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  • Regularly priced at $699
  • Please note $524 special price cannot be combined with other coupons
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Bio Bidet BB 2000 Summer Promo Week Ends:  Sun 8/25

The Bio Bidet BB 2000 Bliss Series is one of the latest offerings from Bio Bidet - one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the industry.  The BB 2000 offers some serious upgrades over the previous generation BB 1000, but still carries with it the excellent Bio Bidet brand and reputation.

The BB 2000 further enhances what was already a great product in the BB 1000.  It's almost as though Bio Bidet looked at every feature of the BB 1000, and figured out a way to improve on it.  The Bio Bidet BB 2000 features both posterior and feminine wash functions, but with a noticeably wider spray for a more thorough cleansing.  They have also upgraded the wash nozzle to stainless steel for a more durable finish.  Use the oscillation feature and the nozzle will automatically move back and forth beneath you, extending the cleaning area.  The water pulse feature is another great option to have which pulsates the water stream and provides a massaging effect.


Another enhancement with this model is the upgraded water heating system.  This new "Hybrid" heating technology takes the advantages of reservoir tank heaters, with the advantages of the on-demand instant heaters, and combines them into a single heating system.  This new hybrid heating technology also has a cosmetic benefit as well - the new BB 2000 Bliss is 25% slimmer in height compared to previous generation models, making the unit sleeker looking and more contemporary.

Not only is the unit an all-new design, but the remote control has been fully re-designed as well.  The remote control has been upgraded to include a large LCD display which quickly shows which features are being used and at which setting (e.g., low, medium or high water pressure).  You now have a choice of colors as well - choose a white remote or black remote to better match the decor of your bathroom.

The BB 2000 still has the other features you'd expect in a seat of this class  - such as a heated toilet seat, slow-closing seat and lid, air dryer, automatic air deodorizer, and energy saving mode just to name a few.  Watch the video above to learn more!

Available in elongated size only.


Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Features:



Editor's Note:

With over 15 years of manufacturing experience, Bio Bidet is one of the most recognized brands in the world.  The BB 2000 Bliss Series is their flagship model.  After a successful 10 year run with the Bio Bidet BB 1000, the all new BB 2000 comes completely redesigned with virtually every component upgraded to capture the latest in modern technology.

Here is a link to our official review of this seatbidetsPLUS' Bio Bidet BB 2000 Review.  But we wanted to give you our informal thoughts and write-up below as well.

Installation took about 20 minutes.  Once you get your existing toilet seat removed, it's really easy to secure the mounting bracket - two bolts secure the mounting bracket to your toilet.  Once the mounting bracket is secure, the unit slides onto the bracket and "clicks" into place.  A "T-Connection" or "T-Valve" is included with your shipment which "splits" your existing cold water supply so you can connect a hose to the bidet seat.  Then, you just have to plug the unit into a nearby outlet (the electric cord is 38 inches long and extends from the right hand side if you're facing the toilet).  All parts for installation come included in the box.

The Bio Bidet BB 2000 Bliss is operated with a wireless remote control.  The remote control actually comes in your choice of two colors - white or black.  We chose white because it went with our bathroom better.  A wall-mounting bracket comes included so you can hang the remote on the wall next to your toilet.  The mounting bracket comes with double-sided tape on the back so it's easy to stick.  Alternatively, you can use the two mounting screws which come inlcuded and just screw it on to your wall if you prefer.  Once the mounting bracket is secure, it's easy to slide the remote in and out so you can hold the remote in your hand.

The BB 2000 has a rather long list of features (listed above).  Rather than re-hash all of them, we will go over some of the highlights that differentiate this model from other seats.  A stainless steel nozzle is one.  This is an upgrade over the previous generation BB 1000 (and most other seats) which had plastic nozzles.  The Bio Bidet 2000 Bliss is also equipped with an advanced Hybrid Water Heating System.  Most seats nowadays have moved to tankless heating which has many benefits over the older reservoir tank heaters.  One of the drawbacks with tankless systems however, is that sometimes you may feel a split-second of cold water when the wash starts as the water heats up.  But not with the BB 2000.  The engineering team cleverly designed a solution that integrates tankless heating that always starts warm.  The result is a warm water wash that starts at whichever temperature you set.

Another area of difference is water pressure.  While most other seats offer spray volume in the neighborhood of 0.5 liters per minute, the BB 2000 outputs 0.7 liters per minute - about 40% more water.  This is important because water pressure is a big driver behind the performance and efficiency of a bidet toilet seat.  There are 5 different settings you can set the water pressure at with the BB 2000; we found the 3rd setting setting to be as strong as the maximum setting on most other seats.



A convenient feature we found on the Bio Bidet 2000 is you can program the remote to automatically oscillate and/or pulsate the water stream when starting your wash.  To put this in perspective - to "wash and oscillate" on another model, you would have to hit two buttons on the remote - Wash, then Oscillate.  Or if you wanted to "wash and oscillate and pulsate," you would have to hit three buttons on the remote - Wash, then Oscillate, then Pulsate.  But with the BB 2000, you can program this into a single touch of a button.  We were really impressed by this feature as it's not offered on any other bidet seat today.  It's very useful since most users do use the oscillate feature when washing.

We also need to mention the night light and the clock on the remote control because they are really neat, unique features.  The night light is awesome and it really works!  And it makes the seat look really cool and your toilet high-tech.  It emits a cool blue light from the side of the seat so you can quickly find the toilet in the dark.  In fact, it even looks good during the day.  Our only wish is that it would automatically turn off during the day; you have to turn it off manually on the remote control.  Or you can leave it on 24 hours a day - since it's powered by LED, the electricity draw is minimal.

The clock on the remote control is pretty useful too.  It's not something you think about until you have it.  Because really, who has a clock in their bathroom?  Nobody.  But when you have a clock on your remote control, you do actually look at it.  You can see how much time you have left in the morning, as you're getting ready in the bathroom.  Or you can see what time you're putting the kids to sleep today, as you brush their teeth at night.  It's handy to have.

And just a couple more quick hits:  (1) the spray on the BB 2000 is noticeably wider than the previous generation BB 1000, and wider than most other seats we've tested.  There were some complaints that the spray on the BB 1000 was a bit "sharp."  And (2) yes, you CAN turn off the automatic air deodorizer fan on the Bio Bidet 2000.  We've heard feedback from customers wishing they could turn the fan off on previous models, because of the "whirring" sound that goes on (especially if the bathroom is adjacent to a bedroom).

Boy that was a long Editor's Note, and we didn't even touch on the basic features.  It just goes to show how much we have to say about this product.  Just a bunch of subtle differences and when looked at all together, makes for a bidet toilet seat that stands apart.  Very detailed in its craftsmanship.  Bio Bidet has been around a long time and it is evident in their design of this seat.


New to Bio Bidet?  A Brief Q & A:

Question Answer
What is the Bio Bidet 2000? The Bio Bidet 2000 is Bio Bidet's flagship bidet toilet seat.  Over 15 years of manufacturing experience has gone into its engineering.  Great looks with superior washing performance.  In addition to adjustable water pressure, temperature and position settings - it also includes a heated toilet seat and warm air dry.
How long is the warranty? The Bio Bidet 2000 includes a full 100% three year warranty.  Other seats have declining coverage in the outer years, e.g., 75% coverage in Year 2 and 50% coverage in Year 3.  But the Bio Bidet 2000 has 100% coverage for all three years.  This is Bio Bidet's best warranty.
Why would this model be a good choice? The Bio Bidet 2000 performs really well.  When you combine the fact that (1) it outputs the most water, (2) has a wider-set spray, and (3) the nozzle oscillates nearly 2x faster than other models - you get exceptional washing performance.


Who is the Bio Bidet Bliss BB 2000 best for?

Choosing the right bidet seat can be hard, especially for those who are fairly new to bidets.  There are several different brands and models and it can feel a bit overwhelming deciding which one is best for what you are looking for.  So we wanted to provide a bit more practical information based on our years of experience to help people decide which bidet is best for their needs.  The Bio Bidet Bliss BB 2000 is one of our best-sellers, so we wanted to share a few of the biggest reasons why this seat is so popular with those who like this model.  If these factors are high on your list of important features, then this bidet seat is likely the best option for you.

One of the biggest draws of the Bio Bidet BB 2000 is the stronger spray that the wash functions provide to users.  The spray volume, which basically is a measure of how much water is moved through the nozzle, is about 40% larger on this model than it is on most others (approximately 0.7 liters per minute versus about 0.5 liters per minute on average with most other units).  Bio Bidet also updated the water heating system on the BB 2000 over their older BB 1000 model.  Its new hybrid water heating system offers continuous warm water for as long as you wish to wash unlike the reservoir tank-style water heating found on the BB 1000 and other models.  If a strong spray with limitless warm water function appeals to you, then this seat is going to be a very good choice for you.

In addition the Bio Bidet BB 2000 also has a couple of other features that make it stand out against other models depending on your needs and priorities.  The weight limit on this bidet seat is 450 pounds, which is the highest weight limit of any seat available – most other bidets have a weight limit of 330 pounds.  Also included is an enema wash function to help alleviate constipation.  For some with certain medical issues, the enema wash feature can be very useful.  If you are looking for these features, then the Bio Bidet BB 2000 is your best option.

Next, we will go through the different features how to operate the features with the remote control.


How do I use the Bio Bidet Bliss BB 2000? A breakdown of features and using the remote control

The remote control that comes with this bidet seat (available in white or black color) is the control center for virtually all of the features packed into this seat.  At a glance, the remote has two sections: the top section which is comprised of an LCD screen and the bottom half which is comprised of the operating buttons.  The LCD screen is not interactive, so you aren’t going to touch the screen but rather it is just there to show you what features are being used and the levels of the different settings.  So the screen is just informational.  The thing most people find most useful about the LCD screen is the fact that it has a digital clock on it.  Since a lot of us don’t have clocks in the bathroom, the clock seems like a smart and practical addition to the Bio Bidet Bliss BB 2000.

The bottom half of the remote control is where you’ll find eighteen buttons laid out to help you take advantage of all the seat's features.  Some buttons you will probably hardly ever use, such as the buttons to set the time for the digital clock.  Other buttons, like the posterior and feminine wash buttons, you’ll use regularly.  Some folks can feel a bit overwhelmed by all the buttons and the icons on the LCD screen, so in this section we want to demystify the remote control and break down how to use it in practical terms.

Top Row of Buttons

Top row – The top row of buttons on the Bio Bidet 2000’s remote control are the most commonly used buttons.  From left to right you will find the Stop button; Posterior Wash button; Feminine Wash button; and the Air Dryer button.  Pressing each of these buttons will activate the corresponding feature, while pressing the stop button will stop all bidet functions.  You'll hear an audible chime when pressing each of the buttons, so you can have some feedback while operating.  But the sounds can also be de-activated if you prefer.  The remote is pretty easy to use, and you can see each button is marked with an icon instead of text, which makes the face of the remote control less-cluttered.

Once people have adjusted the settings to their liking (more on that below), they may rarely even use any buttons besides these.  So the top row of buttons will certainly be the most-often used.  Next we’ll spend a bit more time on the second row buttons since they are used for some of the more advanced features, as well as for programming the bidet seat.

Bio Bidet BB 2000 Remote Control

Second Row of Buttons

Second Row – These four buttons are popular additional features beyond the basic wash functions.  From the left, the first button is for the Enema, or Vortex wash, which can be used to help stimulate a bowel movement.  The second and third buttons serve dual functions depending on when you press the buttons.

The second button initiates the oscillating wash if it is pressed during the wash cycle.  The oscillating wash on the Bio Bidet Bliss BB 2000 will quickly move the nozzle forward and backward as it sprays, so a larger area is cleaned.  This is a popular feature since it offers an even better cleaning than just using the stationary nozzle wash, but instead of needing to press this button every time to use it, you can make the oscillating feature the default mode.  To do this, which essentially preset every wash to be an oscillating wash - simply press this button for about three seconds once you are seated.  You will hear a chime which tells you the oscillating function has been saved.  If you press the second button while you are not on the seat, this button will activate the shower nozzle function which cleans the nozzle if you want to periodically use this to clean the nozzle tip more than the automatic self-rising already does.

The third button, which says “Auto” on it, has two uses just like the second button.  If you are seated on the unit and have not yet pressed any of the wash buttons (like the posterior or feminine wash buttons), then this will run a 30 second wash followed immediately by a one minute dry cycle.  However - if you have already initiated one of the wash functions and press this third button, it will activate the Massage wash.  You will notice that the wash stream will begin to pulse in an alternating high pressure/low pressure pattern for a massage-like effect.  The Massage wash feature can be automatically set as the default spray pattern on the BB 2000 in the same way as the Oscillating wash can be set.  Simply press the button for three seconds until you hear it “ding” and the spray pattern will then automatically be set to the pulsating massage pattern.

The fourth and final button of the second row is the Air Deodorizer button.  The deodorizer can be set by pressing the button for three seconds, and when you hear a single ding it means the deodorizer is on.  If you press it again for three seconds and hear two dings then the deodorizer is off.  When set, the air deodorizer will automatically run.  It stops automatically after one minute.

Adjustment Control Buttons

The next section of six buttons are the plus and minus buttons, the up and down arrow buttons, as well as the water and seat temperature buttons.  The plus and minus buttons are used to adjust the water pressure, with the minus button decreasing the pressure and the plus button increasing the pressure. Similarly, the up and down arrow buttons will adjust the position of the wash nozzle during the wash cycle.  The up arrow will move the nozzle farther forward while the down button moves it farther back.  Between these sets of buttons you will find the water temperature button which has a small thermometer icon on to of wavy lines intended to indicate water.  Simply press the button once to increase the water temperature across four settings – Off, Low, Medium and High.  Below this button you’ll see a button that looks like a toilet seat with a °F symbol.  Just like with the water temperature, simply press this button to adjust the seat temperature to Off, Low, Medium and High.

Bottom Row of Buttons

The bottom row of buttons you shouldn’t need to use often.  The first button says “Time” on it and is used to set the time of the clock on the remote’s LCD screen.  To set the time, first press this button, and then you will use the second button to adjust the hour and the third button to adjust the minutes.  The last button on the bottom row is for the Energy Saving Mode.  Turning on the Energy Saver Mode will automatically set the seat and water temperatures to the low setting when the seat is not in use.  When you sit on the unit again, it will adjust the temperature settings to those you have saved.

The important thing to remember with the remote control is that once you find the settings you like, you won’t need to use most of the buttons again.  So don’t be intimidated by the remote.  Once you play around with it a bit, it’s a piece of cake to use!


What might I be missing with this bidet seat compared to others?

Whenever you are choosing between items to purchase – be it a car or computer or yes, even a bidet seat – one thing you typically want to know is what will be missing with this option versus others?  So here we’ll go over a few of the features not included with the Bio Bidet Bliss BB 2000 that are available on certain other models.

The first thing to note is that the BB 2000 is available in the Elongated size only.  If you need to have a Round size seat for your Round size toilet, you will want to go with another model that does have a round size option like the Brondell Swash 1400 or the BB 1000.  Another feature not found on the BB 2000 is user presets.  Some seats like the TOTO S550e and Swash 1400 have two user presets so you can save the preferred water temperature, water pressure and nozzle position settings for two different users.  The BB 2000 does not include this feature, however - the unit will retain the most recently used settings.  If there is only one primary user, or if different users have similar settings preferences, then this isn’t really a factor.  The Bio Bidet 2000 does not have an automatic opening and closing lid which you will find on the TOTO S550e, though the seat and lid are both slow-closing to prevent slamming.  Like most bidet seats, the lid is not designed to be weight bearing so you wouldn’t want to sit on the closed lid.  If being able to sit on the closed lid is important, you can do so with the Brondell Swash seats.  Also – the Bio Bidet 2000 has a night light on the side of the unit, however it differs slightly from other bidets that have the night light that illuminate in the bowl area rather than on the side of the unit.

Here you can read our head-to-head comparison of the Bio Bidet BB 2000 vs. Brondell Swash 1400

And here’s our head-to-head comparison of the Bio Bidet BB 2000 vs. TOTO S550e

Final Thoughts on the Bio Bidet BB 2000

The Bio Bidet BB 2000 continues to stand out as one of the top electric bidet seats on the market.  The larger spray volume and greater spray strength, as well as the vortex wash, means that the BB 2000 offers a superior washing experience for users.  The upgrade to the hybrid water heating system for continuous on-demand warm water is a nice addition as well.  The higher weight limit and strong warranty add to the value of this bidet.  Overall, the Bio Bidet 2000 has been one of the most popular seats out there and continues to be a top choice for those whose top priority is having a strong, effective spray with continuous warm water.  Other unique features like the higher weight-limit and vortex wash function also attract many buyers to this model.  The BB 2000 remains one of the most highly recommended electric bidet seats by people in the industry as well as users who have experienced it first-hand.

Product Specifications:



Read:  bidetsPLUS' Bio Bidet BB 2000 Review

View:  Owner’s Manual: Bio Bidet BB-2000 (.pdf)

CA Residents:  Click here for Proposition 65 warning


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Warranty Information

Q: I’m considering either the Bio Bidet 2000 or the Bio Bidet 1000. What are the differences between these two seats?

A: It’s the technology really. The Bio Bidet 1000 was released 10 years before the Bio Bidet 2000. A 10 year gap in the electronic world is significant. Imagine a computer released 10 years ago vs. today. So the 2000 model is a much newer seat with newer technology. The biggest upgrades include on-demand, tankless water heating, a wider spray, stainless steel nozzles, improved nozzle oscillation, hydro-flush nozzle cleaning, and a night light. And because the 2000 doesn’t have a big bulky water tank inside, it’s more streamlined. The 2000 model is 25% thinner than the previous generation 1000 model.

Q: I’m considering either the Bio Bidet 2000 or the TOTO S350e. What are the differences between these two seats?

A: Well the first thing you’ve probably noticed is the difference in price, where the TOTO S350 is a couple hundred dollars more. For the extra money, you receive an ultra-compact design. At just 4” tall the TOTO S350e is the thinnest electronic bidet in our store. You also receive the eWater feature which mists the toilet bowl with electrolyzed water before and after each use, and an automatic open/close seat and lid. However, the water output is more limited at 0.4 liters per minute on the TOTO S350e vs. 0.7 liters per minute on the Bio Bidet 2000. Simply put – the Bio Bidet 2000 will wash you better because it outputs more water. You also get a stainless steel nozzle instead of the plastic nozzle on the TOTO. And the 3 year warranty you get on the Bio Bidet 2000 is longer than the 1 year warranty you get from TOTO

Q: What’s the difference between the Bio Bidet 2000 and 1700 model?

A: These seats are identical except for two differences (1) the 2000 has a wireless remote control whereas the 1700 has an attached control panel and (2) the 2000 has a built-in night light whereas the 1700 does not.

Q: How does the warranty work?

A: Your purchase includes a three year warranty, with 100% coverage for all three years. This differs from other seats which typically offer declining coverage in the outer years, e.g., 75% coverage in Year 2 and 50% coverage in Year 3. But with the Bio Bidet 2000, you’re fully covered at 100% for all three years.

Q: What is the weight limit of this model?

A: The bidet can support persons weighing up to 450 pounds. This compares to other bidet seats which have a weight limit of 300 pounds, so the Bio Bidet 2000 has the highest weight limit of any seat in our store.

Q: Do most people choose the white remote or black remote?

A: Approximately 80% of people choose the white color remote. This is likely due to the fact it matches the toilet better. Plus other fixtures in the bathroom, e.g., sink and tub, are typically white as well. But if you have a darker décor in your bathroom, black may be more suitable depending on your tastes and preferences.

Q: I’ve heard complaints that, with other models, that the automatic air deodorizer fan turns on at random hours, including the middle of the night. Can you turn the air deodorizer off?

A: Yes. You can disable/re-enable the automatic air deodorizer thru the remote control. When disabled, you can still turn the air deodorizer on/off manually, or just leave it off permanently.

Q: I read in the Editor’s Review, that you can program the unit so the bidet starts oscillating the nozzle as soon as the wash starts. How do you do that?

A: It’s really easy. All you need to do is, while seated on the unit, hold the Oscillate button down for 3 seconds, until you hear a chime. You can revert back to the default setting by holding the Oscillate button for 3 seconds again, until you hear a double chime.

Q: What side does the electric cord extend from?

A: When facing the toilet, the electric cord extends from the right hand side as you look at the bidet, and is 38 inches long. And FYI - the water connects on the opposite side, on the left side if you were facing the toilet.

Q: Is everything required for installation included in the box?

A: Yes, everything is included. In the box you’ll find the mounting kit, hoses, and all other parts required to complete the install.

Q: Do I need a plumber to install? How long does installation take?

A: All of our bidet seats are designed for “Do It Yourself” installation and any able-bodied person can do it. It’s just a matter of fastening/unfastening some bolts and screwing/unscrewing some hoses. No special skills are necessary and the vast majority of our customers install their seats themselves. Installation will take 20 – 30 minutes.

Product Reviews

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  1. Beyond expectations

    Posted by Paul C., Vancouver, B.C. on 18th Jan 2019

    It was delivered in less than a week. Easy to install. Had all features described and works perfectly. I could not be happier. Have told many friends to buy this bidet. Has some better features than best of TOTO bidet, better weight limit. Bio Bidet is 450 pounds and Toto 300 pounds. 3 yr warranty not Toto 1 yr.

  2. So far so good

    Posted by CC on 22nd Dec 2018

    I have a odd toilet, Kohler Veil (wall hung). The seat didn't come with the necessary mounting hardware but bidetsPlus customer service knew exactly what I needed and got it right out. Now I'm up and running! I've had standard bidets in the past and I must say the all-in-one approach is much nicer. It truly is the 'throne room' now :)
    Ease of installation
    Lots of water where it counts
    Fast recovery of hot water
    Heated seat!
    Instructions are somewhat disorganized and cryptic
    Remote control LCD panel is not backlit


    Posted by VS on 17th Dec 2018

    Wow - I cannot believe that i waited so long for this luxury. After childbirth, I developed a 'condition' that prevented me from feeling fully clean after every BM. This cleansing feature is so amazing - its a complete cleansing feature - that you use - like EVERY DAY! I'm not joking when I say that after 1 week of use, my condition is diminishing. I cannot believe that i have waited this long. Also, the heated seat is such a luxury many times per day. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and never want to use the bathroom anywhere else but home!! If you are considering - don't hesitate - you will wish you had made the purchase LONG AGO!!

  4. My 3rd bidet

    Posted by RBG on 15th Dec 2018

    I had a bidet for 5 years finally gave out, did not spray correctly. The BB 2000 great turbo wash

  5. Great Product

    Posted by Sue on 12th Dec 2018

    It met the expectations. Great bidet seat.

  6. Excellent bidet

    Posted by Patty on 26th Nov 2018

    We recently purchased the Bio Bidet 2000 Bliss and love it. It is so easy to use and I love the heated seat feature. My husband and I use it every day and feel so clean!

  7. My first electric model

    Posted by Addy on 22nd Nov 2018

    Nice seat with adequate controls. Recommended!

  8. It works GREAT.

    Posted by Kurt on 21st Nov 2018

    Easy to install, lots of options, no mess under device, stays clean. Perfect.

  9. Great product

    Posted by MG on 16th Nov 2018

    Good investment.

  10. Luxurious

    Posted by Gina Vareli on 10th Nov 2018

    This bidet was very easy to install, and works great. A must-have for the hygiene-conscious person. I particularly like the heated seat, especially in the middle of the night. The dryer doesn't dry completely after 3 minutes, but a little dab of TP finishes the job. Overall, I wouldn't trade it back for a regular toilet seat for anything!

  11. Great hygiene

    Posted by Jean on 22nd Oct 2018

    As someone who has been a nurse for well over 30 years, I remember the days if the spitz bath for patients with hemorrhoids, this is really not so different! It has several health benefits and feels great besides!

  12. The turbo setting is not scary

    Posted by Steve on 28th Sep 2018

    Great seat.

  13. Life Changing Product

    Posted by Mark T on 25th Sep 2018

    As the male user of this, I have to say this is a life changing product. Without getting into the details, it will be very hard to go anywhere else. I keep it in energy saver mode all the time and it functions great! Super easy install!

  14. Clean and refreshing

    Posted by MK on 25th Sep 2018

    Sooo much cleaner.

  15. You will not regret this purchase

    Posted by Lori S on 13th Sep 2018

    The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 is a great product. Installation was easy. I was particularly attracted to this model because of its higher capacity waterline. This allows for a stronger and wider spray that I think is more effective. Although I typically use the controls on the side of the seat, the remote is large and well designed. I decided if I was going to buy a bidet, I'd go all in and I am glad I did. I am super pleased with my purchase.

  16. Nice cleanser

    Posted by RC on 30th Aug 2018

    Comfortable feeling after using this. Water is the best treatment for this job

  17. Nice seat

    Posted by Corky Booze on 31st Jul 2018

    I purchased the BB 2000. I love the seat. I just wish it had a soap option.

  18. Get one for your health

    Posted by Georgia M on 20th Jul 2018

    Excellent hygiene aid for the disabled. Reduces UTI's. Shower fresh feeling after every toileting use.

  19. Yes, it's awesome

    Posted by Ruth P on 12th Jul 2018

    Was able to first try the Bio Bidet 2000 while visiting my sister. I had never seen a bidet before but was intrigued so had to give it a try. Wow is all I can say. What a great product! Totally more comfortable, totally cleaner and easy to use. Nearly everything can be adjusted from water temperature, water pressure and water position so you can dial in your settings and wash to your heart's content. Highly recommend!

  20. Sheer Bliss!

    Posted by Alexis on 7th Jun 2018

    The Bio Bidet BB 2000 is sheer bliss! Very easy to use and gets me fresh and clean every time. Controls are easy to adjust. My only regret is not getting one sooner.

  21. If you think you can live without it, think again.

    Posted by Julie on 1st Jun 2018

    This is one of the best products I have ever owned. I went to Europe last Fall and came back thinking how nice it was to have these available everywhere. Also, my good friends bought one and I was able to try it out in advance. It is truly a comfort of home.

  22. Great product!!!

    Posted by Art on 3rd May 2018

    Yes, the hype is true. My first bidet seat and I'm very happy with my choice in the BB 2000. Works well, temperature and pressure controls are easy to adjust. The water does a fantastic job and it's just a better way to clean. Oh my gosh I'm nearly 50 and I can't believe it took me so long to get one. Try it and you'll see....

  23. Sheer elegance

    Posted by David on 30th Mar 2018

    Just after the attic and the basement, the bathroom used to the most forgettable room in the house. Now the sleek looking BioBidet 2000 gives it an elegance I am proud of. The heated seat with a night light contains a tankless water heater that provides an on demand endless stream of water at adjustable temperatures, spray patterns and intensities that leave you feeling pristine clean. The warm air dryer completes the pampering. Then the bidet cleans and deodorizes itself. The remote is easy to use and has a clock, too. I hate to use any other bathroom.

  24. Great product

    Posted by Miles W on 6th Mar 2018

    We bought & received the BB2000 bidet on time. The original shipment came with a remote control that had a wrong color. The vendor was courteous and glad to send us an replacement. The installation/operation manual was a bit confusing, but the graphics was clear enough to follow through. Everything works well as promised. It's great to sit down on a warm toilet seat on those cold winter nights. The layout on the remote was simple and easy to use. The water temperature, pressure were just right. We also purchased water filter cartridge. It was installed inline, and out of sight. No leaks anywhere along the plumbing. The unit looks sleek as well as being functional. Great product.

  25. BB2000 is Fantastic!

    Posted by Lucky on 4th Mar 2018

    We had a competitor bidet for several years and until with bought the BB2000, we didn't know what we were missing. The is a great product and works as advertised.

  26. Never been Fresher-Cleaner-Dryer!

    Posted by Glenn M on 2nd Mar 2018

    My wife suffers from Crohns disease and after many surgeries she has about 5% of her colon left which means things pass through her much faster than most. She has noticed quite a relief in the frequent pains and inflammations she had through use of this bidet! We've had one other bidet from a reputable company and this one sprays it away! :) The nightlight is soothing and great for the frequent nightly interruptions and eliminates the need to turn on any light. The remote control is amazing and easy to use. The temperature control on the seat and water works great as I can actually feel the temperature change; I had trouble feeling temp-change on the last bidet. It is definitely louder than our last bidet but the family adapted to that quickly and while I was afraid of it waking me up in the middle of the night that hasn't happened! Well worth the high cost and hopefully it lasts a long time. Bravo BioBidet!

  27. Great product

    Posted by K.K. on 1st Mar 2018

    Great product. Finally they made a seat that is bulletproof. The last Bio Bidet we had the seat cracked in 100 places and I only weigh 170 LBS. The wall mounted remote is excellent. This product has a lot of good features. The only thing it lacks is an automatic open seat feature.

  28. Very Nice!

    Posted by Lucy R on 22nd Feb 2018

    Our first, so maybe I'm a bit biased. Very impressed and a little sad we waited so long! I do think the remote could use a little refinement- particularly a back lit screen, but it works just fine as-is.

  29. Works Well

    Posted by Jan on 30th Jan 2018

    We previously had a BB 600 I think it was called. When the heated seat stopped working and the pressure dropped off after owning it for about 6 years, it was time to look for a new bidet. After having the bidet, I hate having to use a regular toilet and wiping with TP anymore. I hate not being clean and it also gets irritated. This BB 2000 works much better than older model which is the only one I have to compare to, other than those free-standing, full-on sink-on-the-floor type things in Europe. The main reason I went with the BB 2000 is that it appears on specs/ reviews to have the highest flow rate and pressure of any bidets I found. The spray on regular mode is wider than the focused, needle-kind I was used to, so it is comfortable but powerful and does a thorough job of cleaning. There is also a "vortex" mode which is just a fine narrow spray if you want something more focused but I don't anticipate using that much. I like the blue night light on the side of it- I thought it was going to be inside the bowl which would've been cool but not important. I do wish the remote had a backlit screen so I could see it at night. I also wish it had user 1 and 2 presets like some of the other bidets I researched. The warm air dryer is not very powerful, but I don't think any of them work that well. You need a blower like that thing at the end of a car wash to really get dry. I handle it by using small washcloths to blot dry first, then use dryer. The cloths aren't too dirty since it is after the cleanse, so they just get washed repeatedly. The seat is toasty, the pressure and coverage area are very good, and the water temp gets quite warm and never runs out since it is on-demand - these are truly the most important factors and this bidet has them. They are of course all adjustable too and the settings appear to be remaining from use to use. Overall quite pleased.

  30. Great bidet seat!

    Posted by Scott Puccetti on 29th Jan 2018

    Top quality seat. I've installed others (I'm a plumber), but you can't beat the value of the BB 2000.

  31. Wish we had purchased one sooner

    Posted by Stephanie on 23rd Jan 2018

    We were going to buy the toto brand that had some extra bells and whistles but decided some of those features were noisy and would freak our cats out. This one has every feature that we need and is a luxury that is definitely worth it. Love the heated seat and actually everything about it.

  32. Great features, but weak dryer.

    Posted by David on 22nd Jan 2018

    I've only had this bidet seat for a short while, but I'm already enjoying the benefits it provides. It has drastically reduced toilet paper consumption in the house, and it was a breeze to install. However, the toilet hose did not fit my water supply using the included 1/2" convertor for some reason so I had to make a trip to buy a new toilet hose connector for $10. I'm somewhat wishing that I had ordered the A8 Serenity instead for $50 more to get the stronger dryer and the night light built into the bowl. Just may be my next purchase for the other bathroom.

  33. Splish Splash

    Posted by Look, Ma, stll no hands on 11th Jan 2018

    Our first BB Bliss 2000, Stanford Bidet, proved to be an absolute genius on the john. So we just installed another BB 2000, Georges Bidet, au sommet du temple saint (or at least sur le siège saint). Sure, the clocks run a bit fast. But, then, Patek Philippe doesn’t make bidets. And we can’t let BidetsPLUS get away without the praise it so richly deserves for all aspects of its service, not the least of which is great pricing . . .

  34. Can’t live without it!

    Posted by Hal on 1st Dec 2017

    After traveling to Japan I got hooked on bidets. The biobidet 2000 surpasses all my expectations. Everything from the adjustable water pressure, positioning the cleaning spicket, to the warm water and massage feature makes this bidet worth the cost. After buying one, I plan to buy another one for a bathroom that I am installing

  35. Great bidet seat!

    Posted by JP on 1st Dec 2017

    This is an excellent product, was easy to install and was better than expected. Highly recommend!

  36. Great Bidet Seat!

    Posted by Al Janssens on 26th Nov 2017

    This is a great bidet seat, it's comfortable, is especially great for larger folks, it handles the most weight of any of the bidet seats on the market, was easy to install (takes about 30 minutes) and the remote is easy to use and understand. This seat has a lip om the inside of the seat that prevents any water from coming out the front, a great feature not found on the very expensive TOTO S350e. Having had a TOTO S350e, that failed in less than 2 years, the only thing I miss is the auto open and close the TOTO features.

  37. Changed my life!

    Posted by Linda on 13th Nov 2017

    I suffer from health issues that prevented me from twisting to clean myself after using the toilet. It was embarrassing to get help every time I went but I had no choice. After getting the Bio Bidet 2000 I no longer need help. I will also add that even if I had no health issues I would have a BB 2000 after learning what being really clean is. You get that just showered feeling on your bottom- which is how everyone wants to feel in my opinion. The seat is so well designed and extremely high quality. It does it all and it does it very well. I have no issue with the fan and feel dry when done. If you are considering a bidet go all out and go with the 2000. This is one of those items that you get what you pay for. I had to save for mine but I am glad I did! I have had the bidet several months now and it has changed my life for the better.

  38. Bio Bidet 2000

    Posted by Marty on 17th Oct 2017

    This bidet has been a great addition to our home, and our life. The warm water spray is really effective - plenty of water output, and the spray does seem set pretty wide so to provide adequate coverage during your wash. I programmed the remote to have the nozzle oscillate as soon as the wash starts, so it's just a one-touch wash now. Dryer fan not too strong though. I suppose it would dry completely if I sat there long enough, but I don't have the patience and just use a little bit of TP to help with the moisture. All in all, awesome product.


    Posted by MIKE WHALEY on 29th Aug 2017

    The wife and I both love it - had a top of the line BRONDELL but this one is much much better.

  40. Love it

    Posted by Debi on 18th Aug 2017

    Granted, I have only had the BioBidet BB2000 installed for a week so far, but I like this bidet better than the one I have had for the last 6 years. The water stream is great, I really like that there are so many preferences that I can set. I like the night light, actually I like everything about it so far!

  41. Great Product

    Posted by Shree Shrestha on 8th Aug 2017

    We were in Japan for two weeks and we saw this system everywhere. Coming back to States we decided to install in our house. Ordered on line and was shipped in timely fashion. It was easy install with help from Brother -inlaw. Took a while to learn all the features. Only disappointment is that it was not auto flush.

  42. All the bells and whistles

    Posted by Gayle on 1st Aug 2017

    Wow, this bidet seat has it all. From heated seat and water to fan to multiple cleansing options and it all works so well. My husband and I are both more pleased than we expected to be and are happy we spent the money on this model. So nice to be clean so easily!

  43. Bidet Convert

    Posted by Kathy on 17th Jul 2017

    First bidet seat for us. Our new home already had a plug near the toilet just for that purpose. We spent a lot of time comparing models and settled on this one as a good mix of features, warranty, and positive reviews. BidetsPlus was very helpful answering my questions. The seat works great and is very helpful in reducing irritation from using toilet paper on that delicate skin "down there", not to mention getting us cleaner! I look forward to the warm seat this winter.

  44. Problem Solved!!!!

    Posted by Linda McNally on 18th May 2017

    I had a problem of recurring U.T.I.'s , I'm overweight so when I learn about the Bio Bidet BB 2000 I knew that this could be my answer to meet my needs . It is fantastic !! I am on a fixed income but it has been the best investment purchase I could make to resolve the problem I was suffering with. I have used it now for two years no more U.T.I.'s. It does a wonderful job keeping me clean & fresh I recommend it. I like the extras it has too.

  45. I am so happy I have purchased the best of the best

    Posted by JDD on 10th May 2017

    I've used other bidets, both separate units such as those found in European hotels and those affixed to a regular commodes. The BB2000, I've purchased three (one will be a gift) are the best for the price and functionality. Once you get used to it, you'll always want to have one available for those "nature calls"

  46. Exceeded My Expectations!

    Posted by Linda on 10th Apr 2017

    I did a ton or research before buying the BB2000 including watching every youtube video out there. I knew the BB2000 was going to be great but it is better than I expected. It is worth the $ and just like so many people say- why did I wait so long to get one??? This is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. The BB2000 does it all and does it well!

  47. Works great!

    Posted by Jeff on 10th Apr 2017

    First time using a bidet. This product is great! I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

  48. Excellent bidet

    Posted by MM on 27th Feb 2017

    My BioBidet 2000 is one of the finest household products I have ever purchased. It installed easily, it is sleek in design, quiet in operation and ergonomically comfortable to use. The BioBidet 2000 has the best features of any electric bidet seat I have ever used or owned. By the way, I know what I am speaking of because I have travelled extensively throughout Japan at least a dozen times and personally owned two other electric bidet seats! I have already recommended your company and the BioBidet 2000 to several friends and acquaintances.

  49. Should be part of every bathroom in America

    Posted by D Clyde on 28th Dec 2016

    I installed this for my wife's elderly parents, one of which has Parkinson's disease and is limited in movement. The install was easy after I got past the electrical. All necessary parts were included and the instructions were easy to follow. It looked like the most difficult part of this would be learning the intricacies of the remote control. However, they have used this for two weeks now and profoundly state that they love it. It has allowed the one with Parkinson's to regain independence.

  50. Great Product

    Posted by Tom on 13th Dec 2016

    Our second one. We have Bio Bidet's on both our toilets. When we move they will go with us!

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