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Discontinued. See Brondell Swash 1000 which is nearly an identical seat - with similar feature set and design, also priced at $599.00
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Coway BA 13 has been discontinued and no longer in stock.  See link:  Brondell Swash 1000 which is nearly an identical seat - with similar feature set and design, also priced at $599.00

In addition to being one of the most technologically advanced units available, the Coway BA 13 is also one of the best looking bidet toilet seats you will find.  Operated with a wireless remote control, this model offers a clean and modern look which will surely upgrade any bathroom.

A few of the advanced features you'll find include twin stainless steel wash nozzles (wash nozzles on most other bidet seats come in plastic).  The twin nozzle system has one nozzle that’s dedicated for posterior wash, and another nozzle that’s dedicated for feminine wash.  The position of the wash nozzles are completely adjustable, so you can find the nozzle position that best suits your body.  Also included are adjustable spray-width controls – this allows you to choose between a narrow, more concentrated spray or a wider, softer spray.  The tankless water heating system instantly heats water from your existing cold water supply, allowing for a continuous warm water stream.

The Coway BA 13 even has a nozzle sterilization feature, which uses a silver oxide nano particle system to effectively sterilize the wash nozzles.  Coway is the first to manufacture stainless steel wash nozzles, adjustable spray-width controls, and a nozzle sterilization feature.  These are just a few examples of the industry-leading features that come with this premium bidet toilet seat.

Other features include adjustable water temperature and adjustable water pressure.  There is also a “Move” feature which moves the nozzles back and forth beneath you, widening the cleaning area.  A built in air dry helps with residual moisture after washing.  A heated toilet seat, automatic air deodorizer, slow-closing seat/lid, and power saving mode rounds out the rest of the main features you’ll find in the Coway BA 13.


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Editor's Note:

The Coway BA13 is a modern and contemporary looking unit packed with all the latest features you'd look for in a bidet seat.  Although Coway is a newcomer to the North American market, they are very well-known in Asia (where bidet toilet seats were first invented).  And now, they’ve put all those years of experience to build this premium-class model for the Americas.

We have prepared our official review of this product herebidetsPLUS' Coway BA13 Review.  But you can continue reading below for our more informal thoughts and summary.

Operated with a wireless remote control (mounting bracket included so you can mount it on the wall), the the seat is powered by two stainless steel nozzles.  That’s right, stainless steel wash nozzles.  One of the nozzles is dedicated for feminine wash, and the other nozzle is dedicated for posterior wash.  Spray-width is adjustable you can choose between a wider, softer spray or a more narrow, concentrated spray.  After washing, press the “Sterilize” button on the remote control to sanitize the nozzles with a special Silver Oxide Nano particle treatment, which has powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

The Coway BA13 is the first to introduce stainless steel nozzles, adjustable spray-width, and nozzle sterilization features.  You will find that only the Coway BA13 has the complete combination of all these features (or BA13s that have been private-labeled under another brand).

On top of all these wash features already included, you can further customize your wash experience.  Nozzle position is adjustable to best suit your body.  Water pressure can be adjusted as well.  It also features a tankless water heating system, which can provide a nearly endless stream of warm water.  Adjust the water temperature until it feels just right.  There’s also a “Move” function which oscillates the wash nozzle back and forth, widening the cleaning area.  With all of the different wash functions available, you can find the combination of settings that’s perfect for you.

Non-wash features include a warm air dryer with three different settings, which helps with residual moisture after washing.  You'll also find a built-in air deodorizer which helps freshen up your bathroom.  You’ll find the temperature-controlled heated seat to be a luxury in the mornings, or during the cold winter months.  The seat and lid close softly too (no more slamming toilet seats).

What we’ve noticed with most other bidet seats, is that the more features you pack into it, the bulkier it gets.  But you don’t get that with this seat.  It retains a sleek design, and looks very modern and contemporary.  It’s a good looking seat.

And compared to other models which don’t recommend you sitting on its closed lid, you’re free to sit down on the closed lid.  It’s a sturdy lid, which will take your weight without damage.  A convenient power save feature rounds out the rest of its main functions.

The Coway BA-13 is truly in a class of its own.  With all these features, the only thing that's missing is a cup holder!  (We’ll work on that for the next version).  In the meantime, we hope you’ve learned more about the Coway BA-13 here at bidetsPLUS!


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Read:  bidetsPLUS' Coway BA13 Review

View:  Owners Manual: Coway BA13 (.pdf) -> We carry the BR/BE version of the BA13.


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