Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Review

This bidetsPLUS bidet review features the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity. Bio Bidet is one of the leaders in the industry, and the A8 Serenity is their newest luxury model. This new seat offers a high degree of user customization as well as an emphasis on aesthetic appeal.


The A8 Serenity was designed specifically with the goal of offering a high end bidet seat with an elegant and attractive appearance. The uni-body construction is designed to give the entire unit a singular “one-piece” look. This is achieved by having the lid cover the entire unit rather than just covering the seat portion and having the separate rear housing visible when the lid is down. The lid has a small silver USPA logo centered near the rear. It is a seamless design that many will likely find quite appealing.

The A8 has a power cord that is centered in the back of the unit, so you can run the cord to the left or the right depending on the electrical outlet location. The water inlet is located on the rear left side as you face the toilet. The inlet has a 90 degree angle so the hose won’t jut outward to the side of the unit. The inlet can rotate so it can face down or straight back based on your preference.

The A8 is available in elongated size only. It measures 20.8 inches in length from front to back and 15.5 inches wide with a maximum height of 6.3 inches. The whole unit weighs 10 pounds.

Wireless Remote Control

The A8 Serenity is operated with a wireless remote control and has a very high degree of user customization. The remote is double sided, with the most often used operating buttons on the “front” side and additional operations not used as regularly as well as buttons for adjusting various settings on the reverse side. Using both sides keeps the remote from looking overly complicated or cluttered.

The front side of the remote is used to operate the warm air dryer, the posterior wash, the feminine wash and a stop button to stop any current functions. The front also has the two user preset buttons so the user and press his or her preset to get their preferred settings. The last button on the front is for the Eco Mode which puts the seat and water temperature settings to low when not in use in order to conserve energy.

The back side of the remote control has an LCD screen at the top which shows what features are in operation as well as the current settings for the water pressure, nozzle position and the water and seat temperature, both of which can be adjusted using the designated buttons just below the LCD screen. There is a button for the Massage and Auto features as well as a Child mode that adjusts settings that are kid-friendly. Front and Rear buttons are used to change the nozzle position. The Low and High buttons adjust the water pressure setting. Between the Low and High buttons is a button for the Aerated Spray which adds air bubbles to the water stream for better cleaning and can be turned on or off with this button. On the bottom row of the back of the remote is a button that allows users to operate the LED night light which illuminates the interior area of the bowl. Next is the Deodorization button that turns on the deodorizing fan which uses a charcoal air filter to purify the air as it passes through. The last botton is for the sound. The unit beeps when various features are activated, but if you prefer you can use this button to turn off the beeping sound.

For a bidet seat with a higher than usual level of customization built into it, the A8 remote is surprisingly simple in its design. The utilization of both sides of the remote is a good idea to make it easier to see and use. The sleek look of the remote complements the sleek design of the unit itself quite nicely.

Bidet Functions

The A8 Serenity uses a hybrid water heating system which provides the continuous on-demand heated water of the instant heating system while offering the immediate warm water of a reservoir tank without any initial cold water splash. The single nozzle system has separate spray ports for the feminine and posterior wash functions spaced apart near the tip of the stainless steel nozzle.

This model uses a single nozzle system, so the tip of the stainless steel nozzles has two separate holes, or ports. The front port sprays during the feminine wash function while the rear port sprays during the posterior wash.

The water temperature has four adjustable settings, while the water pressure and the nozzle position both have five different settings. Both the posterior and feminine wash include an oscillating wash which constantly moves the nozzle back and forth while activated so you can wash a larger coverage area. The Massage function uses a rhythmically patterned spray for a soothing massage effect. A Child mode adjusts the water pressure and temperature to lower settings and adjusts the nozzle position farther forward.

The A8 Serenity also has an Aerated Spray that infuses the water with air bubbles for a more refreshing and comfortable wash. The aeration can be turned on or off. There is also a massage wash function that uses a pulsating water stream. The Auto feature cycles through the standard cleansing spray then to oscillating wash then to the Massage wash, followed immediately by a 3 minute air dry.

Additional Features

There are several additional features packed into the A8 Serenity. The warm air dryer has adjustable fan strength with two settings and five temperature settings. The heated seat has four adjustable temperature settings. The built in air deodorizer helps eliminate odor from the air in the bowl. For easier use in the dark, there is a LED night light that illuminates the interior of the bowl with a gentle blue light. An occupied seat sensor inside the seat prevents accidental activation of the bidet when the seat is not occupied. The seat and the lid both have a slow closing mechanism to prevent them from slamming closed. Other smart features include a power saving mode to conserve energy consumption to a minimum and a power cord that is centered so you can extend it from either the right or left side depending on the location of the power outlet.

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