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Welcome to bidetsPLUS.  Learn about the bidet seat, which easily attaches to your existing toilet. There’s a reason why bidets are so popular all over the world. Discover what other people are learning about the bidet toilet seat.  Be sure to check our bidet reviews where you can find insightful, in-depth video reviews.  You will not find better content on the electronic bidet seat, anywhere on the web.

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  • $699 Includes Free Travel Bidet + Two Free Carbon Water Filters, a $100 value!
  • $599 Includes Free Travel Bidet + Two Free Carbon Water Filters, a $100 value!
  • $599 Includes Free Travel Bidet + Two Free Carbon Water Filters, a $100 value!

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Customer Benefits

Adjustable Wash Settings for Bidet Toilets

Most people already know that a bidet toilet seat gives you a more thorough and hygienic cleaning experience. But not everyone knows that you can customize your bidet seat with the adjustable features that are available. Just like you want to adjust the positions of the seat in a new car so you can drive comfortable, so too can you personalize the settings on your bidet toilet seat to match your comfort.

Four main elements to adjust to personalize include nozzle position, water pressure, water temperature, and air dryer strength. Through the settings buttons on the control panel or remote control, you can easily adjust these features to your preference for a comfortable and personalized experience.

Probably the most important feature you can adjust on the bidet toilet seat is the nozzle position. Everyone’s body is different, and the adjustable nozzle position really allows you to individualize your bidet seat for your own body’s position. By moving the nozzle farther forward or farther back, you can find the optimal position for the nozzle so the spray washes you as effectively and comfortably as possible. Bidet toilet seats have an adjustable range of about two and a half inches. Each adjustment forward or backwards moves the nozzle approximately half an inch.

While the adjustable nozzle position lets you tailor the bidet seat to your body, the adjustable water pressure addresses your own personal comfort preference. Similar to how some people may prefer a firm mattress or softer mattress, or an intense, deep massage versus a lighter touch massage, the water pressure settings can be adjusted for comfort. Certain bidet seats, such as the Coway BA 13, allow users to adjust the spray width. With this option, you can have a narrow intense spray stream or a wider and gentler spray.

Another adjustable feature that many people find is a “must-have” is adjustable water temperature. Bidet toilet seats have built-in water heaters that instantly warm the water as it travels to the nozzle. Most people prefer a warm shower to a cold shower, especially in the winter months, and the same is true with bidet toilet seats. Again, this feature lets you adjust to your own preference.

The air dryer is a great extra feature on bidet toilet seats. The lower settings take longer and use cooler air. It does take a few minutes to dry yourself with the air dryer, but it is a great feature that can give you a hands-free experience. Of course you can increase the dryer setting for a warmer and stronger air flow which can reduce overall drying time.

All of these adjustable features work together to create a very customized experienced which is surprisingly easy to adjust with the remote control or attached control panel. One of the best things about getting a new bidet toilet seat setting the features so it’s the best wash experience for you.

Your Toilet With a Bidet - An Easy Upgrade for Your Toilet

DIY (Do It Yourself) projects around the home are extremely popular these days because they are an easy way to improve your home and your life. Bidet toilet seats are designed for DIY installation and are an easy way to upgrade your bathroom. Installing a bidet toilet seat takes about 30 minutes and then it is ready to go. But the process really starts before order your bidet seat. The first thing you need to do is take a few measurements of your toilet before ordering.

The first step is to determine which bidet seats are compatible with your toilet. Knowing this will help you narrow down which bidet seat to choose. There are two mounting holes behind your toilet seat where it attaches to the toilet. Once you locate the position of these mounting holes, measure the distance from the center of the holes back to the water tank of the toilet. What is the clearance between your mounting holes and the front of the water tank all the way across the back?

If there is 1.75 inches or more all the way across, then your toilet can accommodate any of the bidet toilet seats in our store. So feel free to choose any of our bidet seats. If, however, there is less than 1.75 inches clearance between the mounting holes and front of the water tank, then you should look at the following bidet seats to fit your toilet: Brondell Swash 1000, Coway BA 13, Blooming NB-R1063. These bidet toilet seats all have great features, so you won’t be missing out with these models. The main thing is that these bidet seats are made to be compatible with more toilets, including some toilets with curved water tanks that can infringe on that 1.75 inches of clearance. These compatible models make it easier for anyone to find a bidet toilet seat that will fit their needs.

Another measurement you will want to take will decide what size bidet to order. Our bidet toilet seats come in two sizes – round or elongated. To determine your toilet’s size, you will start again at the center of the mounting holes and measure to the very front outside edge of the toilet bowl. Be sure you measure the full distance to the outside of the rim and not just to the inside. If this distance is 17 inches or less, then you will select a round size bidet seat for your toilet. If the measurement is 17.5 inches or greater, then you will need to choose an elongated size bidet seat.

After you’ve done your measurements and ordered your bidet seat, it will only take a few minutes to install it on your toilet. Included with the bidet seat will be all the hardware you need, including a mounting bracket with nuts and bolts. This bracket will attached directly to you r toilet bowl over the mounting holes once you have removed your old toilet seat. After the mounting bracket is securely bolted onto the toilet, the bidet seat will simply slide into the bracket which holds it firmly in place. You can now see how great your upgraded bidet toilet seat will look on your toilet!

Now you will want to connect the water supply to the bidet. First, you will turn off the water valve behind your toilet to shut off the water flow. Next, unscrew the hose underneath your water tank and connect the T-Connection included with the bidet seat directly to the bottom of the toilet’s water tank. The T-Connection allows you to tap directly into the water supply without any additional plumbing work, making the installation an easy DIY job. Once the T-Connection is firmly connected, you will reconnect the hose that you unscrewed from the water tank and connect it to the bottom of the T-Connection. Then connect one end of the hose that came with your bidet seat to the other opening on the T-Connection. The other end of this hose then connects directly to the bidet seat. Once all of the hoses are firmly connected you can turn the water valve on again and check to make sure there are no leaks. Now your water supply is all ready to go.

The last step before you start using your new bidet seat is to plug it into a nearby outlet! All of the parts you need to install your bidet seat – mounting bracket, T-Connection, hoses, even batteries for the remote control – will be included in the box so you can install it as soon as it arrives.

We hear from our customers all the time about how much the love their bidet toilet seat and their one regret is that they didn’t get one sooner! Chances are you will feel the same way. We hope you will enjoy your new bidet seat for many years to come, and we are always here to assist you. Thanks for choosing bidetsPLUS!