Toilet vs Bidet: Why You Need Both

08th Jun 2022

Technology around bathroom hygiene has evolved tremendously over recent years. And as a result, modern bidets are now a practical and more common addition to bathrooms not only in America but all over the world. What exactly is a modern bidet, though? Does it replace my current toilet? Or is it an addition to my [...]

Do Bidets Have Dryers? 5 Best Bidets With A Dryer Feature

06th May 2022

A bidet wash system is one of the most useful improvements you can make to your restroom, with endless features, a sleek design, and astonishing health benefits. The drastic improvements in the hygiene department, steady toilet paper savings, and increased comfort are usually enough to make people ecstatic for the switch. But there is a [...]

Why Are Bidets Popular?

05th Apr 2022

With recent toilet paper shortages and the inflating price of consumables, it’s no wonder that Americans are switching to bidets. The low running cost of bidets and assurance that your family's hygiene is covered are two great reasons for bidets' popularity, but there is so much more! The real question is, why doesn’t every household [...]

Using a Bidet Seat

05th Apr 2022

How A Bidet WorksBidets are highly useful for numerous reasons, but to get comfortable with the transition, you must understand how bidets work. You may find it helpful to investigate all of the available features, too!Installing The BidetBefore you can use a bidet, you have to mount the system to your existing toilet. While it [...]

What Are Bidets Used For?

05th Apr 2022

Times are changing and toilet paper is increasingly outdated. Bidets have come a long way over the past decade or so and are much more affordable than before. With countless bidet models for any budget and household, it's time to learn about their true potential.Although bidets have been around for years now (the original bidet [...]

The Hidden Costs of Toilet Paper

09th Mar 2022

Have you ever gone to the bathroom and found an empty toilet paper roll waiting for you? You first thought might be something to the effect of, “Am I the only person who knows how to change the roll?”, followed by a common second thought of, “Didn’t I just change the roll?” The fact is [...]