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This item is currently out of stock

The BH90 (elongated size) and BH93 (round size) is the latest model series from Kohler.  Loaded with some of the most up-to-date features in the industry, the Kohler Novita BH90 is truly a top-of-the-line seat.  This technologically advanced model comes with a wireless touch-type remote control that has an LCD screen for convenient display of operation status.  The unique “two-nozzle-in-one-pocket” design of the wash nozzles features a stainless steel rear-cleansing nozzle, and contained within that is a smaller extendable feminine nozzle.  This two-in-one design allows for maximum reach and more personalized comfort for the feminine cleansing function.  In addition to being able to adjust the nozzle position, users can also adjust the water temperature and water pressure, as well the temperature of the heated toilet seat.  These adjustable features along with the multiple cleansing functions such as turbo cleansing, air-bubble cleansing, and even a child wash feature make this one of the more personalizeable bidet seats on the market.

The Kohler Novita BH90 and BH93 also come equipped with some advanced features, including and automatic opening/closing seat and lid.  The seat can detect when someone is approaching the toilet and open the lid for them.  Men, who may want to raise the seat as well, can do so by tapping a button on top of the remote control.  Another feature you’ll find which is becoming more popular among the higher-end seats, is the inclusion of a convenient night light.  The night light on the Kohler Novita BH 90 is actually a dual night light, with lights on both the left and right sides – compared to night lights on other bidet seats which are located on only one side.

Additional features include a tankless (instant) water heating system for continuous, on-demand heated water as well as a warm air dry for residual moisture after washing.  You’ll also find a built-in air deodorizer, an LED display window showing the setting status, and a power saving mode which reduces energy consumption when not in use.  The Kohler Novita BH90/BH93 is a premium bidet toilet seat your whole family will enjoy. 


Kohler Novita BH90 Features:

  • Wireless remote control (wall mounting kit included)
  • Gentle aerated water stream
  • Tankless (instant) water heating system
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Novita’s dual “nozzle-in-nozzle” system
  • Self cleaning wash nozzle
  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Oscillating wash feature
  • Automatic opening/closing seat and lid
  • Warm air dry
  • Temperature controlled heated seat
  • Slow closing seat and lid
  • Child wash preset mode
  • Air Deodorizer
  • Night light
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • Auto smart power saving
  • Self diagnose function
  • Quality approved by UL, CE, TUV

Three Years Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty:

  • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase
  • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the second year from original date of purchase
  • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the third year from original date of purchase


Editor’s Note:

You can read our official review on this seat here:  bidetsPLUS’ Kohler Novita BH90/93 Review.


Kohler Novita Models At-A-Glance:

Model Controls Key Feature Differences Accompanying Perks Just to Nitpick
BH 90, 93 Remote Control Automatic open/close seat and lid, air deodorizer, night light.  A more high-end look with the brushed stainless steel inlay going across the rear. Happy wives don’t have to tell their husbands to put the seat down anymore The lid is not designed to be weight-bearing so you can’t sit on the lid
BN 330 Attached Panel It’s more compact than the BH 90, 93 – so not the best choice for larger persons Great price for this entry-level model Just a one year warranty on the BB 330 vs a three year warranty on the BH 90, 93


New to Kohler Novita?  A Brief Q & A:

Question Answer
What is the Kohler Novita BH 90? The Kohler Novita BH 90 is an advanced bidet toilet seat, which converts your toilet into a “smart toilet.”  Equipped with both posterior and feminine wash functions, the bidet seat uses a warm water wash to cleanse you after using the restroom
Where is the bidet made? The Kohler Novita BH 90 is made in South Korea.  One of the world leaders in electronics, South Korea is home to a population where over two-thirds of homes have bidet toilet seats installed.  This makes it a great place to gather user feedback and to make product improvements
Why would this model be a good choice? The Kohler Novita BH 90 is great for someone looking for a high-end seat that is moderately priced.  The automatic open/close seat and lid feature is usually reserved only for the most expensive models.  This seat also has the best night light available


Product Specifications:




Q: What’s the difference between the BH90 and BH93?

A: The only difference is the size of the seat. The BH90 refers to the elongated size version whereas the BH93 refers to the round size. All of the features and functions are exactly the same. We refer to this seat simply as the Kohler Novita BH 90 in all our documentation and write-ups.

Q: How does the touch screen remote control work?

A: The Kohler Novita BH90 comes with a touch screen remote control which is a little bit different than other remotes. The buttons do not require you firmly push them in or make them “click” but rather a gentle touch of the button is all that is required. This can be convenient for anyone who may have weakness in the hands or fingers or certain medical conditions that make it difficult to apply pressure with the fingers. You can even adjust the touch sensitivity on the remote control. The remote also has an LCD screen which displays what operations are in use.

Q: What kind of batteries does the remote use?

A: Three AA batteries. The batteries last about a year before they need to be changed. Replacement is easy – just remove the battery door in the back. Note: the owner’s manual says two AA batteries, but that was an error. It is really three AA batteries.

Q: How does the automatic lid feature work?

A: The bidet is equipped with a body sensor that detects when a person approaches the front of the seat. The sensor is located near the center of the rear body of the unit which you can see when the seat raises. It also senses when you leave the vicinity of the toilet and automatically closes the lid. If you wish to raise the seat as well, the remote control has a button you can touch to raise the seat without touching the seat at all.

Q: How does the night light work?

A: The Kohler Novita BH90 has one of the better night lights you will find on a bidet toilet seat. It emits a gentle blue light from just below the seat portion and illuminates the bowl of the toilet when the seat is down. There is a light sensor on the side of the unit which detects the amount of light in the bathroom and adjusts the level of the night light accordingly.

Q: Is the silver trim going across the rear of the unit plastic or metal?

A: The trim going across the rear, behind the seat/lid, is a stainless steel inlay and gives the bidet a high-end look. The Novita logo has been laser-inscribed in the middle of the inlay as well. It’s a really nice touch.

Q: Does this bidet have one or two wash nozzles?

A: The wash nozzle for the Kohler Novita BH90 is actually two nozzles in one. The bidet uses a “nozzle-in-nozzle” design which means the feminine nozzle is actually INSIDE the main posterior nozzle. This means that during posterior wash, the feminine nozzle is never exposed – keeping it cleaner and more sanitary. The feminine nozzle telescopes out only when the feminine wash is activated. The other benefit of this design, is improved forward reach for women. Please see our product video for a demonstration of the feminine nozzle in action.

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