How Do You Clean the Bio Bidet BB 2000?

Just like any other device you have in your bathroom (or house, for that matter), making sure your Bio Bidet BB 2000 is always clean is good for health and wellness reasons. However, if you,ve just gotten your Bio Bidet BB 2000, you might still be figuring out how to use it – let alone, how to clean it! Lucky for you, this device,s cleaning process is quite simple, and you probably already own all the materials you need.

How often should you clean your bidet?

Our recommendation is that you clean your Bio Bidet BB 2000 once a week.

What will you need?

You,ll only be using a couple items:

  • A small brush (an old toothbrush is perfect!)
  • A wet cloth

Step 1: Cleaning the nozzle

Start by pressing the, Posterior Wash, button for three seconds without occupying the seat, and once the nozzle is out, proceed to clean it using your small brush.

After cleaning the nozzle, push the, Stop, button, so that the nozzle retracts itself.

Step 2: Cleaning the body of the bidet

Disconnect the power plug before you start cleaning the body of the unit. Use a wet cloth to clean it and make sure not to spray any water directly on the bidet.

⚠️Don,t use any thinner, benzene or toilet bowl cleaner during this step, as it may cause damage to the surface of the unit.

Step 3: Cleaning the strainer

The product doesn,t operate properly if the strainer is clogged, so cleaning it regularly is important.

Start by closing the water shut off valve, and then flush the toilet in order to empty the water tank. Then, unscrew the water filter nut and use a small brush or water to clean the strainer. Re-screw the water filter nut and reopen the water shut off valve. Finally, check for any leaks.

Other Maintenance Tips

If you don’t intend to use your Bio Bidet BB 2000 toilet seat for 14 days or longer, it’s a good idea to drain the water from the bidet. You can do this with the quick release lever on the side of the bidet, which unlatches the bidet from the mounting bracket. Simply press and hold the button down, and you’ll see water start to drain from the nozzle area, into your toilet bowl.

Cleaning your Bio Bidet BB 2000 isn’t difficult or time-consuming, and now you know first hand!