Carbon Bidet Water Filter

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Will a Bidet Seat Fit My Toilet?
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Extend the life of your bidet toilet seat with a carbon water filter.  These water filters are external filters which connect to the hose line running to your bidet toilet seat.  The water filter has threaded openings on both ends – a female end and a male end.  You simply connect the female end of the water filter towards the water source.  Then, the male end of the water filter connects to your bidet hose, which runs to your bidet seat.

Simply put – the water runs thru the water filter before it runs into your bidet.

We recommend you replace your water filter every 6 months.


Product Specifications:

  • Filter Type:  Carbon
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Diameter:  1.6 inches
  • 1 female end (water in):  1/2″ connection
  • 1 male end (water out):  1/2″ connection


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