Basics Of Bidet: Everything You Need To Know

16th Feb 2023

After centuries of normalized toilet paper usage, many are finding out that there’s a much better option to fulfill the cleaning process. Amazingly, the solution has been around just as long as dry toilet paper has, being the standard in Europe, Asia, and various other locations. We’re talking about bidets, and if you didn’t know […]

No Toilet Paper? It’s Ok, I Have A Bidet!

16th Feb 2023

Many Americans are raised to believe that using a bidet is some abnormal,  or even taboo, practice. And because they are so scarce in our country, many of us never get the chance to use them; until there’s no alternative. Many first-time bidet users find themselves unexpectedly impressed by their first bidet experience, and for […]

Why You Should Add A Bidet Seat To Your Bathroom

09th Feb 2023

Installing a bidet in your bathroom can bring several advantages to your daily hygiene routine, including increased comfort, a more thorough cleaning, and better personal hygiene. But that’s not where the advantages of owning a bidet stop. Electric Vs. Non-Electric Bidet Seats Before explaining the advantages of owning a bidet toilet seat, it’s important to […]

Advantages Of Having A Bidet In Your Bathroom

02nd Feb 2023

Bidets were not always so functional and convenient as they are today, but with so many technological advancements and the release of the bidet toilet seat, there are few reasons to keep using toilet paper. Keep reading and discover ten of the biggest reasons to start using a bidet and ditch toilet paper. After one […]

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: 10 Essential Bathroom Updates

02nd Feb 2023

The bathroom is where your day starts and ends, so enjoying the space is important. Bathroom remodeling can add resale value, space, enjoyment, and a wow factor when done correctly. Follow these ten bathroom remodeling ideas to create a new focal point in your home that you won’t mind waking up to. Start Your Bathroom […]

The Power Of E-Water Technology

21st Dec 2022

Electrolyzed water is nothing new; it was actually discovered in the 1700s! In more recent history, scientists have found that e-water has exceptional cleaning properties, offering toxin-free sterilization. Today, this cleaning solution can be found in some of the most sensitive environments, including labs, food preparation facilities, and hospitals. What Is E-Water? E-water, also known […]