Kohler Novita BN 330 Review

This bidetsPLUS bidet review features the Kohler Novita BN 330.  Kohler is one of the most recognized brands in the US for toilets and bathroom accessories, and their Kohler Novita bidet seats are becoming more popular than ever.  The BN 330 is an entry level bidet seat that offers a terrific value from a trusted brand.


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The BN 330 has a slim body design with the lid sloping down toward the front as you look from above.  The rear of the unit is curved across the back.  The Novita brand name is written across the top of the main housing in simple gray lettering just above the straight line where the lid rests over the rear body of the unit.  The power cord extends from the rear right side as you are facing the toilet and is 40 inches in length.

As you look at the BN 330 from above you will see the control panel on the left hand side of the seat.  The attached control panel is approximately 7.5 inches from front to back and 2 inches wide.  It has a line of silver trim around the operating buttons which we will discuss in more detail below.

The Kohler Novita BN 330 is available in elongated or round size.  It measures 20.8 inches in length from front to back in Elongated size and 19.7 inches in Round size.  The width is 17 inches including the control panel, and 14.5 inches measuring just the body of the unit.  It is only 5 inches in height at its highest point and weighs 8 pounds. 

Control Panel

The BN 330 is operated with an attached control panel attached on the right hand side of the unit as you are sitting (the left side as you face the toilet).  The front three buttons are the most commonly used operations: stop, posterior wash and feminine wash.  These buttons are fairly large and easy to see and use.  Pressing the posterior or feminine wash button a second time while in use will activate an oscillating feature, moving the nozzle back and forth during the wash cycle.

The middle section of the control panel is where you will find the buttons to adjust the various features that are adjustable.  On the inner half of this section of the panel there are three buttons, each with three indicator lights.  These include water pressure, water and dryer temperature which use the same button, and seat temperature.  The outer half of the panel here has a forward and backward button for changing nozzle position.  There is also a nozzle cleaning button to sanitize the wash nozzles after use.

Two additional operating buttons are found at the rear of the panel.  The power saving button has two active settings that can be set.  Then Normal power saving mode puts water and seat temperature to the low settings when not in use.  The Super power saving mode turns the temperature settings off.  The Dryer button is located at the rear of the control panel and activates the air dryer.

Bidet Functions

The Kohler Novita BN 330 utilizes a hybrid water heating system for continuous warm water.  The water temperature can be adjusted with three temperature settings.  The water pressure can also be adjusted with three separate pressure settings.  The nozzle position is also adjustable with four steps forward and four backward from center position for the rear wash function.  The feminine bidet wash position can be adjusted three steps forward or backward from center.  The nozzle does always come out at the center position rather than retaining the most recent position settings like other models do, so you do need to adjust the position each time.   The twin nozzles of the BN 330 are stainless steel which is generally more sanitary than plastic nozzles.   

Both posterior and feminine wash offer an oscillating function which moves the nozzle back and forth for a wider area of coverage and is a popular feature.  You can also activate the turbo function by pressing the stop button before activating any other functions.  The turbo wash provides a massaging spray while the nozzle oscillates, similar to massage wash functions found on some other bidet seats.  

Additional Features

While the Kohler Novita BN 330 doesn’t have all of the extra features you would find on a high end bidet seat, it does offer a couple of nice bonus features.  The warm air dryer is a nice feature to have that you don’t always find on a seat at this price.  The dryer has three temperature settings.  The slim design and curved back make this unit compatible with many hard to fit one-piece toilets.  The slow closing seat and lid won’t slam shut, and the lid is weight bearing.  Overall, the Kohler Novita BN 330 is a great value for an entry level bidet seat from a respected brand.  

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