Fitting a Bidet Seat on Your Toilet

There are a lot of great features available with bidet toilet seats these days. When shopping for the right bidet, you may have a list of top features you want like a remote control or heated seat or air dryer, or all of the above. You find the perfect bidet seat fully loaded with the options you,re looking for and you are ready to order it and get it installed asap. But before you do, you need to make sure you,ve asked yourself one important question – did I make sure this bidet will fit my toilet?

Checking to make sure your new bidet seat will fit your toilet may be the most critical question to answer before placing your order. The last thing you need is to receive your bidet only to realize there in your bathroom that you accidentally ordered a bidet that doesn,t fit your toilet. So let,s explore what you need to do to make sure you,re getting the right fit.

There are two basic categories for toilets: two-piece and one-piece. You may have come across a bidet seat that says something like, “compatible with all two-piece toilets.” A two-piece toilet is composed of the water tank and the toilet bowl which are actually separate pieces that are securely connected using bolts. One-piece toilets do not have a separate tank bolted to the bowl; they are manufactured as one single unit.

How can you be sure if you have the clearance required for your bidet to fit your toilet? We recommend this easy measurement rule of thumb that can be applied to both two-piece as well as one-piece toilets. At the back of the toilet bowl there are mounting holes where the seat attaches and is secured to the bowl. Measure the distance from these mounting holes to the front of the water tank. If you have at least 1.75 inches, then all the seats in our store will fit your toilet. If you happen to have a curved water tank, you will want to take this into account and measure from the mounting holes to the closest point of the curved tank. The goal is to have 1.75 inches of clearance all the way across the back.

If you don,t have 1.75 inches or more of clearance, there are still some options for you to find a bidet that fits your toilet. Some manufacturers make bidet seats that are specially designed to fit these toilets that lack the standard clearance. The Blooming NB R1063 and the INAX Luscence CW-W131 are both made to be compatible with virtually any toilet and are both great choices if you have one of those pesky hard-to-fit toilets.

Besides checking to make sure your toilet has the clearance necessary for the bidet you want, you will also want to measure to see if you have an elongated toilet or a round toilet. To determine the appropriate size, you will measure from the mounting holes to the front edge of the toilet bowl. If this distance measures 17 inches or fewer, you will need a round size bidet. If you have 17.5 inches or more, you,ll need to go with an elongated bidet.


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