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The Bio Bidet 1000 comes from one of the most trusted names in the industry.  Fully featured, this model comes with all the main features you would expect in an industry leading product.

Operated with a wireless remote control, the Bio Bidet 1000 is powered by a patented 3-in-1 single nozzle system which provides a soothing, aerated water wash.  The position of the wash nozzle is completely adjustable so you can find the nozzle position that best suits your body.  You can also adjust water temperature and water pressure, to find the combination of wash settings that are just right for you.  Activate the “Move” feature, and you'll feel the spray move back and forth beneath you, extending the cleaning area.  It even comes with a “Massage” feature which pulsates the water stream.

Other features you’ll find on this model include a warm air dry which helps with residual moisture after washing.  It has a warmed toilet seat which is fantastic in the cold winter mornings (and can be turned off during the summer months).   The BB-1000 bidet toilet seat also comes with a built-in air deodorizer and a state of the art, power saving feature that calculates the most frequently used hours of the day. 

Also available in 220/240V.


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bio bidet bb 1000 features


Editor's Note:  

A lot of people call in asking for our opinion of the Bio Bidet BB-1000.  Often times, callers say, “I’ve narrowed it down between two seats:  the BB-1000 and (fill in the blank),” and I was wondering if you could help me decide between the two."  And while we’re happy to give our review over the phone, we thought it would be helpful to document some things right here on the product page as well.

The BB-1000 is a very popular seat and the reason for this is largely due to the Bio Bidet brand and their name recognition within the marketplace.  Another reason for its popularity is that it has already been out for several years now – giving consumers time to try the product, have their friends and family over to try it, and provide their own review to others.  Word of mouth is very powerful.  And when your mom comes over and is impressed with the new electronic toilet seat you recently purchased, that’s even better.

You can read our official review on this model by clicking on the following linkbidetsPLUS' Bio Bidet BB-1000 Review.  However, we’ll summarize some of the highlights for you here.

The unit is operated with a wireless remote control.  It is a user-friendly design, and very intuitive to figure out (we didn’t have to look at the user’s manual).  And yes, you can still operate the unit without the remote control with a mini control panel which can be found on the right side of the unit.  Three buttons are available on the mini control panel – posterior wash, frontal wash, and a stop button.

Wash features are on par, or better, than any other bidet toilet seat we tested.  The posterior and frontal wash features work really well, and can be customized to best suit your preferences.  For example, the position of the wash nozzle, water temperature, and water pressure are all adjustable.  You'll also find a turbo (high pressure) wash feature.

As for non-wash features, it has pretty much everything you could ask for – a temperature-controlled heated seat, warm air dry, soft-closing seat and lid, and an air deodorizer to name just a few.  Couple things stand out here – as mentioned in our written review, this seat has one of the strongest air dry features of the units we tested.  Also, the carbon air deodorizer refill (a cartridge which you insert in the side of the unit) has the largest surface area of all the models we carry, and more surface area = more effectiveness.  (To learn more about how the air deodorizer works, read our Bidet Seat Air Deodorizers article).


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