Do Bidet Toilet Seats Pay For Themselves?

18th May 2021

If you have ever been through the home buying/selling process, you know that all of the small upgrades and additional amenities make a huge difference to buyers. That is why bathrooms are one of the most commonly enhanced rooms, and bidets are one of the hottest upgrades you can purchase. As more people catch onto [...]

How To Customize Your Bidet Seat

18th May 2021

Modern bidet toilet seats are chock full of outstanding features, but the most important one may be the adjustable settings on all of these features. When taking a shower, you can choose things like a hotter or cooler temperature, or a gentle spray or stronger spray depending on your personal preference. In a similar way, [...]

The Eco-Friendly Nature of a Bidet Seat

18th May 2021

Despite not having the largest population, Americans consume more toilet paper than any other country in the world. And it’s not just sheer volume - we are also at the top of the list when measured per person. Unfortunately, this is not a category where you celebrate ranking first when you look at the [...]

The Positive Impacts of Using a Bidet

18th May 2021

Using a bidet is a vastly better cleaning experience than wiping with toilet paper on a daily basis. Countless reviews have expressed the benefits of a bidet, whether they prefer the soothing comfort of a gentle spray or the clean feeling from a strong stream, bidet users agree washing with water is a major upgrade [...]

Top 10 Reasons To Get a Bidet Seat

18th May 2021

Although more consumers have started to catch onto the bidet trend, many people are still a bit unclear about what exactly a bidet seat is and what all it does. We believe that everyone should know what a bidet toilet seat can add to their life, and that is why we have compiled our top [...]

9 Things You Didn’t Know a Bidet Seat Could Do

14th May 2021

Here at bidetsPLUS, we spend our days advocating the benefits of bidet toilet seats, and what we’ve found is that many consumers are unaware of the luxurious features beyond simply spraying water that are available on bidets. Sure, it’s a fact that water out-cleans toilet paper, but there is so much more to a modern [...]