Do Bidets Use Warm Water?

29th Aug 2022

If you're thinking about switching from toilet paper to a bidet, having warm water could seriously impact your decision. While cold water is fine for some, warm water bidets offer a superior level of luxury and comfort. Once you have the ability to control your water temperature, you'll never give it up.How Does A Bidet [...]

Are Bidets Better Than Toilet Paper?

12th Jul 2022

Bidet lovers will tell you that there is no comparison between toilet paper and a bidet- it's a game changer. However, it's understandable that people need a pretty good reason to halt their toilet paper usage. Instead of having the toilet paper debate again just to buy a new pack tomorrow, let's find out why [...]

Where Are Bidets Common?

11th Jun 2022

Bidets are used in many countries around the world, which may be hard to believe with North America's dependency on toilet paper.The Divide Between Toilet Paper & Bidets Have you ever wondered why the U.S is so stuck in its ways when it comes to using toilet paper? It's probably because the preference has been established [...]

Toilet vs Bidet: Why You Need Both

08th Jun 2022

Technology around bathroom hygiene has evolved tremendously over recent years. And as a result, modern bidets are now a practical and more common addition to bathrooms not only in America but all over the world. What exactly is a modern bidet, though? Does it replace my current toilet? Or is it an addition to my [...]

Do Bidets Have Dryers? 5 Best Bidets With A Dryer Feature

06th May 2022

A bidet wash system is one of the most useful improvements you can make to your restroom, with endless features, a sleek design, and astonishing health benefits. The drastic improvements in the hygiene department, steady toilet paper savings, and increased comfort are usually enough to make people ecstatic for the switch. But there is a [...]

Why Are Bidets Popular?

05th Apr 2022

With recent toilet paper shortages and the inflating price of consumables, it’s no wonder that Americans are switching to bidets. The low running cost of bidets and assurance that your family's hygiene is covered are two great reasons for bidets' popularity, but there is so much more! The real question is, why doesn’t every household [...]