How to Adjust the PSI Water Pressure on a TOTO S550e

One of the features many people consider when shopping for bidet seats is the water pressure of the spray. A strong, high-pressure spray can be quite valuable because it is often more effective in actual cleansing – especially for larger users. Soothing low-pressure sprays are also wonderful, so ideally the bidet you decide to purchase gives you variable spray pressure options. The TOTO S550e is a luxury bidet seat that does indeed offer variable spray pressure options.

The spray volume on theTOTO S550e ranges from 0.08 to 0.11 gallons per minute with a force of approximately 29 PSI (.20 MPa). PSI refers to the pound-force per square inch of water. Generally speaking, peoples, household water pressure typically falls between 40 and 80 psi. You can obviously adjust it higher or lower at the main shut-off valve outside your home. PSI is one of those things that,s hard to fully grasp, so to help paint a complete picture, a low flow shower typically delivers 2.5 gallons of water per minute at around 80 psi. If you,ve ever used a Spray gun for painting, the air pressure on that is typically set at 28 PSI. Bottom line, when it comes to cleansing your rear, theTOTO S550e Washlet is delivering a terrific water volume and pressure at 29 PSI.

TheTOTO S550e Washlet,s nozzle position and water pressure can be adjusted over five different settings by using the remote control that comes with the unit. First you can choose the type of cleansing you,d like. “Rear cleansing” cleanses your rear. “Rear soft cleansing” cleanses your rear with soft embracing water flow that has a slightly wider and lower pressure spray. “Front Cleansing” serves as a bidet for ladies. “Wide front cleansing” gently cleanses a wide area, again using a wider, lower pressure spray.

Once you select the type of cleansing you,d like, then you can adjust the water pressure itself. On your remote, you will find five water pressure settings between “soft” and “strong.” All you do is swipe left or right on your remote control to either increase or decrease the water pressure. After you make your selection, the set position will light for 10 seconds.

In terms of water supply pressure to the bidet unit itself, theTOTO S550e has a minimum required water pressure of 7.25 PSI (0.05 MPa), and a maximum water pressure of 108.75 PSI (0.75 MPa) . Fortunately, almost all standard water connections for your toilet will fall in this range. The pressure of the water supply does not correlate to the spray pressure of the wash, so users get the same pressure regardless of the PSI of the supply line.

TOTO has been manufacturing bidet toilet seats since 1980. They are considered one of the best bidet companies, most reliable brands in the bidet industry. The TOTO S550e is their flagship bidet seat. It combines beautiful aesthetics with great washing performance. You can,t go wrong with this model.