Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition Review

This bidetsPLUS bidet review features the Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition. Coming from the highly regarded manufacturer Bio Bidet, the DIB Special Edition combines some aspects of the popular Bio Bidet BB 2000 model with a few extras added for convenience and comfort. Also sometimes referred to as the DIB 850, this unit offers a modern design and user-friendly function that may serve as an appealing alternative to some of the other top-selling bidets.


The Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition has a sleek design that gives it a slim appearance. The lid covers much of the rear housing leaving only about two inches of the top of the rear housing visible with the lid closed. There is the DIB logo lettering centered on top of the visible rear housing, and in the upper left corner there is a rectangular black window which serves as the receiver for communicating with the remote control.

The lid has a slightly concave curve across the rear of the unit and it slopes downward toward the narrower front of the unit more dramatically than other bidet seats. The more dramatic slope plays into the slimming effect for the unit. The clean, curved lines and the lack of excessive logos or buttons or lights on the rear make for a very elegant and modern design.

The electric cord extends from the rear right hand side of the DIB Special Edition as you are facing the toilet. The cord is 46 inches long. Also on the right side of the bidet is where you will find the air deodorizer vent which can be removed. Just below the power cord there is a button for draining any residual water from the bidet if you will not be using it for an extended period. The drain button also functions a release button from the mounting bracket, so you can press the button in and pull the whole unit forward to remove the bidet from the bracket.

On the left side of the Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition there is a small auxiliary control panel. This allows for the operation of a few limited functions without the remote control. Here you will find buttons for activating the feminine wash, the posterior wash, and a stop button. These buttons are also used for additional functions like extending the nozzle for manual cleaning or turning on or off the silent mode. Below the auxiliary control panel is the water inlet connection which is angled down 90 degrees so the connection hose does not stick outward.

The DIB Special Edition measures 16 inches wide at its widest across the rear of the unit. The elongated size model is 20.8 inches long and the round size is 19.5 inches front to back. The bidet is 6.5 inches in height at its tallest point in the rear. The elongated DIB Special Edition weighs 10.8 pounds and the round comes in at 10.6 pounds.

Wireless Remote Control

We note in this Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition Review, the remote control is 3 inches wide and just a bit over 6 inches tall. One unique element is that the DIB Special Edition has a touchscreen remote. Users simply need to touch the button area to activate the various features rather than pressing the button in. This design can make it a little easier to use for people who may have limited use of or strength in the fingers or hands.

The top half of the remote control has five operation buttons – feminine wash, posterior wash, vortex wash, warm air dryer and the stop button. Below these five buttons are two gray colored buttons containing a left and right arrow button on the left side and a plus and minus button to the right. The arrows allow for adjusting the nozzle position forward or backward, while the plus and minus adjust water pressure and temperature for the air dryer.

The bottom section of the remote is where you will find other buttons for special features or adjustments. Water temperature and seat temperature have their own buttons for changing these settings here. Special wash features like the oscillating wide clean and the pulsating massage wash are also found here. An energy saving button helps the unit conserve energy when not in use and the Child mode button adjusts pressure, position and temperature settings that are more appropriate for children.

One additional set of buttons to note are located on the top edge of the remote. This is where the two user preset buttons are located. This feature lets users save preferred nozzle position, water pressure and temperature settings for two separate users.

Overall, the DIB Special Edition remote has a user-friendly layout that is easy to handle and understand. The touchscreen buttons add a unique quality that makes it especially easy for users who may have physical limitations.

Bidet Functions

The Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition utilizes a single stainless steel nozzle with multiple spray ports – which powers the feminine, posterior and vortex wash functions. The feminine wash spray port is farther forward and angled for comfortable and effective use by women. There is also a separate spray port for the posterior wash as well as the vortex (enema) wash which is a higher intensity spray designed to alleviate constipation.

The DIB Special Edition uses a hybrid water heating system for immediate and continuous warm water on demand. We find the hybrid water heating system is a great way to get evenly heated water right off the bat but doesn’t run out of warm water like the reservoir tank models do after around 45 to 50 seconds. It is also more energy efficient compared to the reservoir tank models.

The wash nozzle can be adjusted forward or backward across five positions during any of the wash functions. Similarly, the spray pressure can also be adjusted during all wash functions. The water temperature can be adjusted to one of four temperature settings. These are all standard features you should expect in a quality bidet seat and work well on the Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition.

There are a few special washing functions that are also included on this unit, beginning with the wide clean feature. This feature, also often called oscillating wash, moves the nozzle back and forth during the feminine or posterior wash cycle to cover a wider area for a more thorough cleaning. Another special wash feature is the massage wash. Touching this button during a wash cycle will cause the spray to alternate from low to high pressure for a pulsating effect. The child mode lowers the water pressure and temperature and moves the nozzle farther forward for safer and more effective washing for kids.

Additional Features

There are several other non-wash functions worth noting in this Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition review. Its adjustable temperature heated seat is a must have for any bidet, especially during the winter. The warm air dryer blows air to help dry off after washing and can be adjusted across five temperature settings. A deodorizer fan pulls air from the toilet bowl area and blows it out through a deodorizing filter to help eliminate odors. The stainless steel nozzle has a self-rinsing function to keep it sanitary, plus a manual cleaning function lets you extend the nozzle for more detailed manual cleaning. The energy saver mode lowers temperature settings for the seat when unoccupied to conserve electricity consumption.

The seat of the DIB Special Edition is curved to follow the contours of your body for a more ergonomic design. Both the seat and lid are slow-closing to prevent slamming. Unlike most bidet toilet seats, the lid of the DIB Special Edition is designed to be weight bearing up to 200 pounds so users can safely sit on the closed lid. There is also a soft blue night light built in the unit that illuminates the bowl area to see more easily at night.

Bio Bidet offers a three year, 100% warranty on the DIB Special Edition. There is also an optional 6 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty for an addition $99 available on Bio Bidet models. Bio Bidet has some of the best warranty terms in the industry.

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