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bidetsPLUS is an authorized dealer of Blooming bidet seats.  We're proud to carry the line of Blooming bidet seats here at bidetsPLUS!

A unique element of the Blooming NB-R1063 is that it was designed to be compatible with pretty much any toilet you can find.  This was a big breakthrough for the bidet seat industry.  Prior to the Blooming bidet seats, most bidet seats would only fit two-piece toilets.

A two-piece toilet is where the water tank and toilet bowl are actually two separate porcelain pieces.  Then, these two pieces are bolted together to form one toilet.  Bidet seats fit on two-piece toilets quite easily, as there is plenty of room between the back of the toilet bowl, and the front of the water tank, which is where the rear of the bidet to sits.

Things get tricky with the one-piece toilet though.  A one-piece toilet is when the water tank and toilet bowl are made of “one-piece” of porcelain – the entire toilet is one seamless piece.  Often times, one-piece toilets have limited space between the back of the toilet bowl, and the front of the water tank.  This problem is made worse because one-piece water tanks usually have a curve to them, further limiting the space where the rear of the bidet should sit.  Blooming bidet seats however, have been designed to fit even on these one-piece toilets.  As mentioned above, Blooming bidet seats will pretty much fit any toilet you can find.

And the great part of it all is, Blooming bidet seats still have all the features you would expect to find in a top-tier bidet seat.  Blooming bidet seats include posterior and frontal wash functions, including all the adjustability components like being able to customize water pressure, water temperature, and the position of the wash nozzle.

Additional features of Blooming bidet seats include a warm air dry, a heated toilet seat, and a slow closing seat and lid.  They even have a convenient LED night light, which illuminates the entire toilet bowl with a nice, warm glow.  Now you won’t have to blind yourself in the middle of the night turning on the lights in your bathroom!

To learn more about Blooming bidet seats, check out the Blooming product pages we have available on our website.  Also be sure to watch our video review featuring the Blooming bidet seats – it’ll probably answer a lot of the questions you might have.  Thanks for checking out the Blooming bidet seats available right here, at bidetsPLUS!


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