Clean Sense

Clean Sense

bidetsPLUS is an authorized dealer of Clean Sense bidet seats.  We’re pleased to provide you with the product line of Clean Sense bidet seats here at bidetsPLUS!

Clean Sense bidet seats are packed with all the wash features found in today’s modern electronic bidets.  Posterior wash and frontal wash features work very nicely, and there’s even a turbo wash (enema) feature too.  Settings for these wash features can be tailored to your preference as well.  For example, water pressure, water temperature, and wash nozzle position can all be adjusted.

There’s also quite a list of non-wash features too.  To start, Clean Sense bidet seats offer a temperature-controlled heated seat.  This feature is just fantastic early in the morning or in the cold winter months.  A warm air dry function helps with residual moisture after washing.  There’s also the slow-closing seat and lid – no more slamming toilet seats!  Another handy feature of the Clean Sense bidet seats is the built-in air deodorizer which helps eliminate unwanted odor in your bathroom.

Learn more about Clean Sense bidet seats by visiting the Bidet Reviews section of our website.  Read our detailed write up on each of the Clean Sense bidet seats, which goes over the specifics for each model.  We even have exclusive video reviews which brings the bidet to life!  Watch how the Clean Sense bidet seats work, and learn what they can do for you and your family.


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