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The Blooming NB R1570 is Blooming's newest and most fully-featured bidet seat to date.  The updated body design gives the NB R1570 a sleeker and more modern look, and the wireless remote control has a user-friendly layout of the various operating buttons.  It offers a hybrid water heating system for continuous on-demand warm water with adjustable water temperature.  It also has adjustable water pressure and adjustable nozzle position for both the posterior and feminine wash cycles.  This model utilizes a single stainless steel wash nozzle and, like most high end electric bidets, has a self-rinsing nozzle function to keep the nozzle sanitary. Another update to the exterior design is the 90 degree water inlet so that the hose supplying the water extends downward rather than outward for a cleaner look.

One of the most unique features added to the Blooming NB R1570 is the automatic opening and closing lid function.  A sensor detects when someone approaches the unit and automatically raises the lid and then will close the lid down after leaving the vicinity of the toilet.  You can also raise the seat portion with a button on the remote control which will then also put the seat down automatically after use for a hands-free experience.  In addition, the lid is also weight bearing so you can sit on the lid.  This makes the NB R1570 the only bidet with BOTH a lid you can sit on AND an automatic open/close seat and lid.  It is a truly unique combination.

Other wash features on the NB R1570 include an oscillating wash feature that moves the nozzle back and forth during either the posterior or feminine wash cycle.  This is a popular feature since the back and forth movement allows the wash stream to reach a larger area during washing.  There is also a pulsating massage wash function that alternates the wash spray from high to low pressure for a soothing effect.  This unit does not have user presets, but it will retain the most recent settings used.  The remote is simple to understand and use making it easy to adjust settings as desired.

The Blooming NB R1570 has several non-wash features included as well.  A night light illuminates the bowl area making it easier to see when going to the bathroom at night.  The heated seat has three temperature settings and is a must-have feature during cold winter months.  The built in air deodorizer helps reduce odors from the bowl area, while the warm air dryer helps with residual moisture after washing.  There is also an auto clean feature that will initiate a wash cycle followed immediately by an air dry cycle with one button.  The wall mounting kit for the remote allows you to place it on a wall or nearby surface so you can operate it conveniently without needing to hold it in your hand. 

The Blooming NB R1570 comes with a three year 100% warranty, and fits most elongated size toilets.  With all of the updated features packed into the NB R1570, this is hands down the best model yet from Blooming. 

Available in elongated size only.


Blooming NB R1570 Features:



Blooming NB R1570 Features:

blooming nb r1570 specifications


View:  Owner’s Manual:  Blooming NB R1570 (.pdf)


Warranty Information
Three Years Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty (included): * 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the first year from original date of purchase * 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the second year from original date of purchase * 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the third year from original date of purchase
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