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What is a Bidet


Believed to have originated in France in the early 18th century, bidet use is the preferred method of washing throughout the world.  Instead of toilet paper, bidets use a stream of water to clean you after using the restroom.

Perhaps in your travels to Europe (particularly France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal), you’ve seen them as they are commonly found in homes, hotels and restaurants.  They are also popular in Asia – sometimes referred to as a Japanese toilet or washlet.  They can be frequently found in the Middle-East, and parts of South America as well.  In Argentina for example, it is estimated that 90% of households have bidets.  And in Venezuela, having one will actually increase the value of your home!

   What is a Bidet Video

In North America, bidets are still in their infancy.  Our awareness of bidets actually seems limited to chuckling at jokes about them.  But what does the world know that we don’t?  Are American anatomies different than the rest of the world?  Of course not!  As we learn more about this incredible device, adoption will surely rise.  The features, benefits and convenience of using a bidet are undeniable.

When people hear about the bidet, a lot of them usually think of the Porcelain-Type Bidet.  This type of bidet is actually a separate fixture that sits next to the toilet (photo below).  An electronic bidet is designed to sit on top or attach to your existing toilet.


At bidetsPLUS, we specialize in the modern electronic bidet.  Modern engineering has made vast improvements over the original 18th century model.  Whether you want to call it a washlet, a Japanese toilet, or a bidet, we got it all covered here at bidetsPLUS!


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