Biggest Hurdles to Buying a Bidet Toilet Seat

07th Oct 2021

What’s stopping you from ordering a bidet seat? Is it the price, or maybe you are uncomfortable with the switch from the habit of wiping with toilet paper? Whatever is holding you back, we hope to clear the air and help you feel confident about tossing the TP and purchasing a bidet seat. Follow along [...]

5 Reasons Why Bidet Seats Are Great For People with Disabilities

07th Oct 2021

There are countless reasons to get yourself a bidet seat, but they can be more of a necessity for some individuals who suffer from a disability or physical limitation. Whether you are elderly, have an injury, are pregnant, or are limited for any other reasons, bidets can help you get better cleaning with more independence. [...]

Wireless Remote Control vs Side Panel

05th Oct 2021

Modern bidet toilet seats are operated in one of two ways: either through an attached control panel on the side of the unit, or through a wireless remote control. For anyone who is new to the world or bidets, you might wonder, what are the pros and cons of an attached control panel versus the [...]

Mistakes When Buying A Bidet Toilet Seat

04th Oct 2021

Purchasing a bidet toilet seat should be an exciting time, but there are a few things that can put a damper on your experience. Follow this guide to make sure you avoid the most common (and frustrating) buying errors and help the experience go smoothly. One of the most important first steps is to make [...]

Personalizing the Spray of your Bidet

11th Sep 2021

Bidet seats are starting to become a popular addition to the American bathroom, and for anyone who has used one it is easy to understand why. Replacing the less-than-pristine act of wiping with washing with water is more hygienic and a more refreshing way to clean yourself. And with the technological advances within [...]

Bidets a Better Option than Flushable Wipes

29th Jul 2021

When toilet paper started to disappear from store shelves last year, many Americans started looking for viable alternatives. To the surprise of many, there actually are alternatives to wiping with toilet paper which has been ingrained by most Americans as the only option. Some started using flushable wipes in place of toilet paper. [...]