How to Troubleshoot the TOTO S550e

If you’ve been having some trouble with your TOTO S550e and you have no idea why, this troubleshooting guide is for you. Keep reading to learn about some of the problems you might encounter with this device, and what you can do about them!


1. The dryer temperature is low

– Check if the dryer temperature is set to ‘Low’ and adjust as desired.


2. The air air drying stops mid-use

– Check if the seat switch has difficulty detecting users, by sitting on the bidet and then getting up slightly or sitting forward. If the air stops, the sensor isn’t working properly.
Note: The drying feature stops after ten seconds of continuous use.


3. The toilet lid doesn’t open automatically

– Check if the ‘Auto open/close (lid)’ is set to ‘Off’ and, if so’ turn it on
– Check if the ‘Auto open delay’ is set to 30 or 90 seconds.
– Check there’s a toilet lid or seat cover and if so, remove it.
Note: After the power plug is inserted, the toilet lid doesn’t open automatically for about ten seconds. Additionally, the body sensor might have difficulties when the toilet is used by someone small.
The lid doesn’t close automatically


4. The lid doesn’t close automatically

– Check if the ‘Auto open/close (lid)’ is set to ‘Off’ and, if so’ turn it on.
Note: If you don’t sit on the toilet after opening the lid, or if the seat is on/stand in front of it for less than six seconds, it closes in five minutes.


5. The lid opens on its own

– Check if there’s a urinal or washbasin installed in the bathroom, which might be interfering with the body sensor activity (as it can detect movement).


6. The lid closes on its own

– Check if the ‘Auto open/close (lid)’ is set to ‘On’ and, if so’ turn it off.
– Check if the ‘Auto close delay’ is set to 25 seconds.
– Sit back on the seat as a test – the seat switch won’t turn on unless you sit on the device properly.


7. The lid and seat open at the same time

– Check if the ‘Seat/lid’ is set to ‘Seat-lid’.


8. The lid stops (or closes) while opening

– Check for obstructions on the seat or lid, remove them, and unplug the power plug. Reinsert the plug after about five seconds and press the ‘Opening and closing the toilet seat’ button.


9. You can’t open or close the lid with the remote control

– If it opens automatically, check if the remote control is working.
– If it doesn’t open automatically, check if the toilet is mounted correctly.
– Check that the toilet isn’t operating under fluorescent lights, as that can affect the body sensor.


10. The toilet seat is cold

– Check if the toilet seat temperature is off or at a low level.
– Check if the energy saver LED is on and, if desired, turn it off.
– Sit back on the seat for the switch to work properly.
– Check there’s a toilet lid or seat cover and if so, remove it.
Note: After being seated for more than 20 minutes, the temperature will start going down. Simply stand up and proceed using the seat.


11. The energy saver LED doesn’t light up

– Check if you unplugged the power plug or if there was an outage.
Note: The ‘Energy saver’ LED may go off when the power is turned on even if the feature itself is on. It will turn on within about 24 hours since the setting is retained.


12. The timer energy-saver feature isn’t working

– This might happen when you replace the batteries – simply set the timer energy saver again at the time you want to start it.


13. The PSI water pressure on a TOTO S550e

– Here is how to adjust the water pressure for the TOTO S550e


14. The auto energy-saver+ or auto energy-saver feature isn’t working

– Check the energy saver settings – it takes several days for the function to learn the usage conditions before starting energy saver, so the amount of energy saving may be low, depending on the frequency of use.
– The settings may be canceled when the batteries are replaced. If that’s the case, set them again.


15. The deodorizer doesn’t seem to be working

– Check if the ‘Deodorizer’ is set to off and if so, turn it on.
– If after you sit down, you don’t hear any operation sounds, sit back on the toilet.
– If you do hear sounds, clean the deodorizing filter.


16. There’s a strange odor coming out of the deodorizer

– Check if you’re using an air freshener or deodorizer that you purchased separately, and if so, remove it, as it can reduce the effectiveness of the Washlet deodorizer or cause strange odors.


17. The auto power deodorizer feature isn’t working

– Check if the ‘Auto power deodorizer’ option is set to off and if so, turn it on. It should start about ten seconds after you stand up from the TOTO S550e bidet seat.


18. The soft light, bowl light, and ‘Clean’ indicator don’t light up

– Check if the ‘Soft light’, ‘Bowl light’, and ‘Clean’ indicators are set to off and if so, turn them on.
Note: If the ‘Clean’ indicator isn’t lit, you should replace the component that generates ‘ewater+,, in order for it to have a battery again.


19. The pre and after-mist don’t work

– Check if the ‘Auto bowl Clean’ option is set to off and if so, turn it on.
– If they don’t work when the seat is open, check if ‘Seat/lid’ of ‘Auto open/close’ is set to [Seat•lid]. If so, you can change it to ‘Lid’.
Note: The pre-mist doesn’t work for about 90 seconds after the after-mist has finished.


20. The pre-mist sprays out on its own

– This might happen because the body sensor can detect movement through the wall or door in front of the toilet, leading the ‘Auto bowl Clean’ function to pre-mist even if you’re outside the bathroom. To stop this from happening, you can switch the ‘Auto bowl Clean’ option off.


21. There’s water leaking from the plumbing connections

– Check if there are any loose nuts in the connection and, if so, firmly tighten.
– If the problem persists, close the shut-off valve and seek repair.
Warning: Don’t use any tools on the water supply hose connection. Tighten it by hand, instead.


22. The display on the remote control goes out

– The display goes out when you don’t press any buttons on the remote control for one minute or more.


23. The main unit is unstable

– Check if any of the bolts that anchor the main unit are loose. If so, remove the unit and firmly tighten the base plate bolts.
Note: There is space between the toilet seat cushion and the bowl unit, for activating the seat switch. When you sit on the toilet, it subsides slightly to activate that switch.


24. The unit makes a sound

– If this happens when you enter the bathroom, it,s because the ‘Auto bowl Clean’ function is on, which prompts the pre-mist to activate. You can turn this function off.
– If it happens when you’re using a cleansing function, what you hear is the sound of the pump operating, in order to supply the water that is needed to clean the unit
– If you hear it when you’re moving away from the bowl after you use it, there are several possible scenarios:
a. If the ‘Auto power deodorizer’ is on, you can hear operation sounds while the deodorizing power increases for 60 seconds after you stand up from the toilet seat. You can turn the function off.
b. If the ‘Auto wand Clean’ function is on and you use the cleansing functions, you may hear that the wand extend and get cleaned with ‘ewater+,. You can turn the function off.
c. If the ‘Auto bowl Clean’ option is on and you sit on and use the toilet, you may hear that mist of ‘ewater+, is sprayed inside the bowl unit. You can turn the function off.
d. You may also hear the fan ventilating the unit or that the wand is extended and the remaining water in the product is drained after ‘Auto wand Clean’ and other functions are performed.
– If you hear it when you’re not using the product, the ‘Auto want Clean’ or ‘ Auto bowl Clean’ options might be on, in which case, if you don’t use the cleansing functions for about eight hours, they’ll be activated. You can turn both auto options off.


If you still need help solving your problem here is the installation guide for the TOTO S550e. Or get in touch with us!

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