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The Kohler Novita BN-330 is a new addition to the family of electric bidet seats from Kohler, one of the most popular and dependable brands of bathroom fixtures in the world.  The BN-330 is available as a great value option loaded with many high-end features.  It is equipped with a twin nozzle system with separate stainless steel nozzles for posterior wash and feminine wash.  Users can adjust the nozzle position to their personal preference, and the water temperature and water pressure are also both adjustable.  Another wash feature on this model is an oscillating function that moves the nozzle during the wash cycle for a larger coverage area.  The unit is operated by an attached control panel located on the left side of the bidet as you are facing the toilet.

Besides its washing features, the Kohler Novita BN-330 has several additional attributes users love.  After the cleaning spray is complete, you can use the warm air dryer with adjustable temperature to help dry off.  It has a slow closing seat and lid, and the lid is designed to be weight bearing and is safe to sit on.  The seat itself is also heated, so the BN-330 has plenty of inviting warmth during cold months.  The nozzles are self-cleaning so every time the nozzles are used they are automatically cleaned as they retract into the main housing of the unit.  There is also a power saving mode so the unit consumes minimal electricity to be more economical.  All of these features packed into the BN-330 make it an exceptional seat at its price.

The Kohler Novita BN-330 bidet seat is available in both round and elongated size and has a more streamlined body that is just a bit over 5 inches at its tallest point.  Coming from the highly regarded Kohler Novita brand, the BN-330 provides a solid cleaning experience and a very good value.


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