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This Bio Bidet review features the Bio Bidet BB-1000.  In addition to this model, we carry two other models from Bio Bidet, the BB 600 and BB 800.  The primary difference between the models is that the BB 1000 is operated with a remote control, while the BB 600 and BB 800 work with an attached control panel.

Note:  You'll see a square piece of paper on the toilet seat in some of the scenes of this Bio Bidet BB-1000 review video.  This paper was dampened slightly with water to activate the seat sensor, so we could demonstrate bidet functions.


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From the front and the top, the Bio Bidet BB-1000 looks pretty good.  The lid has a gentle slope moving back-to-front, and the lid tapers out along the edges which gives it a nice finish.  Towards the front, you’ll find a small Bio Bidet logo on top of the lid.

We note in this Bio Bidet BB-1000 review that towards the back of the unit, there are four lighted indicators – one of the lights tells you that the power is on, and another light is used for the occupied seat sensor.   The remaining two are used to let you know the power save feature is turned on, as there are two different power saving modes.

According to manufacturer specifications, the unit measures 18.7 inches wide, including the mini-control panel in the measurement.  But if you exclude the control panel, the body itself is closer to 16 inches wide.  The elongated seat model measures 20.6 inches long, while the round seat model measures 19.4 inches long.

As mentioned earlier in this Bio Bidet BB-1000 review, there is a mini-control panel on the right side of the unit which can be used to operate basic bidet functions without the remote control.  Three buttons are available:  posterior wash, frontal wash, and a stop button.  We liked the design of this mini panel, with the buttons facing up towards the sky.  On other remote-operated models the controls were more hidden, making you rely more on touch - which was not as user-friendly as this one.  The water intake hose connects to the unit on this (right) side as well.  Just next to the water intake, there is an electrical grounding point which can be used if an alternate method of grounding is needed.

On the left side of the bidet, you’ll find the power cord and a slot for the deodorizer, which slides out and can be replaced.  Also here on this side is a small release button which unlatches the bidet from its mounting bracket.  The unit is 7.3 inches in height at its tallest point in the rear, and weighs 11 pounds.


Wireless Remote Control

The remote control is a pretty straightforward design against a white and grey background, and all buttons are clearly labeled.  While the remote doesn’t have a digital display like most other remote-operated models, we found that it doesn’t really need one.  The Bio Bidet BB 1000’s remote is very intuitive.  It  was one of the easiest to use among the bidets we reviewed, and we didn't have to look at the user's manual to figure it out.

The wireless remote control comes with a wall mounting attachment.  The remote does slide off the mounting attachment so you can take the remote out and use it that way, or just leave it on the wall and control the bidet from there.  The remote requires two AA batteries, which come included.


Bidet Functions

Seeing the bidet in action, the nozzle is a three-way, single pocket nozzle.  Three different spray outlets can be found at the tip of the nozzle.  Posterior wash is handled by the spray outlet up top, frontal wash is handled by the spray in the middle, and the turbo (high pressure) wash is handled by the spray at the bottom.

Nozzle position can be adjusted to suit your preference.  You can also adjust the water pressure, and adjust the water’s temperature.

We also note in this Bio Bidet BB 1000 review that the bidet has a move function and a massage feature.  The move function moves the wash nozzle back and forth, widening the cleaning area.  And the massage feature pulsates the water stream.  You can use the move and massage features at the same time as well, so it’s not just one or the other.  The massage and move feature is available for both posterior and frontal washes.  And as mentioned previously, this bidet also has an optional turbo (high pressure) wash feature.


Air Dry

With five different adjustable settings, we found the Bio Bidet BB 1000 to have one of the strongest air dry features of the bidets we reviewed.  It’s a strong, comfortable stream of air.


Additional Features

The bidet also features a slow closing seat, and lid.  Additional features to mention in this Bio Bidet BB 1000 review include a built-in air deodorizer, heated seat and a self cleaning function, which rinses off the wash nozzles before and after each use.  The Bio Bidet BB 1000 also has an energy saving feature, which decreases energy consumption when not in use.


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