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  • Regularly priced at $399
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The Bio Bidet 600 is fully featured with posterior and feminine warm water cleansing.  Water temperature, water pressure, and wash nozzle position can all be adjusted to suit your preference.  It also has a massage function which oscillates the wash nozzle for a more thorough cleaning.  Water temperature, water pressure, and wash nozzle position can all be adjusted to suit your preference.

After you're done washing, use the warm air dryer to help with excess moisture.  You'll also find a warmed toilet seat which is fantastic during the colder months.  The slow closing seat and lid shuts gently on your toilet without making a sound - no more slamming toilet seats!  It also comes equipped with an occupied seat sensor and a power saving mode.

This advanced toilet seat has most of the features you'll find in the more expensive models, so it's a great value and still carries the excellent Bio Bidet brand and warranty. 


Bio Bidet BB-600 Features:



Editor's Note:

The Bio Bidet BB-600 represents great value.  It has comparable function and features as the more expensive Bio Bidet products, the BB-1000 and BB-800, but at a better price.  It is probably more comparable to the BB-800, however, since the control panel attached to the body of the bidet seat (whereas the BB-1000 works with a wireless remote control).

Here is a link to our official review of this unit:  bidetsPLUS' Bio Bidet BB 600 Review.  But you can continue reading below for some quick hits on this model.

Starting with the wash features, the BB-600 works with a twin nozzle system – it has one nozzle dedicated for posterior wash, and a separate nozzle dedicated for feminine wash.  This contrasts to the single nozzle system of the BB-800, which uses the same nozzle for both functions.  But both models have customizable settings including adjustable nozzle position, adjustable water temperature, and adjustable water pressure.  You'll also find an oscillate mode which moves the spray back and forth, widening the cleaning area. 

Non-wash features include a warm air dry, temperature-controlled heated seat, and soft closing seat and lid.  We would note however, that the air dry is not quite as strong.  Also, the BB-800 seems to have a slightly sturdier build to it.  These two things aside however, the BB-600 works just as well as its more expensive counterparts.


Product Specifications:







Read:  bidetsPLUS' Bio Bidet BB 600 Review

View:  Owner’s Manual:  Bio Bidet BB-600 (.pdf)

CA Residents:  Click here for Proposition 65 warning


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