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bidetsPLUS is an authorized dealer for Bio Bidet toilet seats, one of the leading bidet seat brands in the industry.  We are proud to carry the product line of Bio Bidet toilet seats at bidetsPLUS!

The newest addition to the Bio Bidet collection is the all new Bio Bidet A8 Serenity.  Powered with a stainless steel wash nozzle, the A8 is an advanced bidet toilet seat with an emphasis on aesthetics and full user-control.  Aesthetic improvements are largely driven by the "uni-body" construction, where the lid completely conceals the seat underneath, resulting in an integrated look with your toilet.  Nearly every feature of the A8 can be adjusted to your specific preferences, providing the highest degree of user control and customization.

The Bio Bidet Bliss series includes the Bio Bidet BB 2000 and the Bio Bidet BB 1700.  The BB 2000 is operated with a wireless remote control, while the BB 1700 is operated with an attached control panel.  These models offer superior washing performance and are fully featured including both posterior and feminine wash functions.  Advanced features on these seats include stainless steel nozzles, a wider spray pattern, and a new, more efficient water heating system.

Bio Bidet's previous generation seats include the Bio Bidet BB 1000 bidet toilet seat, and its little sibling, the Bio Bidet BB 800.  Because these seats have already been out for a while, their long history has shown outstanding durabiliity.  The primary difference between these Bio Bidet toilet seats is that the BB 1000 comes with a wireless remote control, whereas the BB 800 comes with the attached control panel.  The other main difference is that the BB 1000 has a built-in air deodorizer, whereas the BB 800 does not.  Other than that, the bodies of these two Bio Bidet toilet seats are identical, and they offer the same exact function and features.

All Bio Bidet toilet seats are fully packed with all the bells and whistles you could think of for a bidet toilet seat.  Let’s start with some of the wash features – first, these seats use a patented “3 in 1” single nozzle-system.  Three different spray outlets can be found at the tip of a single wash nozzle – one for posterior wash, one frontal wash, and another for the turbo (enema) wash.  So basically, you have a single nozzle that “multi-tasks” and provides three different wash functions.

Wash features for these Bio Bidet toilet seats are fully adjustable.  For example, if the water stream isn’t getting you in the right spot, you can adjust the wash nozzle forwards or backwards until it feels just right.  Water temperature is controllable as well, so you can enjoy a comfortable warm water stream.  Even the water pressure can be adjusted.  With all this adjustability, you can find the right combination of wash settings to tailor Bio Bidet toilet seats just for you!

As for non-wash features - these Bio Bidet toilet seats have those bases covered too.  A convenient built-in air dry helps with residual moisture after washing, and a temperature-controlled, heated seat is quite the luxury.  A slow closing seat (no more slamming toilet seats), occupied seat sensor, and power saving mode are additional features to name just a few.

In addition to the above models, Bio Bidet also has the Bio Bidet BB 600 available.  This seat also has the control panel attached to the body of the bidet (vs. a remote control) and instead of a single nozzle system, the BB 600 has twin nozzles.  One of these nozzles is dedicated for posterior wash, and the other nozzle is for frontal wash.  With that being said, the BB 600 does not have the (third) turbo wash feature like the other Bio Bidet models have have.  The body of the premium models seem to have a slightly sturdier build quality as well.  The Bio Bidet BB 600 has comparable non-wash features though, and is a very good seat overall.  Just a great value from the line of Bio Bidet toilet seats.

For those who may be remodeling or have a new construction home and want a combination bidet seat and toilet together, we offer the Bio Bidet IB 835.  This integrated toilet and bidet system joins the fully-loaded features of a high end bidet seat and seemlessly combines it with an attractive one piece toilet for a perfectly matched fit.

To learn more about the Bio Bidet toilet seats, click thru to some of the Bio Bidet product pages available on our website.  Also be sure to check out our Bio Bidet video reviews as well!


Editor's Note:

You can watch our Bio Bidet review video in the Bidet Reviews section of our website.  In addition to Bio Bidet reviews, you can also watch videos on other bidet toilet seats we carry on our website.

We take careful care in preparing our Bio Bidet reviews, including overviews of design, function, and additional features.  We try to point out subtleties of the bidet seat as well, so you can learn a lot from reading our Bio Bidet review before purchasing it.

These videos are great to get a better feel of the Bio Bidet seat you’re researching.  Our Bio Bidet review video contains shots from multiple angles, so you can see the bidet from various points of perspective.  All videos you find at bidetsPLUS are self-produced, exclusive videos you won’t find anywhere else.  We hope you enjoy reading our Bio Bidet reviews, and learn from each of them!


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