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This bidetsPLUS bidet review features the Bio Bidet A7 Aura.   Bio Bidet is one of the leaders in the industry, and the A7 Aura is their new mid-range electric model.  This new seat offers great basic washing features you would expect from a Bio Bidet product as well as a sleek high tech look, but is one of the most affordable electric models available.


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This Bio Bidet
A7 Aura review features a bidet that has a very simple and clean look.  The lid extends all the way back covering the rear portion of the unit, so all you see is one smooth surface with a small silver logo on the lid.  Most bidet lids do not cover the rear portion so there is a line of separation typically, so this unique approach to the lid definitely simplifies the design.

The unit is operated by a control panel located on the left side of the unit as you face the toilet, so it is on your right side while seated on it.  The control panel has an LED lighting system which we will discuss more in depth in the control panel section below.  The back of A7 Aura is straight across with no curve.  The power cord extends from the back in the middle of the unit rather than on the side, so it can run left or right depending on where the electrical outlet is located.

This particular bidet toilet seat comes in the elongated size only.  It measures 20.8 inches in length from front to back and 18.8 inches wide when you include the control panel.  Excluding the control panel, the width of is approximately 15.5 inches.  The A7 Aura weighs 10 pounds.

Control Panel

control panel of the Bio Bidet A7 Aura has a very modern look.  The panel is on the right side for the user as they are seated and measures about 11.4 inches long and 2.4 inches wide.  It is slightly curved in the front and back which parallels the slight curve of the seat.

One of the most unique features of the A7 Aura is the LED bar on the control panel.  This bar which stretches about five inches along the panel between two rows of operating buttons will illuminate with a blue LED light when the bidet is in use.  This not only provides a gentle light to make it easier to see and use, but also acts as an indicator light as it will light a portion of the bar based on the settings.  This is a very sleek feature that you wouldn’t typically find an entry level bidet seat.

Besides the posterior and front wash buttons, there is also a massage wash function and an auto function button on the outer half of the panel.  On the inner half there are two user preset buttons as well as buttons to turn the sound and LED light feature on and off.  Farther back you will find the operating buttons for adjusting the nozzle position and water pressure, and behind that are controls for the seat temperature, water temperature and the Eco power saving mode.

Bidet Functions

The Bio Bidet A7 Aura uses a single stainless steel nozzle with separate spray openings for the posterior and feminine wash features.  Both nozzle position and water pressure are adjustable with five different settings available.  The water temperature and seat temperature each has four adjustable settings.

The “Cleansing” button starts the posterior wash feature, and pressing the button a second time will initiate oscillating wash which moves the nozzle back and forth for a better coverage area during the cleaning.  The “Bidet” button similarly operates the feminine wash and also can oscillate by pressing the button a second time.  The Massage feature sprays a stream of pulsing water for a soothing therapeutic effect.

The Auto function mentioned in the control panel section will initiate a three-part wash sequence: first there will be 20 seconds of regular spray, followed by 20 seconds of oscillating spray and finally 20 seconds of massage spray.  Overall the A7 Aura offers a nice package of washing features for an entry level electronic bidet toilet seat.

Additional Features

Additional features include an Eco mode which helps conserve power consumption by automatically lowering the seat and water temperature settings when not in use.  It also has the two user presets and the LED light bar on the control panel discussed above.  If you prefer not to hear the beeps when the various buttons are pressed, you can turn the beeping off by pressing the sound button.  The seat and lid are slow closing to prevent damage from slamming.  There are also hose clips included so you can keep the water hose and power cord clipped together for a neater appearance.

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