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bidetsPLUS is an authorized dealer of Kohler’s Novita bidet seats. We are pleased to carry the line of Kohler Novita bidet seats here at bidetsPLUS!

Novita has been producing high-tech electronic bidet seats since 1996 and has grown to become Korea’s largest manufacturer of bidet seats over the past two decades.  And in Japan where bidet seats are the norm, Novita is the most imported brand of bidet.  This experience and track record led to their acquisition by Kohler.  We offer the Kohler Novita BH90 model, and as you can imagine it offers many features you’d come to expect from a leading electronic bidet toilet seat.

The Kohler Novita BH90 uses Instant Heating System technology for a constant on-demand supply of warm water. The nozzle system is also a unique feature with its two-in-one design. The smaller nozzle for feminine wash features is housed within the stainless steel rear wash nozzle, and this design allows the feminine nozzle to reach farther than other bidet seat nozzles for a more comfortable and personalized feminine cleansing. You will also find an automatic open and close seat and lid feature that can be activated using the remote control. Kohler Novita offers multiple options for soothing and cleansing, including an air bubble cleansing, turbo cleansing for therapeutic effects, and even a child preset setting for safe use by children.

Kohler Novita has added a night light to the BH90 series for convenience when using the restroom at night. The remote control has also been upgraded to include backlighting and an LCD window screen that clearly shows the operation status of the bidet. There is also a power saving mode to conserve electricity.

Other great features you will find on this Kohler Novita bidet seat include a warm air dryer, built in deodorization, and a self-cleaning nozzle system for a more hygienic experience.  The bidet even includes detachable nozzle covers which allows internal access should users wish to do a manual deep cleaning of the nozzle.  All this attention to detail has made Kohler Novita one of the most popular and trusted brands of electronic bidet seats in the industry.

The Kohler Novita BH90 is an excellent addition to your bathroom.  It comes with a full three year 100% warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind that you’re buying a durable bidet toilet seat that will last for years to come.

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