote is a wall mounting bracket to hold the remote. The bracket is magnetized to hold the remote in place which makes it easy to remove and replace.

Bidet Functions

The TOTO C200 Washlet uses a dual-action single spray nozzle which has separate ports for the posterior wash spray and the feminine wash spray. The nozzle position is adjustable with five different position settings which can be adjusted any time when the posterior or front wash is being used. The adjustable nozzle position is a common feature of most electric bidet toilet seats and allows different users to achieve an effective spray position, a big advantage over non-electric models.

Similarly, the water pressure and the water temperature can also both be adjusted and have five different settings available. The heated water temperature ranges from approximately 94 degrees Fahrenheit up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit at the highest setting. A note about the warm water function in this TOTO C200 Review: Since the C200 uses a reservoir tank to store the heated water, it is possible to deplete the warm water if you are using the wash for a longer time period, so it is good to be aware of this. It only takes a couple minutes for the reservoir tank to refill for heated water use again if it is depleted. You can always press the Stop button any time during your wash to stop the spray.

The rear wash has a soft spray feature that will reduce the spray to a milder pressure if you prefer a gentler wash. Activating the oscillating feature will make the wash nozzle move back and forth during washing. This is a popular feature because it provides a greater coverage area to be cleaned. There is also a pulsating wash feature. This will cause the wash spray to alternate between soft and strong water pressure in a pulsing manner. This can be a soothing therapeutic feature for anyone who may have particular sensitivity or discomfort when going to the bathroom.

Additional Features

The TOTO C200 Washlet is equipped with a slow closing seat and lid so it won’t slam closed. A warm air dryer with adjustable air temperature has five temperature settings. There is also a heated seat with five adjustable temperature settings and a maximum temperature of 97 degrees Fahrenheit. The Energy Saver feature will adjust the various heating elements to low or off during times when the unit is not used or is used infrequently. To help keep the bowl clean, the C200 has a pre-mist feature which sprays the inside of the toilet bowl to prevent debris from adhering to the surface. There is also a built in air deodorizer as well as a self-rinsing nozzle feature that rinses the spray wand with water each time it is extended for use.

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