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This Coway bidet review features the Coway BA 13.  Operated with a (wall-mountable) wireless remote control, the Coway BA 13 offers some of the most advanced features available in a bidet toilet seat.


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This Coway BA-13 review features a modern looking seat with clean lines.  Because the BA-13 is packed with newer technology, this allows the bidet to be more compact in the rear.  As with most technology advancements, products do tend to get less bulky as time goes on (think back to when computers used to fill a whole room).  The Coway BA-13 also follows this trend.

When coupled with a lid that slopes down back-to-front, the Coway BA-13 gives a modern, compact look.  In fact, we were surprised at the measurement of 5.7 inches at its tallest point in the rear.  Although this is one of the shortest measurements (top-to-bottom) available in a bidet seat, the bidet doesn’t look that tall.  The design of the sloping lid does make things look more neat and tidy.

We note in this Coway BA-13 bidet toilet seat review, that towards the back of the unit you’ll find the primary remote control signal receiver and three LED lights – the first light tells you the power is on, the second light tells you if Eco (power saving) mode is on, and the last light tells you if the seat’s temperature has been heated.

According to manufacturer specifications, the Coway BA-13 is 15.0 inches wide.  Because the bidet is operated with a remote control, there is no attached control panel on the side which would add to this measurement.  The elongated seat model measures 20.8 inches long, while the round seat measures 19.4 inches.  The bidet seat weighs in at 13 pounds.

You can still operate the bidet without the remote control, as there is a posterior wash button located on the left hand side of the unit (assuming you are sitting on the bidet).  Two additional buttons are available here as well – a power button, and a nozzle cleaning button which leaves the nozzles extended so you can clean them.  Advanced features are accessed via remote control (we’ll go into details of the remote later in this Coway BA-13 bidet review).  Also on this (left) side is where the power cord extends from, and it measures 3.5 feet long.

The water line connects to the Coway BA-13 on the opposite side, on the right.  Also on this right side, is a secondary remote control signal receiver and a quick-release button which detaches the bidet toilet seat from its mounting bracket.


Wireless Remote Control

Measuring 5.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide, the BA 13’s remote control is shaped like a candy bar so it fits in one hand nicely.  You can comfortably use your thumb to access all the buttons.  We also point out in this Coway BA 13 review, that every feature of the bidet toilet seat can be activated with the remote control. 

The wireless remote control is white in color, and the buttons are raised slightly for easy operation.  Most of the buttons are labeled in dark grey, although there is some color used for the “Move” (orange), “Dry” (green), and “Stop” (red) buttons.  It’s a well designed, intuitive remote – the buttons are clearly labeled, and you don’t need to read the owner’s manual to figure it out.

The Coway BA 13 remote control comes with a separate wall mounting attachment.  The mounting attachment has double-sided tape on the back so you can stick it to the wall in your bathroom.  Also worth mentioning in this Coway BA 13 bidet toilet seat review, is that you have the option to screw the mounting attachment onto the wall as well (mounting screws included).  The remote control fits perfectly in the mounting attachment, and magnets keep the remote from falling out.  As soon as you put the remote near the mounting attachment, you’ll feel the magnets starting to engage.  We found the magnets to work very well, and much easier to use than other remote controls where you had to physically clip the remote in the mounting attachment.

The remote requires three AAA batteries, which come included.


Bidet Functions

We highlight in our Coway bidet review that the BA13 is powered by twin, stainless steel wash nozzles.  The hardened stainless steel helps keep the nozzles hygienically clean.  One of the nozzles is dedicated for posterior wash, while the other nozzle is dedicated for feminine wash.  Nozzle position for both posterior and feminine wash nozzles can be adjusted forward or backwards to best suit your body.

You can choose a water pressure setting on the Coway BA13 that ranges from low, medium and high water pressure.  Water temperature can be adjusted to one of four levels – room temperature, low heat (88 degrees), medium heat (94 degrees), and high heat (100 degrees).  The Coway BA13 has a built-in tankless water heating system which instantly heats cold water (compared to older heating systems which use a water reservoir, limiting the warm water supply to 45 – 60 seconds).  You probably couldn’t tell the difference between these two heating systems, since most people finish washing within 15 seconds anyway.  But if you prefer to take extended washes, the BA13’s tankless water heating system can supply an endless stream of warm water.

The Coway BA13 comes with adjustable spray-width controls.  This lets you choose between a wider, softer spray or a more narrow, concentrated spray.  Spray-width is adjustable in three settings – narrow, medium, and wide.  We note in this Coway BA13 review, that spray-width is adjusted independently of water pressure.  For example, you can have the bidet set on high water pressure with wide spray-width, low water pressure with narrow spray-width, or any other combination you choose.

The Coway BA13 also has a move/massage function which oscillates the nozzle back and forth beneath you, widening the cleaning area.  The move/massage function is available for both posterior and feminine washes.

When done washing, press the Sterilize button on the remote control to activate a special Silver Oxide treatment which sterilizes the stainless steel wash nozzles.  Coway is the first to introduce nozzle sterilization in a bidet toilet seat – worth mentioning in our Coway BA13 review because it’s a very practical and handy feature to have.


Air Dry

With four different adjustable settings, we found the Coway BA13 to have one of the better air dry features of the units we tested.  Although it isn’t the absolute strongest we’ve seen, the air dry feature is certainly above average.  We would rate it as “Very Good.”


Additional Features

One of the things to highlight in this Coway bidet review, is that the BA13 has a lid you can actually sit on.  While you shouldn’t sit on the lid of most other bidet seats, this lid has been designed to be sturdy enough to take your weight without damage.  Both the seat and lid are soft-closing as well, so you won’t have any slamming toilet seats with the BA13.

Additional features in our Coway BA13 bidet review include a temperature controlled, heated seat and a self cleaning function, which rinses off the wash nozzles before and after each use.  There’s a built-in air deodorizer as well, which filters air from your toilet thru a carbon filter and helps eliminate unwanted odor.  The Coway BA13 also has a power saving mode, which automatically turns down energy consumption when the bidet is not in use.


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