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INAX Luscence has been discontinued and no longer in stock.

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INAX Luscence has been discontinued and no longer in stock.

The INAX Luscence CW-W130 (round size) and CW-W131 (elongated size) is one of the leading bidet toilet seats available today.  Made in Japan, the INAX Luscence CW-W131 is built to last with a durable construction that's rated for persons up to 500 lbs.  It's also compatible with virtually any toilet in the world, even those one-piece toilets with a curved water tank (french curve), including the Kohler San Raphael toilet.

The INAX Luscence comes with both posterior and feminine wash features.  The unit's dual nozzle system has two separate nozzles for the two different wash functions; one nozzle is dedicated for posterior wash only, while another nozzle is for feminine wash only.  Water temperature can be adjusted up or down, and you can increase or decrease the water pressure too.  The INAX Luscence CW-W130 also has the distinction of having the most voluminous water spray in our store.  With a spray output of 1.0 liters per minute, it has almost twice the output of the other bidets we carry, which average about 0.6 liters per minute.

Another great feature of the INAX Luscence is that you can sit on the closed lid.  Most other bidets have a thinner lid which will bend an break over time if you continue to sit on it.  But the closed lid of the INAX is super-sturdy and strong so you can sit on it without a problem; this is especialy handy in smaller bathrooms which can't accomodate another chair to sit on.

The INAX Luscence comes with a handy wireless remote control which can be mounted on the wall.  Couple points here: (1) beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we think this is the best looking bidet seat remote out there and (2) it's really intuitive to use.  With a brushed chrome finish, the remote has large and clearly labeled buttons that a four-year old could figure out.

Other features on the INAX CW-W130 and CW-W131 models include an air dryer which helps with residual moisture after washing.  A self-rinsing feature cleans the wash nozzles with water before and after each use.  The slow closing seat and lid close softly on your toilet so you won't hear the sound of slamming toilet seats in your home.  The bidet also has the popular heated toilet seat feature.  Seat temperature is completely adjustable, and can be turned off during the warmer months.

Available in white and beige.



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