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Product Description

Note:  One (1) hose set (including two hoses) is already included with the purchase of any bidet seat in our store.  This page is just in case you need another one.


This spare hose set can come in handy if the original hose set which came with your bidet toilet seat gets damaged or lost.  Two hoses of different lengths are included in this set.  One hose measures 16 inches long, while the other hose measures 20 inches long.  The shorter hose is generally for connecting from the bottom of your water tank to the water outlet – after flushing, the water outlet supplies water through this hose to refill your toilet’s water tank.

The longer hose is generally used for connecting from the bidet seat to the water outlet.  The water outlet supplies water though this hose and into your toilet bidet seat.  Your bidet takes over from there.  The bidet’s internal regulator will wash you at the desired water pressure, and the heating system will warm the water to the desired setting.

Note that sometimes the hoses will be reversed e.g., the longer hose connects to the toilet’s water tank, and the shorter hose connects to the toilet bidet seat.  This will be dependent on where the water outlet is located in your bathroom.  Basically, use the longer hose where it’s needed most.


Product Specifications:

Hose #1:  connects from water outlet to toilet's water tank

  • Color:  White
  • Length:  16 inches
  • Both ends are:  female
  • One end has:  1/2" connection (from water outlet)
  • Other end has:  7/8" connection (to toilet's water tank)


Hose #2:  connect from water outlet to bidet seat

  • Color:  White
  • Length:  20 inches
  • Both ends are:  female
  • Both ends have:  1/2" connection



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