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What is the bidetsPLUS Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate Program is an opportunity for website owners to partner with us and our affiliate network, ShareASale, to earn commissions for promoting bidetsPLUS on your website. When you join our affiliate program, you can earn revenue through commissions on qualified sales that your website refers to bidetsplus.com. The average price per sale is $400-$800, and we offer our affiliates a 15% commission on sales that you refer to our site.


How can I join the bidetsPLUS Affiliate Program?

bidetsPLUS offers a simple affiliate signup process. Joining the affiliate program is free, and anyone can apply. Once a new affiliate is accepted, they will have access to a variety of banners so affiliates can choose what works best for their website. While not every website may be the right match, blogs and websites with content that is relevant to our products and potential customers (for example, plumbing websites, home improvement blogs, healthcare sites, etc.) are great candidates to become partners in our affiliate program. For more information or to apply for free to become an affiliate, check out our ShareASale sign-up page today!

Thanks for your interest in the bidetsPLUS Affiliate Program!


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