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Brondell Swash 1000 Halloween Spooktacular Sale is Here!
  • Regularly priced at $599
  • Please note $479 special price cannot be combined with other coupons

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Operated with a wireless remote control, the Brondell Swash 1000 offers sleek lines and a contemporary look.  Equipped with twin stainless steel nozzles, one nozzle is dedicated for posterior wash while the other nozzle is dedicated for feminine wash.  Unlike Brondell’s previous generation models, the wash nozzles on the Brondell Swash 1000 are completely adjustable so you can find the nozzle position that best suits your body.

There are several other upgrades as well.  Activate the “Move” feature which moves the nozzle back and forth beneath you, widening the cleaning area.  Adjustable spray-width controls allow you to choose between a wider, softer spray or a more narrow, concentrated spray.  The nozzle sterilization feature uses a powerful silver oxide nano particle treatment system which effectively sterilizes the wash nozzles.  And unlike other models with a flimsy lid, you'll find a study lid that’s strong enough for you to sit on.

Other features include a warm air dry which helps with residual moisture after washing.  You also get a warmed toilet seat which is great during the winter (and can be turned off during the summer months).  This unit also comes equipped with an automatic air deodorizer, slow closing seat and lid, and an eco power saving mode which decreases energy consumption when not in use.

Available in white and beige.  Also available in 220/240V.



Brondell Swash 1000 Features:



Editor's Note:

We are pleased to have the Brondell Swash 1000 in our product line up.  The Swash 1000 marks a significant upgrade over Brondell’s previous generation model, the Swash 800.  We’ve tested and reviewed a lot of bidets, and the Brondell Swash 1000 is one of the top models available today.

For our official write-up of this seat, you can click herebidetsPLUS' Brondell Swash 1000 Review.  But for a summary of quick-hits on this model, you can continue reading below.

Operated with a wireless remote control, the Brondell Swash 1000 works with two stainless steel wash nozzles.  One of these nozzles is dedicated for posterior wash, while the other nozzle is dedicated for feminine wash.  Nozzle position can be adjusted as well, so you can find the nozzle position that best suits your body.  Stainless steel wash nozzles are hard to come by in other models, and are an example of the industry-leading features available in this seat.

Wash features can be further customized.  Adjustable spray-width controls allow you to choose between a wider, softer spray or a more narrow, concentrated spray.  You can also adjust the water pressure independent of spray-width setting, so find the right combination of settings just for you.  Enjoy a continuous warm water wash with its tankless water heating system.  Adjustable water temperature is an included feature as well, so you can wash at a comfortable and relaxing temperature.

Non-wash features include a warm air dryer, which helps fan away excess moisture remaining after your wash.  There is also a built-in air deodorizer which removes unwanted odor and freshens up your bathroom.  The temperature-controlled, heated toilet seat is another popular feature.  And the power saving mode decreases energy consumption when not in use.

This bidet seat also has a lid you can sit on.  This is a rare feature, as you can’t sit on the lid of most other bidet seats in our store.  The lid and seat are soft-closing as well, so no more slamming toilet seats!

With all of these features, you can see why this model is at the top of the class.  We hope you’ve learned more about the Brondell Swash 1000.


Product Specifications:



Read:  bidetsPLUS' Brondell Swash 1000 Review

View:  Owners Manual:  Brondell Swash 1000 (.pdf)  large file, please be patient - 14 MB


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Warranty Information

Three Years Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:

* 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase
* 75% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the second year from original date of purchase
* 50% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the third year from original date of purchase

Optional - Five Years Manufacturer's Unlimited Warranty (add $99):

* 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the five years from original date of purchase

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  1. Very well built bidet

    Posted by Timothy Hill on 20th May 2014

    I am very impressed with the Swash-1000. It works excellent. I would recommend your products hands down.

  2. Even my wife loves it - (a miracle)

    Posted by Jerry Levitz on 1st May 2014

    Upon researching (Google) I came across this bidet, Brondell Swash 1000 found the description and reviews very interesting...and too, as others noted, liked the 30 day trial.
    Installed late December 2013, it's been "serving it's purpose" perfectly every day since. Find it's user friendly, the remote is convenient and many options are wonderful. Love the temperature and spray adjustments, find that I seldom use the dryer. I use a baby wipe instead to finish. (I have no patience)
    Installation was easy, highly recommend this product.
    As I said, even my wife loves it - and truly, that IS a miracle.

  3. GREAT bidet seat

    Posted by TS on 1st May 2014

    My second bidet, my first electric...it's fantastic. It has all the options and appears to be the only seat that would accommodate sitting on the lid. While I don't do this, it does make for a very sturdy seat, it definitely feels like a quality product.

    My wife is not a fan, but it's installed in "my" bathroom. She came out of my bathroom the other day and said "that thing is HEATED!!??...get me one" she'd buy it just for the heated seat function! The only thing missing from almost all bidet seats is a programmable memory. High initial cost, but it is something you use daily. Warranty seems to be among the better warranties offered in the market.

  4. So practical, great invention

    Posted by KN on 14th Apr 2014

    The warm seat has been great with the cold weather have been getting this year. I will buy other.

  5. My first bidet

    Posted by Phil on 29th Mar 2014

    I am having my second shoulder replacement surgery next week. Most likely I will not have a arm that can reach my back area. That was the reason for the bidet. After using it for three weeks I truly do not understand WHY I did not own your product with two GOOD shoulders. VERY VERY HAPPY!!

  6. Love it!

    Posted by Dianna on 27th Feb 2014

    Finally got my bidet hooked up and I wonder what took me so long to get it. The warm seat has been great with the cold we have been getting this year. I feel so pampered.

  7. Cannot Live Without It

    Posted by Jasmina on 6th Jan 2014

    The concept is perfect. I love sitting on a warmed seat and being washed without having to touch anything. After having one for only a month, I decided that I needed it in the other bathroom as well. I have not had it long enough to comment on durability.

  8. Pleasantly Surprised

    Posted by Connie on 25th Nov 2013

    My 18 year old son has IBD and his doctor recommended a bidet since his skin was starting to break down from going so often. He was hesitant as the concept sounded "weird" to him. I went with Bidets Plus because of their 30 day guarantee, not wanting to waste that much money if he refused to use it. After the first use my son said it wasn't nearly as "weird" as he thought it would be and now he actually says he loves it and doesn't want to go anywhere else. I'll end up saving enough in toilet paper to eventually pay for it.

  9. This bidet seat beats out Toto

    Posted by Roxanne on 21st Nov 2013

    Our Toto went out after ten years. Dismayed I got on the web and found the Brondell Swash, then decided to take a chance on it being that I could return it in 30 days if I didn't like it. Found it is better than the Toto we had. Love it.

  10. Brondell Swash 1000 Review

    Posted by Margaret on 15th Nov 2013

    We've had the new Brondell Swash 1000 installed at our mothers assisted living apartment for about 6 weeks now. My mother is 87 and was a little tentative but is now loves her new bidet. She has not had a UTI since getting her new bidet set up! The hardest part was training her care givers on how to use it. I have done all the training now and happy to say its a hit! Thank you!

  11. Culture Shock - Look Mom No Hands

    Posted by jlw on 15th Oct 2013

    This is my second bidet toilet seat. I must admit it's difficult to spend this much money for something you use maybe only twice daily. But, as I have found, these are a worthwhile expense. I like the Brondell better than my first seat. The water stays warm all they way through the cleaning. It has adjustable locations, pressures, spray widths and temperature. Very comfortable. It has a deodorizer, and a powerful blowdry fan. The installation is quick and easy. Just a couple of hand tools. The water connections are metal, not plastic like my other seat. I liked buying from bidetsPlus because I could compare different brands with different features. My seat arrived quickly. I liked the price. This has been a pleasant experience. Thanks...

  12. Good solid product

    Posted by Simon on 21st Sep 2013

    This is our first bidet and we love it. Great features. We've had it for about two months now.

  13. Laughing now at how afraid I was to use it the first time!

    Posted by RW on 16th Aug 2013

    This is a awesome product! The easy part was installing it. The part that initially scared me was pressing the wash button (did not know what to expect). The people who designed this product should be given a raise because after just one use I was hooked on always using it, in fact I hate using regular toilets now. I have now progressed to the next level of sanitation and am loving it. Thanks so much this was the best investment for our bathroom remodel.

  14. Life-Changing

    Posted by Doris T. on 18th Jul 2013

    The progress of my physical disability motivated me to find an alternative to toilet paper. How I wish I had done this years ago. Installation was performed quickly and easily by my plumber. There was really no nead to read the instructions. The remote control is easy to figure out.The Swash 1000 works great. Water pressure is adjustable and strong. Water temperature adjust quickly because of the instant heating. My husband uses a different temperature and it's easy to switch. I was worried about driving however the dryer is more than adequate. A serious chore has become almost a pleasure. The product appears to have a quality build and I hope to use it for yours come. Thank you.

  15. I like it

    Posted by Thu Nguyen on 25th Jun 2013

    This product is the best. Everyone who want your life better and healthy should get one of this product. I am talking to my friend and family to have at least one in their house. It comfort, hygiene, and relax. Thank you.

  16. THE BEST

    Posted by Amber on 18th May 2013

    We really are impressed with the Brondell Bidet 1000 that we purchased! Installing was very easy and it workes just as the company has said. We would recommend this company and their products to everyone!!

  17. Happy Wife...Happy Life!

    Posted by Tommy & Aileen on 30th Apr 2013

    I built my wife her own private bathroom. It has a telephone and a 14" LCD Television. But it all pales in comparison to this bidet; the Brondell 1000 was the crowing center piece. Once I got it installed (30 min) and made sure it did everything it advertised; the wife grabbed her iPad and closed the door. That was the last I saw of her. I miss my wife....I know she is happy though! I may have to get one for my bathroom too.

  18. Brondell Swash 1000

    Posted by Phil on 8th Apr 2013

    We just finished remodeling our bathroom and the final touch was the addition of a Brondell Swash 1000. The Bidetplus website was a great help in deciding which unit to install and I can offer we are most satisfied with the Swash 1000. Installation was relatively uncomplicated. I called customer support with one question; they were immediately available and knew their product. The remote control is excellent as well. I recommend this model. (Our only challenge was trying to explain the details of the bidet to our young grandchildren. They had some funny looks on their faces....)

  19. Installed easily works great

    Posted by Rob on 1st Apr 2013

    Works great. I'm glad I went with the 1000. We really use the additional features

  20. Does everything we hoped it would do!

    Posted by J. G. MA. on 25th Mar 2013

    The first unit we received was defective from the factory. Made a call to BidetsPlus and the customer service rep shipped us a replacement unit immediately and they paid the return freight.

    The new unit works very well. This could have been a customer service nightmare but BidetsPlus rose to the occaision and made it a very positive experience.

    Thank you to BidetsPlus - I would definitely recommend them and would certainly buy from them again.

    Gave 4 stars rather than 5 only because the first unit was defective - second unit is excellent!

  21. Great product!

    Posted by Michelle on 12th Mar 2013

    Easy to install and does everything advertised. Should have purchased last year. Don't wait, get it!

  22. What Took So Long?

    Posted by Steve on 26th Feb 2013

    Finally was able to afford this luxury(?) This should have been a priority long ago. If you care about personal hygiene, then I would urge you to purchase this bidet. Never thought that this would be something I would use or need... WRONG! It's just become part of our lives like brushing our teeth or showering. It's about cleanliness, ease and comfort. From purchase to installation to use, could not have been better. A great product and I would definitly recommend it. Can't say how it will hold up but it seems well made.

  23. more then we expected

    Posted by Mark & Lynn on 26th Jan 2013

    We really enjoy our brondell swash 1000, its amazing how they can fit all those features (heated seat, adjustable spray patterns, drier, etc.) in such a small seat. The seat was easy to install, an electrical plug nearby not so easy. So if you can't do electrical yourself, pencil in a electrician $$$$. My only concern is, that everything keeps working as good as it is now, for a long time.

  24. Brondell Swash 1000

    Posted by Jay on 9th Jan 2013

    After using the public restrooms in the Narita (Tokyo) Airport my wife and I commented on the electronic bidets we were able to use. The Brondell is a fully-optioned bidet, with a relatively long warranty. It is a decadent pleasure that adds cleanliness to our lives! Since I have no basis for comparison, I don't know how it shapes up against its competition. It works well, IMHO. I'd get another down the road when/if this one wears out. No need to go for the expensive Toto.

    I'd like to compliment BidetsPlus on their excellent service. Their website is one of the best anywhere, and the service matches this high quality. I requested pickup at their LA office and they were very accommodating.

  25. Very Please for the Brondell Swash 1000

    Posted by Trung Nguyen on 2nd Jan 2013

    A complete satisfactory for a well-thought engineering product. So easy to install. All the features work well as they're designed: sturdy/contour seat and lid (love the delicate soft landing when you close them); spray-patterns/pressure, nozzle position adjustment, and water temp adjustment all work in harmony; the air deodozizer works wonderfully too. Water intake filter also a plus for keeping the unit operational longevity. Regret that why we procrastinated for so long to own one...

  26. We love it

    Posted by HapP on 6th Dec 2012

    I have used the old, cold water bidets that are separate units. Everyone I know hates the older type separate units. The Swash 1000 is a great product. The unit was easy to install, requiring only minutes. I had an outlet placed near the unit, so cord length was no problem. Plumbing was easy. The seat is always warm, pleasing my wife. We had been trying to use baby wipes, which are irritating. This unit is perfect for cleaning the sensitive body tissues in that area. Everyone should have one of these units on at least one of the toilets in their house.

  27. Great Product!

    Posted by Tracy Wilke on 21st Nov 2012

    We've had our Brondell Swash 1000 for a little over a month now and I've never been one to write product reviews but I just had to write about my new bidet seat! We were over at a birthday party for my daughter's friend and they had a bidet seat in their bathroom. I had heard about these before but never saw one in person. I figured what the heck and took it for a spin. It was definitely a new experience! The first few seconds was pretty odd at first since it was my first time but I quickly saw the value in it as the warm water was actually pleasant and I just felt cleaner afterwards. I ended up doing some research online which led me to BidetsPlus. After looking at their comparison chart and videos I decided on the Brondell Swash 1000 and am very pleased with my purchase. Works as advertised and haven't had any problems so far. It's just a better way to go to the bathroom and now I understand what all the fuss is about. Do yourself a favor and get the Brondell Swash 1000 - you'll be glad you did!

  28. Very happy customer. Glad we did it.

    Posted by Mary Anne on 13th Aug 2012

    I was apprehensive at the overall cost at first but now after a month of use we would not want to live without it and feel it was one of the smartest 'home improvement projects' we invested time & money in. It was easy to install and we see the features on the Brondell Swash 1000 are superior to other bidets I’ve seen. Certainly this a case of 'little things mean a lot' and my advice to anyone else would be to bite the bullet and not scrimp. My husband is more of a believer than I am, with this being his favorite birthday gift ever and one of the only he has not had buyers remorse after the fact.

  29. Superior to the Swash 600 and other

    Posted by Craig on 23rd Dec 2011

    The Brondell Swash 1000 is definitely the right choice for a bidet seat. We have had a Brondell Swash 600 for almost 5 years and were very happy with its performance. When the seat broke we were devastated (maybe a little dramatic, but not far off). When I started doing research again I was going to go ahead and buy another swash 600 even though they were discontinued (some web sites still have them available). To me the others did not compare. Most web sites had the swash 1000 for $100 or more than the 600. When I found the 5% discount on bidets plus web site I could not pass it up (we paid $569 and free shipping). Pro's (2) stainless steel wands (I did not want my wife using the same wand for front and back like most other Bidets). The no tank water heater produces instant hot water, which is superior to the 600. I DID NOT get an initial spray of cold then warm, the water trickles out then is warm when it sprays. The back and forth motion (you can select on the remote) keeps you from having to adjust to get fully clean and the adjustment for Wide spray is great. The fan is superior to the swash 600 and the wands are recessed back so that they do not get dirty like the 600 (oh did i mention they were stainless steel which is much more sanitary than plastic). The sterilize function and deodorize functions are nice also and again make this superior. The seat is more sturdy than the 600(which cracked in 2 years, just small hair line, but it cracked). Hook up was simple. Con (not much of one and you will have it with all other bidets) the power cord was moved to the opposite side and was short by 5 inches of getting to my outlet. We have been putting all our electronics on surge protectors and had neglected to put one on our previous bidet. Hence the 5 inches was taken care of by the surge protector and i have more peace of mind that the electronics are protected (even though it is on a gfi plug). I would also mention i was going to send this seat back before my wife thought of the surge protector. When I spoke to customer service about the short cord they were all that you would ever want, they offered to help (which i wont get into how), but they also reminded me that i had 30 days to return the product if their suggestion did not work. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the quality product, great price, 30 day return policy and very helpful and friendly customer service. I will be recommending Bidets Plus to anyone I can.

  30. Brondell Swash 1000

    Posted by Rochel on 25th Nov 2011

    After recent visits Rome and Japan, my wife and I were so impressed with the bidet concept that it became a "must have." I thoroughly researched toilet seat bidets and eventually found the Brondell Swash 1000. It has everything we wanted, and more: comfort, easy remote operation, adjustable washing positions, extended washing and drying times and many other features not found in other bidet toilet seats. I have recommended the Brondell Swash 1000 to all of our friends and relatives.

  31. Top model

    Posted by Robert on 16th Nov 2011

    After spending many months in Japan where toilet bidets are the norm, I gained quite an appreciation for the comfort and hygiene that these toilets offer. I wanted a high quality brand for reliability with features such as the heated seat and heated massaging water spray. After much research I bought the Brondell S1000 and have been delighted with it.
    Great product.

  32. Buying from Experts

    Posted by David Riddle on 5th Oct 2011

    When I started researching Bidets, I was overwhelmed by the various features and terminology. The discount "club" featured one, but no one could explain the various features, and how one model differed from another.

    A fortunate internet search turned up BidetsPLUS which actually had videos so I could see the various models in simulated action. Armed with a list of questions, I called their office. The rep really knew the fine points of the various models, and I ended up deciding on the Brondell Swash 1000.

    The installation was easy and the unit worked as promised - maybe even more than "promised". Many of the functions are automated, so the learning curve is small. Being small itself, the unit doesn't take up any more space that the old regular seat.

    If your goal is to be able to get squeaky clean in luxurious comfort I highly recommend BidetsPLUS.

  33. Swash 1000... great product!

    Posted by Gina on 7th Sep 2011

    I do a bit of business travel in Asia where these bidet washlets are everywhere. I've wanted to get one for a while, so finally did some research and decided to get the Swash 1000. Couldn't be happier. Installation took about 30 minutes, and we were up and running. The wash functions work well and pretty impressed with the seat so far. The remote control comes with a magnetic wall mounting kit which is convenient. Overall, I'm very pleased with my Swash 1000 and SO happy that I finally got one!

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