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The all new Brondell Swash 1400 is the latest series model from Brondell.  While on the outside it sports a similar body as the current Brondell Swash 1000, the Swash 1400 incorporates some updates and improvements based on feedback from Brondell's loyal customer base over the past several years.

The Swash 1400 still retains all the main features you would expect in an advanced bidet seat.  These features include posterior wash, feminine wash, adjustable water temperature, adjustable water pressure, adjustable spray position and spray width.  With all of these customizable features, you'll be able to find the right combination that works best for you.  Even the temperature of the warmed toilet seat can be controlled with the touch of a button.  When done washing, use the built-in warm air dryer to help with residual moisture after washing.  The slow-closing seat and lid close gently, so the sound of slamming toilet seats in your home will be no more.  And you're free to sit down on the sturdy, sittable lid of the Swash 1400 which unlike other bidet seats - is designed so you can sit on the lid too.

In addition to improved internal components designed to increase the durability of the seat, this newly designed unit features an all new wireless remote control.  This is noteworthy since the remote control is your primary interface to interact with the seat.  You'll notice three additional buttons towards the bottom of the remote when compared to its predecessor:  an "Auto" button, a "User 1" button and a "User 2" button.  The "Auto" button activates the wash cycle which is immediately followed by an air dry.  This eliminates the secondary step of pressing the "Dry" button after washing.  The "User" buttons work as user presets.  This allows you to set individual wash preferences such as water temperature, water pressure, spray position and spray width for two different users.

brondell swash 1400 lifestyle

Another addition is the convenient night light.  As people get older, night-time restroom use becomes more common but who wants to turn the lights on and blind themselves in the middle of the night?  With the Brondell Swash 1400 you'll have a handy night light which provides a gentle glow of the toilet so you know where to walk to, or know where to aim!  The removable/replaceable carbon air deodorizer cartridge represent another upgrade.  With the prior model, the carbon filter was not replaceable which would result in reduced efficacy of the air deodorization system over time.  But now if you feel your air deodorizer isn't working like it used to, you can insert a fresh cartridge.

Brondell has taken the steps to take what was already a great product and make several improvements in this new model.  We expect these product refinements to be well-received from the bidet community and existing customers who are looking for an upgrade/replacement of an older model.  And when you consider that the lifespan of a bidet seat is several years, it's nice to have an option with these advanced features which will hold up with technology developments over time.

Available in white and beige.  Also available in 220V/240V for international customers.



Brondell Swash 1400 | 360 View:


Brondell Swash 1400 Features:

brondell swash 1400 features


Brondell Models At-A-Glance:

Model Controls Key Feature Differences Accompanying Perks Just to Nitpick
Swash 1400 Remote Control Hidden pocket for water hose is more discreet, electric cord moved to the left, longer feminine nozzle, replaceable air deodorizer cartridge, 1 touch wash/dry With BOTH the water hose and electric cord on the same side, things look a bit more tidy.  The added night light is a nice touch The only thing this bidet is missing is the auto open/close seat and lid
Swash 1200 Remote Control Exactly the same as Swash 1400, except no warm air dry, air deodorizer, or oscillating cleanse Shares the same body as the Swash 1400, so aesthetic improvements carry over Doesn't have oscillating cleanse.
Swash 1000 Remote Control Every feature of the Swash 1000 has been carried over to the new Swash 1400.  When facing the bidet, electric cord will extend from the right side.  Had a successful 6 year run as Brondell's flagship product, prior to the Swash 1400 coming out.  Long history as shown solid durability Feminine nozzle does not extend forward enough for some women


New to Brondell?  A Brief Q & A:

Question Answer
What is the Brondell Swash 1400? The Brondell Swash 1400 is a bidet toilet seat which provides a warm water wash after using the restroom.  This is Brondell's latest and 3rd generation model - supplanting the 1st generation Swash 800 and 2nd generation Swash 1000 series. 
When was it released? The Brondell Swash 1400 was released in May 2017.  Notable upgrades over previous models include a night light, 1 touch auto wash & dry, replaceable air deodorizer cartridges and a longer feminine nozzle providing more forward reach for women.  Improved body design is more attractive and sleek.
Why would this model be a good choice? The Brondell Swash 1400 does a good job blending looks with performance.  It's a good-looking seat that works well too.  Swash 1000 owners looking to upgrade will welcome the subtle yet noticeable improvements to the body design, and the night light is more handy than you think.


Some Feature Highlights:

The all new redesign of the Swash chassis includes a hidden port for your water and power connections.  A pair of cable clips are included, which join your water and power cords together for a convenient look.  Also new is the replaceable air deodorizer.  While the previous Swash 1000 had a deodorizer too, it wasn't accessible and the carbon filter couldn't be changed.  These active carbon cartridges can now be replaced and are easy to swap out.




Who is the Brondell Swash 1400 best for?

We often hear from customers who are researching bidets who tell us they feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of different models out there and need a little help narrowing down the options.  This is understandable, especially for anyone who is relatively new to bidets.  Just imagine if you walked onto a car lot with no previous experience driving or even riding in a car!  It would be tough not having a frame of reference helping guide you to the choice that is best for you.  The same thing goes for a bidet toilet seat.  So that’s why we wanted to offer a practical break down of the Brondell Swash 1400.  It is one of our top-selling units, and here we would like to outline some of the features that might make the Brondell Swash 1400 a good choice for you.

The Brondell Swash 1400 has all of the basic features plus many unique extras that make it a customer favorite.  One of the most unique features of the Swash 1400 is the sittable lid.  Unlike other models that do not have weight-bearing lids, you can safely sit on this lid, up to 270 pounds.  If being able to sit on the lid is important to you, then the Brondell Swash 1400 would be your best option for that.  There is also an adjustable spray-width on this model allowing you to choose how wide of a spray you want with three different width settings.  You also get a night light illuminating the bowl area, and a nozzle sterilization function at a lower cost than the similar but higher priced TOTO S550e and S500e.  If you want these high end features in a well-made unit at a better price, then the Swash 1400 could be the right choice.

Some people also prefer this seat because of the built-in user presets, which allow you to pre-program water temperature, water pressure, spray width, and spray position for two different people.  Then, using your bidet is as simple as pressing the “User 1” or “User 2” button on the remote control.

Additionally, people looking for a seat in beige (also known as biscuit) color can choose this color as an alternative to the standard white color.  The Brondell 1400 Swash series is also available in Round size for installing on a round size toilet.  Other popular models like the BB 2000 and TOTO S550e only come in elongated size.  If these features and options fit what you are looking for then the Brondell Swash 1400 bidet toilet seat would be the right choice for you.

Next, we will discuss how the remote control operates the unit and what the various features do.


How do I use the Brondell Swash 1400? A breakdown of features and using the remote control

The Brondell Swash 1400 comes with a small white remote control with a wall mounting kit so you can place the remote wherever is most convenient.  The mounting kit holds the remote in placing using a magnet that is strong enough to keep it secure but simple enough to remove and hold while using it if you prefer.  The remote has a total of seventeen buttons all spread out over the front side of the remote.  We will break the buttons down into three sections.

The top section of the remote has five buttons which you can think of as the Primary Functions buttons.  Next, in the middle section of the remote are seven buttons which are used to adjust the settings of various features, so we’ll refer to these as the Adjustment Control buttons. Finally at the bottom of the remote you will find what we will call the Additional Features buttons.  Below, we will break down each of the buttons in the three sections so you can understand what each one does.

Primary Functions Buttons

The five buttons at the top of the remote are generally the five most commonly used functions of the Brondell Swash 1400.  These buttons all have a small icon on them plus they have text so you can read what they do.  The top left button says Rear and activates the posterior wash function, while the top right button says Front and activates the feminine wash function.  The icons are similar so the text definitely helps clarify the difference here.  This model has separate wash nozzles for the posterior and feminine wash functions, so these buttons will extend the corresponding nozzle.  One of these two buttons will likely be the first button you press whenever you use the unit.

Directly below the posterior wash, is a button with up/down arrows that says Move.  This operates the Oscillating wash feature on the Brondell 1400 Swash series.  You can press this and the oscillating feature will begin moving the wash nozzle back and forth as it sprays.  This is a very useful and popular feature since this function covers more area during the wash cycle and thus provides a more thorough cleaning.  Directly to the left of the Move button and below the Front wash is the button marked Dry with a small fan icon.  Use this after you are finished with the wash cycle to activate the warm air dryer.  The final button in the top primary functions area is the Stop button, clearly labeled "Stop" and with a red square icon.  This will stop any feature that is operating so you don’t have to sit through the full cycle.

brondell swash 1400 bidet toilet seat remote

Adjustment Control Buttons

The middle section of the remote is where you will be able to make adjustments to various settings, so you can think of these as the seven adjustment control buttons. The Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons, which says Water Pressure / Dry Temp, are used for adjusting the water pressure and the air temperature for the warm air dryer.  Simply press these buttons during the wash cycle and the Plus button increases pressure and Minus decreases pressure.  These two buttons are also used to increase or decrease the air temperature if pressed when the air dryer is being used.   There are three water pressure settings as well as three air temperature settings on the Brondell Swash 1400 bidet toilet seat.  To the right of the Plus and Minus buttons are the Up and Down arrow buttons.  As it says between them, these buttons are used for adjusting the nozzle position.  There are seven nozzle position settings for both the posterior and feminine wash nozzle.  Using the “Up” arrow during either wash cycle will move the position forward and the “Down” arrow will adjust the position farther back.

Just below this set of buttons is a row of additional feature adjustments which are clearly printed with their function on each button.  First is the Seat Temp button which you will press to adjust the temperature of the heated seat across four settings (Off, Low, Medium and High).  Next is the Spray Width button for choosing one of the three width settings for the wash spray.  Finally there is the Water Temp button for choosing the temperature level of the water used when the wash cycle is in use.  This also has four settings like the Seat Temp button, with Off, Low, Medium and High options.  Beneath these three adjustment controls is a small indicator light so you can see what setting is currently in use.  A blue light means low, pink light means medium, and a red light means high.  If the Seat Temp or Water Temp indicator light is not lit up, it means that setting is turned off.

Additional Features Buttons

There are five buttons at the bottom of the remote that are used for additional features on the Brondell Swash 1400, which you may or may not use regularly depending on your personal preference.  These five buttons are laid out in the same pattern as the five Primary Function buttons at the top of the remote.  The first additional feature button at the top left of this bottom section says “Sterilize” and as you’d expect initiates the sterilization function.  When pressed, a small amount of silver oxide is released in the water and acts as an antibacterial agent to sterilize the nozzle.  You don’t need to use this on a regular basis, (just periodically is OK) as a way to do a more thorough nozzle cleansing.  The upper right button in this area says Deodorize which activates the deodorizer fan to pull air through the carbon filter and remove odors from the toilet bowl area.

In the middle area you will find a button that says Auto.  Use this to initiate a 90 second rear wash cycle (at medium water temperature / medium width / high pressure) with the oscillating feature on.  As soon as the 90 second wash completes, a two minute dry cycle (set to medium air temperature) will begin.  If you keep the Auto button pressed for five seconds this will initiate the same auto wash/dry but for the feminine wash.

The final two buttons, on the bottom left and right, are the User Presets and are marked as User 1 and User 2.  These are used to save the preferred water temperature, spray-width, water pressure, nozzle position and oscillating preference for two different users.  To save the settings, you simply use the bidet and choose your preferred settings.  After you stop the wash cycle or it automatically ends after two minutes, you can press User 1 or User 2 for five seconds. You will hear a beep which tells you the settings have been saved.

The remote control is the key to taking advantage of the many features of the Brondell Swash 1400 bidet toilet seat.  Most people find it to be a fairly intuitive layout that is easy for new users to understand and use quickly.  It’s also a user-friendly and practical design that is a slimmer upgrade from Brondell’s previous models.


What might I be missing with this bidet seat compared to others?

Sometimes the hardest part in making a new purchase is deciding what features you can do without.  There are many similarities among the best bidet seats, but there are small differences that are often what help people make their final decision.  We covered some of the reasons the Brondell 1400 seat may be a good choice for you in the paragraphs above.  Now we will go over a couple of the features you won’t get with this model that you can find on others.

The Brondell Swash 1400 is loaded with lots of features and functionality, so there are only a couple of omissions left off this unit that you can get in other bidets.  First of all, if you are looking for a unit that has an automatic opening and closing lid and seat, you aren’t getting that with the Brondell Swash 1400.  Other models, specifically the popular TOTO S550e and the Kohler Novita BH90/90, are the models you’ll want to choose if you want the auto open and close functionality.  Another feature not found here is the enema wash feature.  The Bio Bidet BB 2000 as well as the older BB 1000 model are both equipped with an enema wash feature that can be useful for people with certain medical needs.  These Bio Bidet seats also have stronger wash sprays compared to the Brondell and other models.  If you need a model with an enema wash or stronger spray pressure, and don’t think features like a sittable lid or user presets are important, then the BB 2000 may be a better option for you. 

Here is our head-to-head comparison of the Brondell Swash 1400 vs Bio Bidet BB 2000

And here is our head-to-head comparison of the Brondell Swash 1400 vs. TOTO S550e

Final Thoughts on the Brondell Swash 1400

The Brondell Swash 1400 bidet toilet seat is a fully-loaded model which includes several user-friendly features that make it one of the most popular models available.   The upgrades that Brondell has added to this latest in their Swash series makes the Brondell 1400 one of the best-equipped seats on the market.  The sittable lid and spray width adjustment are unique features that make this model stand out, not to mention the user-friendly functions like the Auto feature, two user presets, night light and deodorizer.  Brondell is a well-regarded brand within the industry, and compared with similar quality units with similar features, the Swash 1400 is very competitively priced.  Brondell also offers an optional five year extended warranty for $99, so they stand behind their product.  Overall the Brondell 1400 Swash series will continue to be one of the most popular bidet seats thanks to its combination of great features and options in a high-end model at a very reasonable price.


Product Specifications:

brondell swash 1400 specifications


Read:  bidetsPLUS' Brondell Swash 1400 Review

View:  Owner's Manual:  Brondell Swash 1400 (.pdf)


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Warranty Information
Q: Is electricity required for the bidet to work?

A: Yes, the Brondell Swash 1400 and all of our electric bidet toilet seats must be plugged into a standard 120V GFI outlet in order for any of the features to work. The power cord extends from the rear left side of the bidet as you are facing the toilet, and it is approximately 4 feet long.

Q: Do I need to hire a plumber to install?

A: The bidet seat is designed for do-it-yourself (DIY) installation and does not require a plumber. Most customers can install the bidet in about 30 minutes or less. All of the installation hardware needed for installation comes with the bidet, including a T-Valve and bidet hose for connecting to your existing water line as well as a mounting kit to install on top of your toilet.

Q: Do I need a hot water connection?

A: No, the Brondell Swash 1400 and other electric bidet seats heat the water internally. The bidet uses a tankless system for instant and continuous warm water that stays warm for as long as you wash. You should only connect the bidet to a cold water line. Connecting to a hot water line is not necessary and may damage the bidet.

Q: What is the weight limit?

A: The weight limit for the seat is 330 pounds. And unlike most bidet seats, the Swash 1400 has a lid you can sit on with a weight limit of 270 pounds.

Q: Can I return it if I don’t like it?

A: Bidet seats are hygienic products and typically are not returnable once they have been installed, however the Brondell Swash 1400 is covered under our 30 Day Risk-Free Trial. So you can return the unit if you are not satisfied with it by contacting us within 30 days of your purchase date.

Q: Can I use the bidet as a regular toilet seat if I don’t want to use the bidet functions?

A: Yes, if you don’t activate the features through the remote control, you can simply use the toilet as you normally would.

Q: What if I have a problem with the bidet?

A: The product is backed by a three year limited warranty from Brondell. You have 100% coverage of parts and labor during your first year of ownership, and then 75% during year two and 50% during year three respectively.

Q: Is it hard to use the different features?

A: All of the features are operated through a remote control which comes with a wall mounting kit so you can place the remote wherever is most convenient. To use the wash functions, you simply press either Rear or Front to begin the wash you want, and you can press the Stop button at any time to stop the spray. Making adjustments to the water temperature, pressure and nozzle position is done the up and down arrows on the remote which are marked. Most people find the remote very simple and easy to use.

Q: How do I clean the bidet seat?

A: We recommend using warm soapy water and a soft cloth when cleaning the surfaces of the bidet. Avoid caustic cleaning chemicals as they may streak or scratch the plastic of the bidet. The seat also has a nozzle sterilization feature which uses silver oxide to sterilize the wash nozzle. You can use a brush to clean the nozzle more thoroughly as well, though you do not need to regularly do this as there is a self-rinsing feature that cleans the nozzles with a pressured wash of water before and after use.

Q: What is the difference between the Swash 1400 and Swash 1200?

A: Brondell’s most popular bidet seat by far is the Swash 1400, which looks the same as the Swash 1200 but has some important differences. For example, the 1400 includes a popular oscillating wash function which moves the nozzle back and forth during the cleaning cycle for a better wash and larger area of coverage. Many users utilize the oscillating wash every time they use the bidet. Another feature on the 1400 not available on the 1200 is the warm air dryer with adjustable air temperature. Other notable features missing from the 1200 include a built-in air deodorizer, nozzle sterilization and a stronger warranty (one year vs. three year limited warranty).

Q: What color is the Brondell Swash 1400?

A: The Swash 1400 is available in a standard white color like most bidet seats, and there is also a beige color option. The beige color, also referred to as “biscuit” is a light beige that matches toilets that are beige or biscuit colored. The beige option is an additional $99.00.

Q: What is the width adjustment feature?

A: The Brondell Swash 1400 has a unique width adjustment not found on other bidet seats. The feature allows you to change how wide the stream of water is during the washing cycle. The stream width is initially set to the narrowest setting, and to adjust the width you simply press the button marked “Wide Spray” on the remote control. There are three width settings that increase width each time you press the button until you are at the widest setting. Pressing the button again while on the widest setting will change the spray back to the narrowest stream setting.

Q: What does it mean that it has a twin nozzle system?

A: Some bidets use a single nozzle for both posterior and feminine wash. The twin nozzle system of the Swash 1400 uses two separate nozzles, one for posterior wash and a separate nozzle dedicated for feminine wash. Some people prefer having separate nozzles for the different wash functions, but functionally speaking the single nozzle and twin nozzle systems both provide exceptional cleaning for both posterior and feminine needs.

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Reviews (108)
  • 5
    Everyone loves it.

    Posted by Charlie Calcasola on 11th May 2020

    My wife has wanted one for years and I refused to get one, then with the shortage of toilet paper because of Covid19, I would get into conversations about buying toilet paper, I was amazed how many friends and neighbors actually had bidet seats in their homes. So, I did my research and came up with the Swash 1400, I am glad I did, we are very happy with it, and will be buying additional units for our other bathrooms within the year. My youngest Daughter has Crohn’s disease and this is great for her, I should have bought one years ago.

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400

    Posted by Mike on 7th May 2020

    It is a really impressive. I never would have thought about using it before but I would never go back to tp. Very sanitary for the lady of the house. Always used to have uti issues. No more. For me?? clean! Thank you.

  • 5
    Great bidet seat, easy install

    Posted by joe e on 6th May 2020

    Brondell Swash 1400 was easy to install and after a few days of getting used to it, a fantastic addition to daily life. is an awesome company to do business with. I called and had a conversation with support before making my purchase. Helped me understand how vendors stacked up.

  • 4
    Great seat

    Posted by Sam Junno on 28th Apr 2020

    Wish the front wash wand was a tad longer but all in all love the clean feeling. Very comfortable.

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400

    Posted by Karen Berelson on 14th Apr 2020

    This is our 2nd bidet. The 1st one got left behind when selling our house. Instead of ordering online I called. It was a busy time with everyone hoarding tp with the covid 19. I received a call back and got the bidet ordered. Salesman was very polite and personable and remembered my previous order. Very happy with our purchase. I personally think this bidet has the best array of options and is worth the money especially when on sale!

  • 5
    Swash 1400

    Posted by MisInfo on 11th Apr 2020

    Love it! Great product, works well.
    I no longer HAVE to go to the bathroom, I GET to go!
    Besides the obvious of not needing TP, one also feels shower fresh all day.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by AJ on 8th Apr 2020

    Great addition to our bathroom, but hard to go to the bathroom anywhere else now. Loaded with features and adjustability and the night light was not expected but it is handy for sure!

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400

    Posted by Christopher Morton on 7th Apr 2020

    This is a great improvement over previous Swash bidet seats. Installation is super easy with excellent instructions. The improved features, including night light, are welcome. Saves immensely on irritation in sensitive regions, and on tissue usage. Well worth the money, and bidetsPlus offers excellent pricing and service.

  • 5

    Posted by Gary R. Osendorf on 6th Apr 2020

    This bidet is beyond our expectations. I wish we would have done it sooner. Very easy to install. Great value.

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400 -

    Posted by Kathy on 3rd Apr 2020

    Absolutely LOVE everything my new bidet! Great features, as advertised & easy to install!

  • 5
    Best hygiene

    Posted by David Bourgeois on 3rd Apr 2020

    Best hygienic product for the bathroom. Thoroughly cleans and dries. Love it

  • 4

    Posted by Craig Wallace on 31st Mar 2020

    The front wash position does not extend far enough forward.

  • 5
    Swash 1400 - Essential Stress Relief for these times.

    Posted by Rick S. on 25th Mar 2020

    I bought a Swash 1400 for our home at Christmas a couple of years back. Our whole family loves it. Our vacation home is in an area where plumbing freezes - so I have been holding off on the purchase. My wife often comments on how much she misses the heated seat. The current shortage of TP was the final inducement to work out the drainage issues and get my second Swash. When the box was delivered, the wife started beaming and asking when I was going to install her new throne. The installation will require a bit of cleanup before next winter - a slightly shorter right angle feedline and a slightly longer power cord - but it works great. The wife is happy she will have her heated seat and I am not stressing over the TP supply. Great quality, great product, fast delivery, great customer service (thanks Mark) and a great price with the BidetsPLUS discount.

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400

    Posted by Robert Shirley on 19th Mar 2020

    Easy installation and well written instructions in general. The nightlite feature is great and the over all performance of the unit is flawless.

  • 4
    Swash 1400

    Posted by Pokemon on 18th Mar 2020

    The only issue is the connection plate to attach to the toilet is too wide. I realize it creates more stability, but it creates a difficulty to cleaning toilet under it. Also, its width reduces the hole size of the toilet seat. There needs to be a simple way to turn the night light off. I have tried about 10 times following the manual and it simply does not turn off. The nightlight light needs to be reduced in intensity -- dramatically! Notwithstanding these comments, the wash streams, drying and all functions are much superior to Kohler's product.

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400

    Posted by Ken Beckett on 3rd Mar 2020

    Very nice overall. Relatively easy to use, does the job well. Warning: the round model leaves less room for men than a standard round toilet because of how the seat slants up at the back, moving you forward a bit. I do NOT recommend for men (get the elongated model, even if you have to change your toilet). The 'feature' of dribbling some water out every time you sit down is annoying and seems very unnecessary (should do this perhaps the next time or two after actual use, not every time). The night light could use a dimmer function.

  • 5
    Oh my Brondell

    Posted by Nancy F on 18th Feb 2020

    Love my new Brondell. Works as advertised and looks great in my bathroom. Had some friends over and they asked about my glow-in-the-dark (night light), high-tech toilet seat. I imagine you will be hearing from them soon!

  • 5
    Great bidet seat

    Posted by Alice on 8th Feb 2020

    We love our Brondell 1400. It was super easy to install since we already had the plumbing and electrical done for our previous seat (from a different manufacturer). It functions well and the nightlight is a great feature. Of course, so is the heated seat, especially at this time of year. I highly recommend this seat and Bidets Plus - terrific customer service and really quick responses to questions or requests.

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400

    Posted by Dale W on 29th Jan 2020

    We hoped when we purchased the Swash 1400 that it would be a great addition to our bathroom. It is. At first we thought this might be an expensive toy. But after a day or two to get used to it, it is great. No itchy rear end from to much toilet paper. The best item we have purchased this year.

  • 5
    Swash 1400

    Posted by CT on 28th Jan 2020

    Great product. We have a smaller bathroom so opted for this model because you can sit on the lid (unlike the others). Wash features work well and I like there are two nozzles - one for front wash and another for rear wash. So far so good!

  • 5
    Swash Washes Great!

    Posted by JR on 14th Jan 2020

    Works great and a welcome addition to our bathroom. Owning a bidet for the first time is a lot like owning a cell phone for the first time. Once you have one, you'll never want to be without. Can't believe I used toilet paper my whole life. What a discovery. Can't imagine going back to toilet paper. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400

    Posted by Tammy Hernandez’s Review of Brondell Swash 1400 on 6th Jan 2020


  • 5
    Where has this been my whole life?

    Posted by Jack L on 4th Jan 2020

    I read so many good reviews on this product so gave it a try. Now that I have one I must say it's hard to describe the experience of washing with water. It's so hard to describe but TRUST ME - it is SUCH an improvement over wiping with dry paper. Once you have a bidet you realize what you were doing wrong your whole life.

  • 5
    We feel like royalty on this throne!

    Posted by Matthew Romain on 4th Jan 2020

    I installed the Swash 1400. Installation was straight forward and needed no specialized tools, Nothing complicated. It is sturdy but still has a sleek design. This bidet is amazing. It washes comfortably with your choice of water temperature, stream width and water pressure. It even dries you off with warm air! I can tell we'll be using way less toilet paper. It even has two customize-able presets, so our child can have his own button, all set up for his small size. This model cost a bit more, but we're very glad with our choice, as we love all the features: heated seat, oscillating wash, warm air dryer, and replaceable deodorizing filters, and the Eco mode which turns off the power when not in use. This is a 5 star luxury bidet, and we feel like royalty!

  • 5
    SWASH 1400

    Posted by Kelly on 1st Jan 2020

    Great unit for a wonderful price.

  • 5
    Super happy

    Posted by Johanne Caron on 31st Dec 2019

    I am super happy with the Brondell swash 1400 product. Very hygienic functions appreciated by everyone at home. Easy to install and several useful functions. Great customer service for delivery.

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400

    Posted by Wade on 26th Dec 2019

    The Brondell 1400 bidet is a definite step up for my Wife and I. We previously had a manual lux bidet, which we'll be moving downstairs, that worked great for us, but did not have much in the way of additional features. The Swash 1400 looks great in our bathroom, was very easy to install and has worked flawlessly. I continue to use all the features, and especially like how it can be "dialed in" in order to provide the best cleaning on an individual basis. This process is continuing for me, but I am extremely pleased so far with its' effectiveness and ease of use.

  • 4
    Easy install

    Posted by Gabe on 26th Dec 2019

    I bought two of these. I am NOT a very handy person. With the instructions and online video I did both in just under an hour...most of my time was spent reviewing instructions to ensure I was doing the connections correctly. Only negative to the s1400 function is that it does not have automatic seat. My bad for not buying a bidet with the feature. All other functions including remote are very good.

  • 5
    swash 1400

    Posted by Everette Blosser on 26th Dec 2019

    This is the second bidet we have had from Brondell. we moved and left one behind. nice to get another one. overall great product.

  • 4

    Posted by LAURA HOULT on 20th Dec 2019

    I love this product. I had researched ahead and bought the toilet recommended but it actually doesn’t fit that well. I could have bought a much cheaper one and it would have fit better. Other than that I am completely happy.

  • 5
    Love my new Brondell Swash 1400!!

    Posted by Carla Wimsett on 20th Dec 2019

    I recently purchased the Brondell Swash 1400 to replace another brand bidet which had quit working. The Brondell Swash 1400 has all the upgraded feature I wanted plus more at a great price and was so easy to install. It took me only an hour to get it set up and working. Love the night light - no more turning on glaring lights in the middle of the night. The Brondell bidets are among the few which allow a person to sit on the lid. How would you handle it if a guest unknowingly sat on the lid (of another brand) and broke it? With a Brondell, you don't have to worry about it. I did a lot of research and comparisons before choosing the Brondell Swash 1400. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a bidet with all the upgraded features at a great price.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Marina C on 17th Dec 2019

    This is a third bidet we purchased from bidetplus and the second Brondell Swash 1400. We love our new bidet, clean look, great performance and the blue light in the bowl a great feature Brondell added- helps to navigate at night. Now every bathroom in our brand new home has a bidet.

  • 5
    Couldn't believe installation was so quick and easy . It took me about an hour !

    Posted by Bob Campbell on 13th Dec 2019

    From the minute my butt touched down on that warm seat till now , I'm lovin my bidet .What a wise choice I made!!!!

  • 4
    Brondell 1400

    Posted by John Grob on 20th Nov 2019

    This model does everything advertised. We have two toilets and I refuse to use the one without this seat. I love my Brondell

  • 5
    Nice upgrade

    Posted by Leland on 20th Nov 2019

    We've had the Brondell Swash 1000 for several years and wanted to get a second one but saw that this new 1400 model was out. It's got some nice upgrades like the user presets (I prefer the water cooler, but my wife likes it warmer) and the night light is really useful as I go to the bathroom more at night as I age. It's a nice upgrade from the Swash 1000 but still feels very familiar. Would recommend.

  • 5
    Brondell - swash

    Posted by Bob on 15th Nov 2019

    I did a lot of research before purchasing and am very pleased with the unit. We have become so used to it that we purchased a second one for our vacation house!

  • 5

    Posted by MS on 15th Nov 2019

    Great bidet seat. Loved the first one so purchased another for my second bathroom. Need I say more?

  • 5
    Life Saver

    Posted by Christina Salinsky on 10th Nov 2019

    I purchased this bidet For my mom who is suffering from rectal cancer. She has had multiple surgeries, chemo and radiation. Unfortunately, the disease has taken it’s toll. She has constant irritation and incontinence. Her solution was to shower after every trip to the toilet. (which was up to 30 times a day). This resulted in raw irritated and bleeding skin. She had resigned herself to a life of pain & suffering. But after installing this bidet she said within 3 days her skin has completely healed! She has been suffering for over a year & this has literally saved her life! She is so grateful for the bidet. I can’t thank you enough.This has truly changed her life and will continue to make her quality of life so much better. I just wish I had thought of it sooner! Thank you for your product & customer service! Life changing!

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400

    Posted by Marina on 6th Nov 2019

    Great product. Easy to install and works well.

  • 5
    Great bidet!

    Posted by MaryEllen Koettel on 4th Nov 2019

    My husband couldn’t imagine ever using this but he just loves it. Brags on it all the time.

  • 5
    Brondell 1400

    Posted by Anil Chopra on 4th Nov 2019

    I recently installed Brondell1400 for my mother's bathroom. She recently had a stroke and could not take care of her activities of daily living. This product was delivered to me in time by bidet plus and the gentleman I talked to was very helpful which left no doubt in my mind that this was the product to buy. It is such a blessing for my mother. Anything which simplifies life is worth every penny!

  • 5

    Posted by Glen on 25th Sep 2019

    My wife is recovering from Rectal Cancer treatment and surgery. The seat has made her much more comfortable in her recovery. I'm not the handiest of people yet the installation was simple (even for me!). We have already recommended it to many of our friends.

  • 4
    I'm Still Glad I Bought This

    Posted by Pam on 3rd Sep 2019

    I have no regrets about buying this, but it disappoints me that some of the things it says it will do it doesn't. I have tried all day, with help from the company, to set my settings and save them to User1. It clearly says you can set both rear and front settings to one button named User 1. My bidet toilet seat will not do this. I program rear and then program front, and front cancels out the rear settings and vice versa. I have one thing different from the two settings and that is the pink width setting for the front when I have the blue width setting on the rear. I was told by a very nice young woman that it might be operator error. I do not believe that is true. If I can program one side, I can program both rear and front. If I start with rear or front, the last one cancels out the first's settings. This is not what it is supposed to do. I feel like I might have gotten a faulty toilet seat, but I paid (because I wanted to make sure it was done right) my plumber to install it. I don't feel like paying again to get a replacement for my toilet seat.

  • 5
    Our first bidet and very satisfied with it.

    Posted by Herminator on 24th Aug 2019

    It worked as advertised. Installation was easy and all the parts were accounted for. Remote control was easy to use also.

  • 5
    Love the bidet

    Posted by Ken on 6th Aug 2019

    Great bidet! Good fitting seat, stable for my 210 pounds...
    Easy to operate. We don’t use the presets. Just as easy to push a button that is desired.

  • 5

    Posted by Marie on 27th Jul 2019

    I am extremely happy to have found this site. As a physically challenged individual I was struggling mightily in my personal care. This has been a godsend. As soon as my mother saw it, she too wanted one. Effective and easy to use, very customizable.

  • 5
    Very good bidet

    Posted by Li on 26th Jul 2019

    First time user and it is very good. Easy to install. Powerfull and warm water. Easy remote control. Only issue is air dry make seat hot and can not 100% dry.

  • 5

    Posted by Bob on 26th Jul 2019

    Impressive - purchased swash 1400 and it works very well - really like the spray width adjustment. Installation was easy - directions clear and simple.

  • 5
    A good value for the money.

    Posted by Michael on 8th Jul 2019

    My wife is very pleased with the Brondell Swash 1400. I have only used it once. She has upcoming surgery and it will be a lifesaver for her. It took me a little longer to install it due to the fact that I have Parkinson's Disease but I managed so If I can do it most anyone can. The heated seat will be really nice this winter.

  • 5
    Love my bidet

    Posted by CL on 2nd Jul 2019

    Got mine over a month ago, love my bidet. It has the 2 user's setting so that you don't need to keep adjusting the temperature between users. Cleans well and use of toilet paper is less. Round is right size for me but if you're a big person, you may need the elongated one, but this will depend on your toilet size as well.

  • 5
    Best Bidet Ever!

    Posted by Gisela on 24th Jun 2019

    This is the second Swash Bidet I have bought in the last year. They are both Brondell Swash Bidets and I love them both. The 1400 has the added feature of programing it for 2 users and that is a huge improvement as both my husband and I use it. Thanks, Brondell for making such a terrific and reliable product!!

  • 5
    Best Ever

    Posted by TM on 4th Jun 2019

    Great bidet, features 2 personal settings so you don't have to mess with setting it up to your needs every time. My wife and I really like this feature.

  • 5
    Love this product

    Posted by M. Denman on 30th May 2019

    I never thought I would want a bidet toilet but recently experienced a Toto in a rental house. We didn't want to have to replace our two toilets so the Brondell product was perfect. Easy to install and use.

  • 5
    Best Purchase Ever

    Posted by Claire Pisor on 24th May 2019

    Just installed our new Brondell 1400 and so far, so good. Water pressure is perfect, adjustments of nozzle position accommodate both of us perfectly. Love that you can program it, but don't have to. Our other bidet seat (not a Brondell) finally broke after 12 years and the industry has made wonderful advancements. Love the sterilizing feature and the stainless nozzles. Easy to install.

  • 5
    Improved our quality of life

    Posted by KH on 13th May 2019

    We are very pleased with the product and feel it has improved our quality of life.

  • 5
    Best Restroom Time

    Posted by Happy on 13th May 2019

    Having had the experience of the bidet toilets in Japan we opted to install our own and find the product and experience gratifying. It is hygienic and comfortable resulting in reduced stress.

  • 5
    Our favorite bidet

    Posted by Sunshine Girl on 15th Apr 2019

    We tried a couple bidets and the Swash 1400 is our favorite. First, for quiet operation because it does not run water unless you sit on it. The other one noisily sprayed water at intervals day and night as well as while you sat on it. Next, we like the separate deodorize function with refills. We like the pressure sensor so the Swash 1400 only sprays the bowl when you sit on it. The other one sprayed the bowl anytime anything moved within three feet of the distance sensor.

  • 5
    Forget the paper

    Posted by Art on 4th Apr 2019

    The Brondell Swash 1400 is my second home bidet. The improvements in design over the last six years are evident. Front and rear nozzles with better cleaning, sterilization and instant warm water come to mind. Even the seat is more comfortable and secure. Installation was relatively easy for the non plumber I am. I had more trouble removing my previous bidet than installing the Swash 1400. (Don't ever use metal to secure the seat to the commode. It rusts!) I highly recommend the Swash 1400. I wish I could take it when I travel.

  • 5
    Great bidet

    Posted by Alice on 1st Apr 2019

    Installing the Brondell Swash 1400 was a breeze and it has been performing well ever since! I especially like the water hose that came with the Brondell - much less obtrusive than my old one! I also like the safety feature that makes sure someone is seated before the washing starts.

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Mar 2019

    Easy to install and easy to use. Just love it.

  • 5
    This is what we needed

    Posted by Ron Walter on 28th Feb 2019

    Ordered the Brondell Swash 1400 arrived in less than a week. Installed the seat had to wire an outlet for the seat, best thing ever. Can’t be more happy. After using this seat for better than a month now I’ve decided we should have installed the seat along time ago.

  • 5
    Thought I’d like it... but I don’t, I LOVE IT!

    Posted by Les Bovee on 24th Feb 2019

    Brondel Swash 1400 ... Delivery was fast, I live in Alaska so was surprised how soon it arrived. Installation what’s a snap, good instructions and a video on YouTube that shows how simple it is. Wish I would’ve done this year‘s ago but I am happy now with my purchase.

  • 5
    This is what I want

    Posted by Athena on 23rd Feb 2019

    After a business trip to Japan, I really want to have a bidet seat at my own bathroom. Finally I got time to do the on-line research, and settled on Brondell S1400. It has all the features I want: sterilization, unlimited warm water, deodorization, etc. The cleaning function is excellent. It is very easy to remove the seat to clean the toilet bowl. I have it installed for 3 months, and very happy with it.

  • 5
    The top of the line - for a reason

    Posted by Bob B. on 19th Feb 2019

    I like the Brondell Swash 1400 for its warm water sprays and the heated seat. The unit is sturdy under a 320 lb guy. I did turn the night lite off (thanks for that option) but the seat is a great system. I’ve used bidet seats for 5 years and this model is the best so far. I’ll buy more when my others reach end of life.

  • 5
    This is exactly what I have waited for over the years

    Posted by Prof. Kantha on 25th Jan 2019

    I am a professor and as part of my research and teaching duties, I have visited many countries such as Italy, England, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Korea and India very often, attending conferences, conducting research campaigns and delivering invited seminars at universities. In the year 2000, I visited Japan with my family and at that time, these Bidet-type toilets were just being introduced. In the Orient and in Europe, it is normal to use water for cleansing and not toilet paper, since it is regarded as more hygienic. Now you can find such toilets almost everywhere in japan. Anyway, we decided that we would get these Japanese toilets for our home. Unfortunately, there were no nearby electrical outlets and the expense of installing them and the Japanese toilets themselves made us wait. But this year, we had a new house built for us and we made sure all bath rooms have electrical outlets near the toilet. Then we looked around for a suitable unit. This product fit our needs best. It was relatively inexpensive and very easy to install myself. It has all the features we wanted, especially sterilization, except perhaps automatic lid closing. It is closest to what I find in four and five star hotels in Japan during my visits. It has the additional convenience of a remote unit to operate the toilet (Japanese toilets have this built into the side of the toilet and it is often quite awkward to bend, read and push appropriate buttons). We also bought a unit for our sons' new house as well. It has been a month now and so far so good. The units look classy and have worked very well. I don't think we will ever go back to using toilet paper!
    Good, relatively inexpensive product worth having.

  • 5
    BidetsPLUS & Brondell = five stars!!

    Posted by DL on 14th Jan 2019

    I originally purchased a basic Brondell bidet and loved it so much! I decided to purchase the Brondell 1400 and am completely happy with the unit!!! Bidetsplus has provided excellent service with all aspects of my transaction like a five star hotel! You can’t lose with Bidetsplus and Brondell! Excellent service and product equals a winning combination!!!

  • 5
    Why did I wait so long

    Posted by Vic on 3rd Jan 2019

    Excellent product. Have thought about getting a bidet seat for a long time. Now that I have it - I waited much too long. Did a lot of research on brands and we're very happy with the Brondell.

  • 4
    First timer

    Posted by Wolfgang on 2nd Jan 2019

    Been thinking about a bathroom remodel and upgrade for some time. Finished the project with a Brondell Swash 1400. I can only say should have done this years ago, what a sweet upgrade. Clean like a shimmering mermaid.

  • 5
    Life changing! (Seriously)

    Posted by Laura on 4th Dec 2018

    After doing hours of online research, I decided on the Brondell Swash 1400. The unit was very easy to install AND easy to use. I now own TWO!

  • 5
    Tried others and this one is good

    Posted by MM on 6th Oct 2018

    Given the cost spread between competing models and experience with other brands, I find the Swash a good value and good quality. I hope to get years of service from it.

  • 5
    Worth Every Penny

    Posted by littlehapa on 25th Sep 2018

    I was worried the round seat would be too small, but it is not. My main reason for purchasing from Bidets Plus was their 30 day money back policy. The bidet features are great, the dryer air is warm. I had never tried one before buying, but i will never go back to just paper. Great product.

  • 5
    Wish I hadn't waited so long to buy one

    Posted by Joan M on 12th Sep 2018

    Should have bought one years ago

  • 5
    Just healthier

    Posted by Dave on 6th Sep 2018

    We have owned our 1400 for 3 years now. It has worked flawlessly other than the occasional time we have had to reboot it by unplugging it and plugging it back in. (twice in three years). It is very well designed for people with any kind of digestive track issue this is a godsend. You feel clean and pain and irritation free.

  • 5
    Brondell Swash 1400 Will Pay for Itself

    Posted by TS on 20th Aug 2018

    I first decided to buy a bidet seat when I read rave reviews about bidets on a Facebook ad for a toilet paper brand that ships directly to your house. Instead of switching the way I buy toilet paper, I decided to change the way we use toilet paper. BidetsPlus has a return policy that is hard to beat, so there wasn’t really anything to lose. It was a good decision. The main person who is benefitting from the Swash 1400 bidet seat has severe ulcerative colitis (10-15+ restroom breaks a day). Needless to say, our toilet paper bill has been on the high side. Since installing the seat (which was super easy BTW), he has rarely had to use toilet paper…and then only when he wanted to go ahead and dry off rather than let the blower do the job. In less than a year, our savings on toilet paper will pay for the bidet seat. Also, he is much more comfortable in a certain area since he doesn’t have to scrub with paper anymore…and he says he feels super clean down there all the time now. He gives the seat a rating of five stars. The second user of the bidet seat has normal colon function. He was reluctant to try it, but now says he uses it. He hasn’t given up toilet paper altogether, but he does say using the bidet seat along with toilet paper gets him cleaner than using toilet paper alone. His rating is 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend the Brondell Swash 1400. It has bells and whistles you don’t want to miss out on. It also helps that we have an electrical outlet very near the toilet. We’ve had it for about a month now. So far, nothing has gone wrong it. I chose the Brondell over the Toto because Brondell seemed to have more for less than the cost of a Toto…and because Brondell has stainless steel nozzles. The reviews for Brondell were good as well. BidetsPlus comparison chart was a huge help in choosing which seat to try. I’m glad I chose the Brondell Swash 1400, and I’m glad I chose BidetsPlus to purchase it from.

  • 5
    Got it on sale adding to it value!

    Posted by Wayne on 20th Aug 2018

    I was introduced to the Bidet seat while visiting Tokyo. Came home and had to have one. Very happy with the Brondell 1400

  • 5
    Best Bidet for your money

    Posted by Ravi on 16th Jul 2018

    I recently purchased my second Brondell Swash 1400 from BidetsPlus. I am entirely pleased with Brondell Swash 1400 as a product and BidetsPlus as the vendor. I bought the second of these based on the performance of the first unit over the past 6 months. I bought the first based on extensive research. The features of Brondell Swash 1400 are terrific, and the controls very intuitive. The only unknown is its reliability, which can be known only over time. If this product continues to perform as it has been for the next several years, I would be totally pleased. BidetsPlus has been terrific to deal with; price, ease of ordering, on-time/ as-promised delivery, and follow-through. Though I haven't had a need yet (thanks to Brondell for it), I expect that if I do need to have any issues resolved about this Bidet, BidetsPlus will be there to give me the great customer service, that every reviewer is raving about!

  • 5
    Swash 1400 Best!!!

    Posted by Leon on 22nd Jun 2018

    The Swash 1400 is my new best friend (You may laugh)! It does everything it says and well. Trust me! I've been using the 1400 for over a month now. With my Metformin medicine and the "messy' that it makes, the Swash is a god send. Water temp, pressure, and drying positions controls are perfect. If I must find a criticism, the enlongated seat model will cut the original toilet opening by half; not a problem for me being a large tall guy. The oscillating head control move only 2 positions...would be nicer if moved 3 positions but you can do it manually like I do. Pay the extra money for the 1400. The drying is unbelievable. !

  • 5
    Great Bidet

    Posted by Georgia Van Wormer on 22nd Jun 2018

    We had discussed remodeling a bathroom to add a standard bidet when I discovered this this product. It is a perfect solution without having to remodel. First unit had a faulty sensor and had to be swapped out for a replacement, which they did quickly. This unit is a solution for cleaning areas that are difficult to reach for people with physical limitations or mobility difficulties, whether permanent or temporary. It cleans the perineal and rectal areas very well. Exactly as advertised.

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by VC on 20th Jun 2018

    I visited Tokyo recently (while on a business trip), and finally had the opportunity to use bidets. When I returned home, I decided to look into getting one for our master bath. After comparing the Brondell Swash 1400 and Toto S550e online, I decided on the Swash 1400 mainly due to the price, the stainless steel spouts, and the lid you can sit on. We have been very happy with it! It was easy to install, looks great, is comfortable to sit on, and works very well. My suggestions for the next generation would be to extend the front wash spout further, and also to have a motion sensing night light that only turns on when it senses someone is near (currently the night light is always on or always off, so we just leave it off). Overall, we are extremely happy with the purchase! I'm sure the Toto would have been great too, but with the sale on the Swash it was almost half the price so I am very pleased!

  • 5
    So clean!

    Posted by JS on 18th Jun 2018

    We purchased our first bidet (swash 1400) and have been very pleased! It was a breeze to set up with everything needed included in the box (with the exception of an electrical outlet). It leaves you feeling very clean afterwards. The dryer could use a bit of work, but if you sit long enough it does the job. Also, all cards on the table, my wife finds it to be helpful with her monthly menses. The kids are still apprehensive but will learn to like it! If you are hesitating, stop and spend the money. It is much more sanitary then using paper to smear around what should be washed off.

  • 5
    Why doesn't everyone own one of these!

    Posted by David on 15th Jun 2018

    I am nearly 50 years old and had never used a bidet until I bought this three weeks ago. I hope to never be without one ever again.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by HC on 4th Jun 2018

    2nd one of these I bought for a different location. Very high quality and lots of functions. Cleans very well.

  • 5
    Brondell wins again!

    Posted by Mike L on 14th May 2018

    I was looking to replace my Brondell Swash 1000 with a newer unit and had purchased the Blooming unit instead of the Brondell. Well, what a disappointment that was! I quickly returned the Blooming and ordered a Swash 1400 hoping it would be as good as the 1000 model, and it's Fantastic!!! So happy with Brondell!

  • 4
    Love it but.....

    Posted by Otto on 16th Apr 2018

    Ok I bought the Brondell Swash 1400 as my first bidet. I absolutely loved it! I never felt so clean. It’s so much more hygienic than using toilet paper. The warm water and warm seat feel nice. I also like the nice warm air dryer. Oh and the blue light is pretty cool also at night. So I was very much loving my new bidet! Then just two weeks after I installed it the warm water stopped working. I contacted bidetsPLUS to report the problem, and they responded to my email right away. They gave me some trouble shooting steps to try and resolve the problem but nothing worked. I still was not getting any warm water. They gave me contact information for Brondell. Brondell sent me a new Swash 1400 right away, and I should be getting it tomorrow. As soon as I get it I’ll Fedex the defective one back, and yes they send me a prepaid FedEx label. I may have received a defective Swash 1400, but I have to admit that the customer service from BidetPlus and Brondell have been excellent! I emailed both of them about my defective Swash 1400, and they both responded quickly. Brondell sent my new Swash 1400 either that night, or the very next day. When I ordered my Swash 1400, I ended up purchasing another one later that same day for my parents for their anniversary in May. I ordered them an elongated one, and the one I ordered for myself was round. The day after I ordered them online a representative from BidetPlus called me to confirm that I meant to order two bidets. I thought that was pretty cool that they called to make sure that I meant to order two, and that I didn’t somehow order two by mistake. Great customer service! I received both bidets quickly!

  • 5

    Posted by MARK & JOANNE Schermerhorn on 31st Mar 2018

    We love our Brondell 1400 bidet. This bidet toilet is 100% great buy and very healthy hygiene health. When anyone comes to our home they want to know all details about the Brondell 1400 product. I tell my family and friends to go online and read all about the product. I have to say my daughter purchased the Brondell product and feels the same way. Her parents feel we thank the company we received great service and I rate this a 5 star rating. The company was there to answer your questions and even send your order free that’s just great service. Thank you.

  • 5
    Very pleased.

    Posted by Colin on 28th Mar 2018

    I have been wanting to purchase a bidet but was waiting to find one with great reviews. I was sold on Brondell after talking to a sales associate at my local hardware store. He recommended Model 1400 based on his own experience of past eight years. I had to get help for adding an electrical outlet in the bathroom. Other than that, everything went smoothly. Very nice addition to our master bathroom (hopefully, soon in the guest bath). Don't know how we got along without this addition before. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Most practical product

    Posted by Audrey Kroft on 23rd Mar 2018

    This bidet is great and it's so practical given you'll use it EVERYDAY! How many things do you buy that hardly get used? Just a wonderful addition to our bathroom. Looks sleek and love the night light which makes the bathroom look high tech. Washing with water has been a welcome change to my life. I didn't know what I didn't know. But now I have a bidet, now I know!

  • 5
    Clean and Neat

    Posted by Abby on 22nd Mar 2018

    Very satisfied with the Swash 1400. It has helped cleanliness and is comfortable and easy to use. I recommend it if you want a clean, neat and easy bidet experience.

  • 5
    Bodacious bidet

    Posted by Jim on 18th Mar 2018

    Top of the line. All the bells and whistles. Highly recommend it. Swash 1400

  • 5
    Very good

    Posted by Mike Rocklin, CA on 6th Mar 2018

    I have been used this Brondell product for years, love it. This is the 4th one in my house, work great.

  • 5
    Complete Satisfaction

    Posted by Ravi on 27th Feb 2018

    Not having bought bidets before, but having used them often during trips to far east Asia. I decided to get one myself and did some extensive research. I zeroed in on Brondell Swash 1400 from BidetsPlus. I am completely satisfied w/ the product but even more impressed with the keen attention to everything customer-centric by BidetsPlus. Not only will I buy bidet seats for my other toilets, but will be sure to buy them from BidetsPlus. I am having electrical outlet installed at every one of them now!

  • 5
    Should Be In Every Home

    Posted by Vincent on 20th Feb 2018

    I bought a bidet seat about ten years ago. We're upgrading the Master Bath and bought the Brondell 1400. What a surprise the improvement the Brondell has over my Toto 300. My wife love the unit and the price. One of the things we miss when on vacation.

  • 4
    My wife loves it

    Posted by Walt and Kris Wogee on 14th Feb 2018

    The seat is easy to install. I used a standard water line rather than the plastic line which looked more likely to fail over time. My wife loves the seat so we have ordered a round model for our second master bedroom/bathroom. We wanted to turn off the night light but after following the directions in the owners manual several times it is still on. I tried the seat and found it less comfortable on the small side but maybe I will like the round seat better. I guess one can get used to how high the seat is towards the back. Toto seems to make the only seat that is not so high but at a much higher price. Seems strange to have an owners manual for a toilet seat and have to keep it close to the toilet in case you need help figuring out how to operate our new toilet seat. We lived in Europe for 9 years and my wife has always wanted a bidet and now she is very happy with her Brondell 1400. The round seat arrived today and I will be installing it over the weekend. We hired an electrician to install the plugs near the toilet for the new seat. We have a third bathroom downstairs which is my throne and we will have to see if it will also get its own bidet seat. Cell phones, watches, computers, and now toilet seats come with more functions that most of will never really need or use.

  • 5
    Amazing product, customer service

    Posted by Sue on 5th Feb 2018

    Tried my sister's Swash 1400 while we were there for Christmas and got quite used to it. Came home and decided I needed one! My sis said she got hers at bidetsPLUS so I gave them a call. Mark, who I spoke to was the most pleasant customer rep you could ever ask for. Placed my order and I had the bidet installed two days later. If you've never tried a bidet before, all I can say is you don't know what you don't know. Life changing.

  • 4
    Two Thumbs Up!

    Posted by Paulette on 2nd Feb 2018

    This has made a huge difference to my life as a care giver to my husband. It's so easy to install and use and the whole family benefits. However I don't find the frontal clean nozzle as effective as the rear despite moving it around but maybe I need to play around with it some more. I thought the seat opening would have been a little bigger. Fine for us as small people but might be problematic if you are not. On the whole very happy with this innovative product and glad that I was able to get my hands on it. I'm considering purchasing another one.

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by Deb Rowe on 16th Jan 2018

    Great product, works great and pretty easy to install took about 20 minutes.

  • 5
    Where have you been all my life??

    Posted by Barb & Bob on 6th Jan 2018

    This is the second Brondell. Loved the first one, the heated seat was what attracted us in the first place. Of course never felt cleaner too! The light is a bonus. Everything is good.

  • 4
    Nice, great value

    Posted by Bob on 5th Jan 2018

    It is very nice. The toilet is round in the guest bathroom so we needed a solution that was round. All functions are very good. It would have been nice to have an enema spray for more water pressure (would have given 5 stars). The wafer batteries in the remote seem questionable, time will tell if that is an issue. Overall it was simple to install, looks good, low profile on the seat, and works well, at a very reasonable price point. The Wife likes the sanitation function better than our other more expensive brand.

  • 5
    Great addition to our bathroom!

    Posted by Kathy C on 31st Dec 2017

    This is my first bidet so I researched extensively before I bought it. The video I found on BidetsPlus' website was really helpful. After owning it for a month, I absolutely love it. Holy cow why didn't I get one earlier. The warm water wash oscillates the nozzle so you get a thorough wash every time. So much better than wiping over and over with paper when you can just let a spray of water do the job. And the heated seat is just heavenly, particularly here in the Boston winter. Get it. You won't regret it.

  • 5
    Super Dupa!

    Posted by Chet on 22nd Dec 2017

    Bad headline pun aside, we're happy with our purchase so far. It's installed in a half bath where a true bidet installation wasn't an option--now I'm thankful it wasn't. Overall, the Brondell Swash 1400 bidet seat is much better an actual bidet. The heated seat, stainless steel wands, integrated nightlight, back and forth spray option, rear or front spray option, sterilization, immediate warm water, dryer and air deodorizer filter, etc. make for a wonderful experience. The step-by-step installation video on was reassuring and helpful. The install took less time than expected and was very easy. We recommend the Swash 1400 without reservation. We purchased the inline water filter even though we have a Kinetico water softener system. The claim is that the Swash 1400 and its heater will last longer by installing it. Since the filters cost so little for the benefit they provide, it makes sense to add this to your cart. At first, we felt a slight rise in the back of the seat, but we don't really notice it now. One possible future upgrade: It would be nice to have a dimmer on the blue night light.

  • 5
    Columbus Ohio

    Posted by Virginia on 22nd Dec 2017

    My husband always raves about the Japanese hotel toilets whenever he travels to Japan on business so a Swash 1400 was a perfect Christmas gift! We both love it.

  • 4
    Wish tried earlier in life

    Posted by Marie R on 28th Nov 2017

    I brought the Swash 1400. Both my husband and I really love having the bidet. It is nice to wash after using the commode. Every time we use the bidet we feel so much more clean. The only thing I would change is it needs more water pressure (personally preferred). However, it does a good job and we would recommend to everyone. We do not understand why this is not a common seat on all commodes. It must be the cost, but it is worth the money to use this from childhood. We will never do without a bidet again. Americans need to be educated on the bidets.

  • 4
    All's Well That Ends Well

    Posted by Josh B. on 20th Oct 2017

    Great product...but: the remote is hard to read with our 75 year old eyes. Owned the Toto S3000 for 12 years. Repaired once for $125, but when it failed again I read many reviews on You Tube and settled on the Brondell 1400 because it won most comparison tests, and was half the cost of my Toto. The stainless steel wands are most hygienic--one for the bidet and one for the Mrs. My wife loves the "Blue Grotto" color of the water (night light). Here's hoping the Brondell lives up to its promise.

  • 5

    Posted by Carolyn on 16th Oct 2017

    Our first bidet seat and we're not going back! How wonderful this toilet seat is. It has a warm toilet seat and warm water and warm air dryer. Winter's already starting to set in and it's just heaven in the bathroom. You don't realize until you wash with water, how bad toilet paper is. I can't believe I was doing that my whole life. The warm water wash is just the best.

  • 5
    Great Seat

    Posted by Rebecca on 29th Aug 2017

    Works great. I have had it for several weeks and I actually do look forward to the experience. It doesn't fully dry you so a pat dry is needed. All in all great and easy on your bottom.

  • 5
    Worth the upgrade

    Posted by Renee on 25th Aug 2017

    After owning the Brondell Swash 1000 for 4 years, we decided to get a second one. But when we started shopping we saw the Brondell Swash 1400 was released so decided to get the newer model. There are some important upgrades that we didn't even think to have - like the night light which is really convenient to have. The user-presets are useful between me and my husband too. The body of the seat looks a little cleaner/crisper and moving the power cord to the same side as the water connection was well thought out.

  • 5
    Bum Wash at its Best

    Posted by Marlon on 27th Jun 2017

    Can't say enough about the Swash 1400. Rarely do people say they look forward to going to the bathroom but you will if you have the Swash waiting to give your Bum a Wash. I recommend to everyone I know.

  • 5
    Very pleased

    Posted by JR on 4th May 2017

    We pre-ordered the Brondell Swash 1400 and received it a bit early. Having used it for a week now, we are very pleased with our purchase. Works like a charm and adds a high-tech look to our bathroom. We had some guests over and they were impressed too. Great product by a great vendor.

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