Looking For The Best Luxury Bidet Seat? TOTO Has You Covered

21st Dec 2022

If you want the most advanced, functional seat for your bathroom, look no further than TOTO’s S550e washlet. Superior quality, performance, and a plethora of features make this toilet seat a remarkable addition to any restroom. For anyone who desires the latest and greatest technology, there’s no substitute for the S550e. The Electric Bidet Seat […]

Most Impressive Bidet Toilet Seat In 2023: The TOTO S550e

21st Dec 2022

There are numerous innovative spray systems on the market today, but which one is the best? We have picked our candidate for the most impressive bidet toilet seat available in 2023 based on looks, performance and functionality. Let’s take a look at some of the best bidet seats you can find today! A Throne Among […]

The Best Bidet Seat Of 2023

09th Dec 2022

Bidet toilet seats have jumped in popularity, which is no surprise to anyone. The various pricing, style, and functionality options make it easy to find the perfect bidet for any home or office. With options starting around $50, bidets work for every budget. Look no further if you’re struggling to find a starting point for […]

Creating A Simpler And Greener Bathroom

09th Nov 2022

The effects of human consumption are catching up to us, and it’s time to do our part. An efficient, sustainable bathroom is a great place to start. By working towards an eco-friendly bathroom, individuals can save money and reduce consumption; but when our society goes green, it can save the planet. How Do I Live […]

Bidets Vs Toilet Paper: What’s The Best Solution For Your Bathroom?

28th Oct 2022

The initial convenience of toilet paper made it a popular option compared to using leaves or clumps of grass or your hand, especially in the U.S. Before modern restrooms, dry toilet paper was the way to go, but not in 2022. In a way, using toilet paper today is like someone still using leaves a […]

Health Benefits Of Using A Bidet

17th Oct 2022

If you're thinking about switching from toilet paper to a bidet, having warm water could seriously impact your decision. While cold water is fine for some, warm water bidets offer a superior level of luxury and comfort. Once you have the ability to control your water temperature, you'll never give it up.How Does A Bidet [...]