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The Clean Sense DIB 1500R features a gentle, aerated water stream.  It delivers cleaning comfort with its dual functioning, single pocket nozzle.  The remote control allows you to personalize several functions including water pressure and water temperature.  You can even adjust the wash nozzle’s position to suit your personal preference.

The Clean Sense DIB 1500R also features massage and pulsation features.  When done washing, press the dry button which will help with any residual moisture.  The temperature controlled heated seat will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Its power save feature will manage your energy consumption, and the built in air deodorizer is a pleasant touch.


Clean Sense DIB 1500R Features:



Editor's Note:  

The Clean Sense DIB 1500R bidet toilet seat is the flagship model for Clean Sense.  It is a full-featured unit, with a host of different wash functions.  It has some other great add-ons too, which we’ll discuss further below.

For our official review of this seat, you can click on the following link:  bidetsPLUS' Clean Sense DIB 1500R Review, which is available for viewing in the Bidet Reviews section on our website.  You’ll find a detailed write-up on this model, which goes over other details not mentioned here.  And be sure to watch our video review, featuring the Clean Sense DIB 1500R.  It’s great to see and learn how the bidet seat works in action!

The Clean Sense DIB 1500R is operated with a wireless remote control.  The remote control comes with a mounting bracket so you can attach it to the wall next to your toilet.  The remote easily slides in and out of the mounting bracket, so you can control the unit from your lap as well.  One of the nice things about the remote control is that it has four programmable user presets.  For example, you can store your preferred water temperature, water pressure, and water temperature right into the remote.  This allows you to preset wash settings for up to four different members of your family.

You’ll find that both posterior and frontal wash features work very well on the Clean Sense DIB 1500R bidet seat.  Cleansing is activated by pressing the appropriate wash button on the remote control.  The unit also has an optional turbo wash (enema) feature.  As mentioned above, wash settings are all adjustable, so you can find a combination of settings that’s customized just for you.

A common question we get is, “How does the bidet make the water warm?”  Well, there's a water heater built right in to the seat.  This heating technology heats cold water on-demand, letting the Clean Sense DIB 1500R bidet seat provide you with a continuous stream of warm water to enjoy.

Other features include a temperature-controlled heated seat.  The seat and lid close softly as well, so you won’t have to worry about your toilet seat slamming shut and making lots of noise (especially in the middle of the night!).  A built-in warm air dry will help with excess moisture from your wash.  And a built-in air deodorizer helps eliminate unwanted odor from your bathroom.  We hope you've learned more about this seat here at bidetsPLUS!


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View:  Owner’s Manual:  Clean Sense DIB 1500R (.pdf)



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