Bio Bidet Slim Two

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  • Bio Bidet Slim Two
  • Bio Bidet Slim Two
  • Bio Bidet Slim Two
  • Bio Bidet Slim Two
  • Bio Bidet Slim Two
  • Bio Bidet Slim Two
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The Slim Two from Bio Bidet packs in several great wash features while keeping the price low, making it a great value for anyone looking to add an electric bidet seat to their home.  The single self-cleaning stainless steel wash nozzle provides posterior wash (Wash), feminine wash (bidet), and also a Turbo wash option.  Operated with a wireless remote control, the nozzle position can be adjusted to your personal preference as can the water temperature and spray pressure.  The fusion water heating system uses updated technology for a longer lasting warm water supply compared to traditional reservoir tank systems.

As mentioned above, the Slim Two includes a Turbo wash function in addition to the regular feminine and posterior wash.  The Turbo wash provides a concentrated high-pressure spray designed to help alleviate constipation.  You can activate nozzle oscillation with any of the three wash functions to move the nozzle back and forth during the cleaning to cover a broader area.  Pressing the Massage button during any wash cycle will alternate water pressure from high to low for a massage-like pulsing spray pattern.

The Slim Two includes an adjustable temperature heated seat for added warmth and comfort.  There is also a night light built into the unit which uses an LED light to illuminate the bowl with a soft blue glow.  The wash nozzle is self-rinsing, plus you can also use the Nozzle Cleaning button to rinse and extend the nozzle so you can periodically do a more thorough manual cleaning.  There is also an Eco mode to minimize electricity consumption when not in use.

With the many wash features and low price, the Slim Two from Bio Bidet provides an inexpensive option for adding an electric bidet seat to your bathroom.  Made with updated technology and user convenience in mind, the Slim Two offers all the basics and then some from a well-regarded leader in the bidet industry.


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